Eagles Update April 12, 2014 – A Pipping Good Saturday!

Good Evening Fellow Pipmasters!

What a wonderful thing to log on to the net to! I was only on for a short while when the first pip of the season was spotted as Dad went for an eggroll. It was a small pip, nothing special, but it means we will have an active nest in very short order. The rest of the day was spent trying to see the pip again as both Mom and Dad were very stingy in giving us good looks at the eggs. We caught a couple of glimpses and it did look like it was getting larger so the newest addition to the eagle world was working hard to join us as soon as possible. I would love for the first view of s/him to be at 10:42 am tomorrow. 🙂 Big thanks to BBC for the panning and zooming!


Lemme outta here!!

No sooner had the pip been seen than talk of names began in the SS. We here in the mod room (its a dark smoky room where we play high stakes poker, mod a little bit and decide the fate of the world) have had numerous discussions about names since we are no longer officially part of MN Bound. 

As some of you may know one of the mods from last year, Maggie Zimmer AKA ArkyAngel, passed away a few weeks ago after losing her battle with several diseases. She was a kind soul with a true love of eagles and other creatures and you could see that love in the way she modded and in her blog that she contributed to this space last year. We did not know at the beginning what a struggle she was having with her ailments but we soon came to realize that it was a trial at times for her to be on with us. That only made us love her all the more and being on with us was a comfort to her in times of pain. She will be missed by all of us and the eagle world lost a great friend when she passed.

So, to honor her service with us and her passing we would like to name the first hatch here at the MNB nest this year Arky. We will open threads in both the MN Bound Live Eagles Page and the MN Bound Viewers page to take suggestions for names for the 2nd and 3rd hatches. We will keep them open until the 3rd hatch at which time the mods will tally the names and pick several for a poll that can be voted on by the viewers. We would like to see a predominance of names that have to do with Minnesota and the legends and traditions of the state where the nest resides. Don’t let that stop you from suggesting your favorites, though. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

We have a few vids and pics from today!

MNBound First PIP ~ Two Views With Slow Motion


MNBound Eagles ~ Our Baby Has a Tooth


MNBound Eagles ~ We Have a Pip



Hey! You’re in my spot again!!


OK I am outta here! Off to Stick Depot I go!

Thanks to BirdBrain56, Dragonlainey, LovebirdsJGA and BBC for all the pics and vids today!

Well I hope you had as exciting a Saturday as we all did here on the nest!! Keep the good thoughts coming for the pipper and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


PS: Still working out some kinks here. Will try to have the vids inline in the next few days! Sorry about that!

2 thoughts on “Eagles Update April 12, 2014 – A Pipping Good Saturday!

  1. Erika

    Hi TalonStrike
    so glad i finally found your missing blog. and glad we will name the eaglets. Babies need names even though they are not pets. I watch the eagles mainly on sportsman’s paradise and we have forum type chat there. You should come check it out.


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