Eagles Update April 13, 2014 – And A Grand Hatching Sunday!

Good Evening Fellow CrackedEggCatchers!

So I got up extra, extra early(I am in California remember) just to see if we had a hatch over night and of course ended up spending most of the day waiting for the big event. My predicted hatch time of 10:42 am came and went with a whimper (my streak of correct predictions ended at 1) and finally at 3:11pm we were treated to a short glimpse of the newest addition to the eagle world. 

Mom and Dad were both reluctant to give us looks today because of the harsh, cold 30mph north winds that were rocking the tree. They did have no problem however having choir practice a lot today whilst chewing out the neighbors for getting to close to the fence. After the hatch Dad brought Mom and new hatchling a fairly large fishtail for tomorrows inaugural breakfish of the season. Hopefully Arky will be hungry enough to eat tomorrow. 

The hatch today did not dampen pip fever one bit as a lot of chatters were seeing phantom pips in both of the other eggs even as Arky entered the world. I expect that we will probably see a second pip tomorrow at the earliest.And that is if Mom and Dad cooperate and give us some better looks than we had today. The wind is supposed to die down overnight and a slight warmup is to occur the next two days so the seeing prospects are looking up!

I must thank BBC for the marvelous job they did today zooming for us when it was needed. Great job, Guys!!

The pics and vids for today were great as usual.

MN Bound Eagles 4-13-14 Hatch in Progress


MN Bound Eagles 4-13-14 We Have A Hatch!


MN Bound Eagles 4-13-14 After Day of Guarded Views ~ Finally a Hatchling


MNBound Eagles ~ Pip Progress ~ 04/13/14


MNBound Eagles ~ Hatchday ~ 04/13/14


MNBound Eagles ~ Say Hello to Arky ~ 04/13/14



I ain’t coming out until you turn up the heat!


I think my deodorant quit working!!


You know your soul patch needs a trim??


Is that?? Yep, future lunches!



Don’t those hawks know to stay off our fence???


C’mon out! Your public awaits!


Here we go again!!

Thanks to Dragonlainey, BirdBrain, LovebirdsJGA and the net for the pics and vids for today!

Well it’s late and it’s been a long exciting day so I will say good night and happy nesting! See you on the nest tomorrow!



3 thoughts on “Eagles Update April 13, 2014 – And A Grand Hatching Sunday!

  1. Sharron

    Talonstrike Thank you so much for the new blog space! I missed it so much. Thanks all who have worked to give us the new social stream it is awesome and so much needed! Talon I saw you on the Florida social stream and did a little investagating and found how to get cam and social stream! I can’t thank you all enough! Lets have a wonderful year enjoying this great nest and each other! We need a picture of you beautiful grand daughter once in a while! So great to be back to normal!!!!!!

  2. Jo

    Loved the videos, kept me “up to date” when I had to leave the computer and actually get some work done. Thankfully, I was here for our first peek at Arky. How adorable!! Another informative blog, Talon! Thanks! Keep on keeping on!


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