5 thoughts on “Arky and pip

  1. FFMN

    Read your 4/14/ blog afater viewing lunar eclipse between 2:03 and 3:15 cdt. this blog is ALWAYS fun and informative. Let’s keep Talon, right folks. Good night (or good morning) Maybe newest addition already at nest by now. Ummmm

    1. PiggyP

      This is truly a wonderful picture. Wow. Arky is an angel soon to be joined by Angel #2. Wow. By the way; can I submit the name: Voyageur for Voyageurs National Park MN. But spell it Voyager. Yes, I googled it but loved the name 😉 Thanks for all you do talon badallon!

  2. pinetrekker

    I find it a wonderful & befitting tribute to Arky that the first hatch this year is named after her.
    This is my 7th year of eagle watching so I feel like I have a good handle on the dichotomy of social chatter and must say I loved the camaraderie and character of the MN Bound mods, my favorite along side with those at AEF. ArkyAngel was always patient, kind and ever welcoming to all those who stopped by whether they were novices or seasoned watchers and I appreciated her thoughtfulness while enriching & sharing her knowledge…made an impact on me and was duly noted. I like to think she & MyPete are up there peeking down at us at times when they aren’t keeping company with Kirby and all those eaglets & eagles who passed too soon.
    Every year is a new season but special presences now absent are sorely missed, we must be grateful in the present moment of the company we keep human & wildlife alike and appreciate life to the fullest as a testament of being able to greet each new day for ourselves and in memory of those who have moved forward.
    Thank you TalonStrike for starting this site and continuing to enrich our experience with the MN Bound eagles. Please relay for me and many others how much we miss all of the MN Bound mods whom I feel are the missing half of this special experience.
    Sincerely Moonhuskygirl


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