Eagles Update 4-14-14 – Monday, Monday and First Breakfish!

Good Evening, Fellow DownFluffers!

In case you missed it, the newest member of the eagle kingdom joined us yesterday at 3:11pm on a cold and blustery day in Central Minnesota. Arky was greeted in the nest by Mom and online by several thousand eagleholics and assorted hangers-on. She greeted her fans with a wave of her tiny wing and began her journey toward being the apex predator of the skies. Dad fetched in a nice fishy tail for her first meal and she spent the rest of the day fluffing her down and napping under Mom and Dad. 

At daybreak today the routine of raising eaglets began in earnest. Mom and Dad traded places several times and surprisingly Arky was up for trying to consume her first breakfish. Most eaglets aren’t really interested in eating for the first 24-36 hours as they are living off of the yolk remnant that they absorb just before they hatch. Arky it seems wanted to break with that convention and tried feeding early this morning. She didn’t get much food but she did get in some good practice touching beaks with Mom and Dad. As the day progressed she got a lot more practice and even managed to eat some and swapped a little spit with Mom. Intruders today seemed to be in abundance. Mom and Dad were both on the nest early when a blue jay and a crow let them know they were in the neighborhood. Around 10am Dad was on the nest and went to full noisy mantle mode as something large passed close by the nest. Throughout the day peal calls were heard as other unwanted visitors passed near the eagle homestead. In the afternoon a Red Tailed Hawk call could be heard in the middle distance. BBC has reported that there is an RTH nest about 3 tenths of a mile west of our nest. The RTH’s probably account for most of the warning calls. The rest may be other eagles as there are several nests within a few miles of this one. A lot of juvies and adults were also spotted near a lake in the nearby town last year. We can only assume that a lot of those have returned to the area also. And who knows, maybe Harmony and Peace are still nearby.

In the afternoon a strange creature was brought to the nest. Several people thought it was a muskrat because of its size and the fur it has. Several other peeps thought other opinions of what it could be. After eating some of it and trying to feed Arky some of it Mom took it to the nest bowl and sat on it for a bit. In the late evening she pulled it out of the nest bowl and we got a better if dark look at it. It has a bushy tail which ruled out muskrat. In fact the hindquarters we could see looked more like a cat than anything else so we will probably not ever know exactly what it was other than being sustenance for our eagles. All in all it was a pretty wonderful Monday on the nest for Arky’s introduction to the world. As evening fell Mom was sitting on the eggs and Arky enjoying the light of the full moon and waiting for the eclipse later in the evening.

I see that I haven’t even mentioned the pip in the second egg. It was spotted about midday by several chatters but couldn’t be confirmed because no one happened to get a pic of it. We finally confirmed it mid-afternoon when BirdBrain56 got a good shot of it from her vid recordings. When we last saw it this evening it was about a half inch wide which bodes well for a late morning hatch tomorrow. 

This has gotten really long so on to the pics and vids of the day.

MN Bound Eagles 4-14-14 Team on High Alert


MNBound PIP PIP Hooray In Second Egg 


MNBound Vocals ~ Fly In ~ Tree Climbing ~ Eating and Wearing Food


MNBound ~ Arky And The Growing PIP ~ Kirby Rays ~ Cuteness Abounds


MNBound Eagles ~ Doesn’t Get Any Cuter Than This



Oooh, is that food?


C’mon Mom! Help a kid out here! A little to the left!


Could ya hurry it up? it’s still a little chilly here!


You guys are confusing me!!

Thanks to the usual suspects for the vids and pics today and to BBC for keeping us hip deep in cuteness and wonderful close-ups!

I am sorry this is so late tonight but It was a very hectic Monday and it isn’t over yet!  🙂

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow with hopefully Arky’s new sibling to help us greet the day.



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