Nest Update 4-15-14 – A Hatch, A Turtle and A Terrific Tuesday!

Good Evening, Fellow LateTaxFilers!!

At least the day started out terrific for Mom, Dad and Arky as they welcomed the next member of this years brood to the nest at 6:16 am this morning. Hopefully some of the harried tax professionals got to witness this moment of joy before going off to their busiest day of the year. The little one (who I will refer to as M8 until the naming contest is complete) made a grand entrance and was completely out of the shell about an hour later. Our chatter JoinNv had the closest guess to that time. Congrats, Join! Mom and Dad again took up the routine of caring for Arky and her new sibling. Dad, ever the great hunter and protector, spent most of the day on guard and chasing intruders away. He took time out to add to the larder by stalking and finally capturing a 3 inch turtle which he proudly brought back to the nest. He also, late in the day, brought back another mostly consumed fish that Mom fed some pieces of to the eaglets and then Dad proceeded to nosh down most of the rest of. He left the tail for Mom and she played with it for a bit then swallowed it down. During one of the feedings, and Mom and Dad have both taken to feeding from the camera side of the nest so far this year making viewing a pain, Mom fed fish while Dad tried and sorta succeeded in depriving the turtle of his shell and feeding a few bites to M8. The evening saw Mom again in residence on the nest protecting the little ones and getting some well deserved rest while denying us any clear views of the kids and their sibling to be. As the cloud blocked sun set Mom and Dad hoped that the snow predicted to pass just north of them would stay far, far away.

BBC did a lot of great panning again today and chased the cam around the tree to spot both the noisy neighbors in the pond and Mom and Dad sitting the low branch behind the cam. Some more great vids were produced by Dragonlainey and BirdBrain56. 

MN Bound Eagles 4-15-14 Welcome M8 ~ We Have A Hatch

MNBound ~ Early Highlights Starring Arky & M8

MNBound Eagles ~ Dad

MNBound ~ Get Your Screen Captures Here With Beautiful Close Ups

MNBound Eagles ~ Mom

MNBound ~ More Close Ups ~ Arky & M8 Eating Turtle


Now you be nice to your new sibling, ya hear!!


Is there any place around here that doesn’t look like grass??


Maybe a preemptive strike would do the trick??


Go ahead, I’ll catch it!

Well, thanks for tuning in today and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


PS: I hope you all got your taxes in on time and your refund was enormous!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Nest Update 4-15-14 – A Hatch, A Turtle and A Terrific Tuesday!

  1. Jo

    Great blog as usual, Talon. Only thing missing was Arky’s first PS 😉 I was hoping to see that in the blog since I couldn’t see it on F/B. Life goes on LOL (pow) anyway!


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