Nest Update 4-16-14 – Rain And Slush And Snow, Oh My!


Good Evening, Fellow NestSnowPlowers!!

The day started cold and blustery and went downhill from there weather-wise. Mom and Dad fed the eaglets several times in the morning getting them prepared from the conditions to come. Around late morning the snow started in earnest and Mom settled in for a long winters sit. Seems to be a tradition on this nest to have a major weather event after the 2nd hatch. Happened last year and the year before they had a soaking rainstorm after Kirby was hatched, if I remember correctly. Needless to say Mom performed her job as flawlessly as ever and the youngin’s stayed warm and dry in their “feather igloo” as Bdog likes to call it. 

Around 2pm Mom got up to feed them again and Dad joined her to help out as best he could. She fed fish and mystery meat and he worked on the turtle remnant. Both eaglets got enough food to satisfy them but when it came to who was going to sit in the nest there seemed to be some disagreement. Mom sorta looked at Dad like “Bug off” and Dad decided he wanted to do his duty in spite of what she wanted. So he proceeded to sort of slither down over the kids and the egg while Mom tried to shoulder block him from doing so. He reached a place finally where he had them covered and she resigned herself to the situation. Sort of. She pushed against him and walked around him a bit and when she saw he wasn’t budging she lay down against him so he couldn’t move without her knowing. It really was quite comical to see this parenting dance play out in the middle of a blizzard.

Along about 4pm after a few hours of sitting in the same position Dad decided he had had enough and stood up to stretch. Mom immediately dove in the bowl to take his place and Dad just spread his wings to the wind and left. He went somewhere and sulked for the rest of the day and was not seen again before the sun set.

Mom fed the eaglets again about 7pm and then they settled in for a long winters nap. She seemed pretty restless for a while as we could see her quite well because of the snowglow. She finally settled down and tucked her head behind her wing and drifted off to dreamland. 

Lets get to the vids and pics of the day.

MNBound Eagles ~ Brunch

MN Bound Eagles 4-16-14 Snow Moves In

MNBound Eagles ~ Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Make It Stop

MNBound Eagles ~ Both Parents Feed

MNBound Eagles ~ Mini Beak Bonks

MN Bound Eagles 4-16-14 Perfect Parents


Hey! Where did all that white stuff come from??


I’m going to the pub for hot toddy! Want me to bring you one??


Where was that itch you had???


Thanks to dragonlainey and BirdBrain56 for the vids from today. They do a great job for us and deserve lots of kudos!

Time for me to tuck my beak and hit eagle dreamland too! We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Nest Update 4-16-14 – Rain And Slush And Snow, Oh My!

  1. bdogmm5858

    Thanx again for another wonderful blog Talon! And big thanx to Birdbrain & DragonLainey for the wonderful vids and LoveBirds & others for the great pics!

  2. Michelle

    The SS is back up on the MN Bound site, but no mods! I’m bummed, it’s not the same. Wish I knew what happened. Everybody misses you guys.

  3. Barbmi

    Enjoyed your blog as usual – thank you for posting Talon! I love watching when my little one naps and do follow as much as possible all day long. The posts/videos/pictures keep me right up to date. I appreciate it! Love these eagles and can’t believe the crummy weather though we usually have it a day after you…not so this snow thankfully. Keep up the great work!

  4. Jo

    LOL after reading your blog and watching the videos, your “blow-by-blow” account on the parenting was spot on…and toooo funny, too. Great blog as usual, Talon. Keep up the good work! BTW I got to see my first (pow) in one of the videos LOL I’m a happy nest watcher 😛


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