Nest Update 4-17-14 – Hmmmm, MN Bound Did What?!

Good Evening, Fellow SSChatLovers!!

As it is now 11:08pm here on the left coast and I just arrived home from work a short while ago, I will refrain from commenting on the happenings of the day until I get caught up. Lots of interesting stuff occurred today both on the nest and off and I need to read back in the chats and watch the vids from today to give you an accurate opinion of todays doings.

So I will let the vids from today do the talking for me as 30 pictures a second are worth millions of words.Thanks to Dragonlainey for helping me speak so eloquently!

MNBound Eagles ~ 6 to 7 A.M. Feeding

MNBound Eagles ~ Mom Brings Fish

MNBound Eagles ~ 9 to 10 A.M. Feeding ~ Two PS

MNBound Eagles ~ Time Lapse Of Iced Lens

MNBound Eagles ~ Noon to 1 PM ~ Feedings and Close Ups

MNBound Eagles ~ 1 to 2 P.M. Highlights

MNBound Eagles ~ Dad Goes On Alert

MNBound Eagles ~ Mom Alerts To Chase Away Unwanted Visitors

I do promise there will be a special edition of the blog tomorrow to try to explain all the goings on today. Right now I just need some shuteye so I can think straight enough tomorrow to actually write a blog. Have a SMNBED night and I’ll see you on the nest tomorrow.



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