Nest Update 4-18-14 – MN Bound Did Do That!!

Good Evening, Fellow 3rdPipFollowers!!

Yes, I know, last night I promised a special update on the goings on with the cam page and the various SS and Chat happenings. Real life including a very busy day on the nest, minor complications from oral surgery earlier in the week (just some pain that woke me way too early today) and several sessions with Gbaby all conspired to steal all of my time today.

So, what do I have to say about the fact that MN Bound has brought back the Social Stream on the cam page?? Well, I wish them luck. They have chosen to go without mods which as we have all seen can lead to a Social Stream turning into a cesspool of trolls and other undesirables. The moment that occurs the SS will probably be history again. MNBound stated to me when they shut it down a month ago that they were not equipped or prepared to handle all of the, shall we say, “feedback” they were getting from people calling and emailing them about the cam. I do hope they have remedied that situation to some extent since the lack of mods may create the same or a worse scenario again. I do not wish them any ill luck  but I do wish they had handled the situation differently. The lack of any communication, on advice of their lawyers, was a PR disaster in my opinion. The Social Stream and Chat were shut down without any prior warning and the mods were “fired” without so much as an explanation or a “thanks for your service and help”. In fact when I inquired as to the reason I was told their lawyers had specifically forbade them to talk to me or any of the other mods or to offer any explanations in any social media. So I guess we will never know what was so horrible that they had to behave in this manner but I may speculate in a post about it after the new eaglets fledge this season. Until then further this deponent sayeth naught.

The day on the nest was a good day for watching pips enlarge. The pip was first spotted about 8:30 or so this morning during a routine feeding of the other 2 eaglets. We were lucky in that the pip was facing us and BBC was there to zoom for us when it became visible. It looked fairly new when we first saw it and slowly enlarged as the day progressed. Several times we could see M9’s little beak moving in the hole. During the day a wood duck and a couple of fish halves were brought in to feed the enlarging crops of Arky and M8. The duck was interesting in that Dad landed with it but it seems that he hadn’t finished his job of prepping it properly for delivery. The moment he released it the duck took off and tried to return to its own neighborhood. Dad was stunned by this behavior so Mom went in pursuit of the lost meal. She returned a short while later with that duck or one very similar to it. Dragonlainey has 2 vids of the incident below and you can judge for yourself if Mom came back with the same bird that escaped Dad. 

Arky and Matey 🙂 spent the day doing what eaglets do, eating, sleeping, bonking (mostly friendly) and PSing. Matey had the duck dropped on his head at one point during the day but managed to burrow his way out from underneath even though Mom was standing on it at the time. Mom, and Dad too, did their level best to keep the sightings of the growing pip to a minimum. I swear sometimes I think they know we are watching them.

Other than a few alerts to passers-by including an extended one after the sun had just set where Mom got off the nest to chase whatever it was, the day was a fairly typical April day. Clouds, wind, sunshine, more clouds, more sunshine were the order of the day and will probably stay that way for the rest of the month. We had snow 2 days ago and tomorrow thunder boomers and 60˚are in the forecast. You can never say the weather is dull at the nest.

Lets get to the vids of the day!

MN Bound Eagles 4-18-14 We Have A PIP ~ Egg 3 aka M9

MN Bound Eagles 4-18-14 View of M9’s Beak

MNBound Eagles ~ Bird Got Away From Mom and Dad

MNBound Eagles ~ Wrestling Match & The Rest Of The Story

MNBound Eagles ~ Close Up of Hatching Egg ~ Feedings

MNBound Eagles ~ Feeding ~ Take A Bite & PS


A pip and a clown foot to be!


Whats out here???


Pay no attention to that kid behind me! I want all the food!!


Hey! Foods over here you two!


Look, Grampa! A pip!

Thanks to dragonlainey and BBC for the great pics and vids today!

Well here we are having run out of time and space again today. If M9 graces us with its presence early tomorrow we will put up the naming poll as soon as possible after that occurrence. Watch for the poll announcement here and on the Facebook sites. Have a great night and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow! 



4 thoughts on “Nest Update 4-18-14 – MN Bound Did Do That!!

  1. FFMN

    Thanks Talon for taking the time for this special blog. Unfortunately for MNBND, they had/have too many entrances for viewers to enter and leave comments. Mods could only monitor the nest blog. Now…. How can Gbaby have THAT many teeth already. She was just born….or so it seems. Sorry you had to endure some of the pain following oral surgery. BUT it didn’t affect your canny ability to post ‘just the right’ titles for the photos,videos. You are a natural talent. Thanks again, Sir 🙂

  2. Jo

    Pretty good blog tonight Talon! Loved the slow-mo (pow) 😉 Hey, Arya has her G’Pa’s smile! Thankfully she doesn’t have his beard 😉 She’s as adorable as ever. Sorry you’re having to deal with mouth pain. Believe me, I know there’s nothing worse! Pray it heals quickly!

    1. Terry Rajala

      Talon, I would never have learned so much without the expertise of all the MNBound Mods. They captured my interest in facts about the majesty of the Bald Eagle. It is really a shame; I felt the MNBound site was one of the family friendliest ever. Aside from that, your updates are wonderful, please know that they are fully appreciated and I hope you are able to continue!


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