Nest Update 4-19-14 – A Pip That Popped And A Duck Egg That Flopped!

Good Evening, Fellow EagletWelcomers!!

Oh, Boy! Where to begin??? There is so much to tell about the day.

Well, why not at the beginning?? The day started in the predawn hour with our first glimpse of #3 hatching from his former home. At 6:20am his egg was in two pieces and his little wings were flapping outside the shell so we are calling that the official hatch time. During the next few hours we got very few glimpses but we do know he was welcomed by his siblings and managed to get his down dried and fluffy for his introduction to the world. Along about 10am the Three MNB Ameggos posed together for the first time and we all got a good look an M9. The cam went down about 12:20pm for a few minutes and the gnashing of teeth in the eagle nation could be heard around the world. It came back up in a very short time and a collective sigh of relief was heard. 

It is a good thing it did come back up or we would have missed the truly funny and amazing happening of the day. At about 1:40pm both Mom and Dad were on the nest feeding nestovers to the clan. Arky and Matey were eating well and M9 was sleeping off a shell hangover and not too interested in either old duck or old cat. Dad was working on the duck that was so much trouble to detain yesterday and lo and behold a perfectly formed egg pops out of the duck. A sad occasion for duckdom but a pretty amazing piece of business for an eagles nest. The egg sat between Mom and Dad as they finished feeding the eaglets and then had some lunch themselves. Dad hopped up the trunk to the mount perch, burped and groomed a bit then treated us to a spectacular flyaway.

Mom proceeded to clean up after lunch and moved the duck egg around a bit. On her last trip around to move the remnants of lunch she tapped the egg again and got a hole in one in the nest bowl. Then she sat down in the bowl and brooded the eaglets and the duck egg. She rolled the egg several times as the afternoon wore on and the Social Stream was wild with speculation about what could possibly happen with the egg. Names were proposed and outcomes discussed and jokes were made. I wish I could repost all it of the here because all were wildly funny and most entertaining. One of the local TV stations even did an eagle (as opposed to human) interest slug about the goings on in the nest today. They used a video by dragonlainey in the story! Congrats Rick and Elaine!

Since No. 3 hatched today I posted the naming poll as promised. The poll is here : Vote Here For Your Name Picks! You may pick three sets of names to vote for but you can only vote once. The naming poll will close Tuesday probably around noon so please get your vote in ASAP.

The rest of the day at the nest was fairly calm and peaceful. The eaglets slept under Mom or Dad and chowed down when fed. No.3 even took his first bites in the early evening. As the sun went down the kids were keeping the duck egg warm and Mom was keeping them warm. Tomorrow, Easter Sunday, should prove interesting with an egg roll and hunt right in the nest bowl.

On to the vids and pics of the day.

We have one from dragonlainey from yesterday of all the vocals heard on and around the nest and lots from today from them and BirdBrain56.

MNBound Eagles ~ vocals, Vocals, & VOCALS

MNBound Eagles ~ Happy Birthday M9 ~ Sneak Peek

MNBound Eagles ~ Dad Releases Duck Egg ~ Sweet Eaglets

Pan & Fly Off ~ P pulls Duck Egg Into Nest Bowl To Incubate

MNBound Eagles ~ Cuteness X’s 3 ~ Appears To Roll Duck Egg

MNBound Eagles ~ Adorable Eaglets ~ M9 Gets Fed ~ Duck Egg intact

MNBound Eagles ~ Waiting for M9

MNBound Eagles ~ Welcome M9 ~ 04/19/14


Hey, did ya hear about the duck egg on the MN Bound nest?? Yep I did! There goes the neighborhood!


You guys are tired of cat already??


Yea, we adopted a duck egg! Youse wanna make sumthin of it??


Wait!! An eagle nest?? How the heck did I get here??


Whatchu lukkin at???


MOM! Arky’s hoggin’ the good spots already!!

An AMAZING day on the MN Bound nest. When have you ever seen an eaglet hatch and an orphan duck egg adopted by eagles in the same day??

Hopefully tomorrow will be calmer as I doubt we could stand this much excitement 2 days in a row!

See you on the nest tomorrow!!



6 thoughts on “Nest Update 4-19-14 – A Pip That Popped And A Duck Egg That Flopped!

  1. Becky Mellentin

    Oh, I forgot: the duck brought in live and then dead the previous day WAS a male Wood Duck, like all of you deduced, so the female one was a SECOND duck brought within plus-or-minus 24 hours. If you look at the videos, you can see that Mom was still working on him at the time Dad opened up the female duck.

  2. Becky Mellentin

    A male Wood Duck wouldn’t have an egg in it. IMHO, the female duck was a Blue-winged Teal, especially when panning there were a few of them out there diving. Most were paired up, but I noticed one male Teal without a mate. Also, the female duck in the nest didn’t have a white belly, which would rule out female Wood Duck, nor did it have a huge patch of white on the underwing, ruling out female Mallard & Northern Shoveler. Another possibility is the Green-winged Teal, but I saw none out on the pond, male or female. Recommend The Sibley Guide to Birds for you in IDing birds brought to the nest and in the neighborhood.

  3. FFMN

    Back home for quick Easter trip and HAD to go here first, of course! I went into a laughter fit re M rolling the duck egg. See? No need brains when driven by instinct. Bet she was confused. Talon, thanks again for sharing your exceptional talent for writing with us. Minnesota should have kept you instead of letting you finally end up in CA/

  4. PiggyP

    Amazing day on the nest today. Welcome to our newest sweet bobble! Great vids , pics, captions, and blog talon. Wonder if an eagle has ever brooded a duckie egg before?? Wow. Be interesting to see what the future holds. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Jo

    Great blog as usual, Talon! LOVED the “expression” and caption on “Yes, we adopted a duck egg” picture. It DOES look exactly like what was going through Dad’s mind! I had to laugh out loud when I saw that. It should be extremely interesting to see what happens with that duck egg since it will take from 27 to 35 days to hatch! Our 3 Amigos will be old enough to tell the difference…and probably old enough to tear whatever hatches apart themselves! Time will tell. Wish I could have been here to read some of the comments, but the ones I did were hilarious! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!


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