Nest Update 4-20-14 – Easter On The Nest With A Duck Egg Hunt

Good Evening, Fellow AvianOvumHunters!!

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Hope all of you and yours had a wonderful Easter. The day on the nest was positively lethargic after yesterdays excitement. Mom and Dad took turns in the morning feeding and nest sitting the eaglets. Arky and M8 were eager for food while M9 was still working up to participating in the feeding frenzies on a regular basis. 

In the afternoon Mom took an extended sabbatical from the nest and Dad ran the show for most of the rest of the day. The duck egg was spotted in the nest around 10:30am looking intact and again around 4:30pm while M9 was using it for a cushion. After that time Dad did some furniture re-arranging and buried it completely. We don’t know if it survived in one piece but I keep thinking how funny it would be in 27 or so days to have a duckling stick it’s bill up out of the nest and ask “Whats for lunch?”. 

Most of the meals during the day were nestovers which helped clean the area of gross looking things and kept the eaglets coming back for more. Early evening Mom finally returned with the catch of the day, a nice fresh half of a fish to cap off a wonderful Easter Sunday on the nest. Not to be outdone by Mom, Dad left when she returned with the fish and and came back just before full dark with a lovely half of a walleye (we think) for breakfish in the morning.

Arky and M8 took to wandering around the nest as far as their widdle talons would carry them (which wasn’t very far) and M9 even got into the act by crawling out from under Dad and working on his tan a bit with his siblings. Toward the end of the day the two elder siblings would sit patiently together for feedings with the youngest just behind them vying for some attention also. All three seemed to get plenty to eat and full crops were seen all around. Mom took over nest sitting at dusk while Dad went to the high perch across the way to dry off after his fishing expedition.

Update: This is very late as yours truly took a long nap after a very tasty and filling Easter dinner and as I publish this lightning can be seen and thunder heard on the cam. Neat to see flashes of Mom on the nest as the thunder booms all around her.

Only a few vids today as our videographers enjoyed Easter with their families. Thanks dragonlainey and BirdBrain56 for taking some time from your celebrations to give us these.

MNBound Eagles ~ Eaglets ~ Duck Egg ~ Squirrel ~ Grasses

MNBound Eagles ~ PS Across Eaglet ~ Squirrel ~ M7 (Arky) Explores

MNBound Eagles ~ Poop, Preen & Pose

MNBound Eagles ~ Fresh Fish for All

Fresh Pics of the Day!


I can’t believe I’m stuck in this nest! Help!!


See! If we gang tackle him there is more for us!!


Aren’t you supposed to be out hunting eggs or eating candy or something?


C’mon, tell the truth! I am the cutest right???


Yo, Dad! Wrestling 101 is supposed to be next week!


Ahhh! Peace at last!

As I said above I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Nest Update 4-20-14 – Easter On The Nest With A Duck Egg Hunt

  1. mtjoy626

    Talonstrike, I’m not a chatter, so I didn’t miss SS too much, but I am SO happy I finally found your blog again. That I have missed a great deal. I’ve got it bookmarked now and am looking forward to reading it everyday. Thank you!

  2. Barbmi

    Love your blogs, Talon, and all the videos and pix – you guys/gals are the best !!!!!
    This all takes time to put together and I, for one, really appreciate your efforts. Thank you so much!!!!

  3. FFMN

    Talon and videographers… How could we, the viewers,chatters be sooo lucky to have such a team! Regardless of ‘differences of opinion’ that presented with management, viewers watching this nest will see visually, the best of all nests. IMO Thank you every so much for all you do.

  4. Jo

    Nothing better than slo-mo PS’s ‘cept maybe your blog Talon! Nice lightening flashes on the nest tonight, too. Sounds like it’s raining too but the lightening doesn’t stay “lit” long enough to tell. As usual, great job, Talon and CUDOZ to our videographers, too. They do a great job catching things at “just the right moment” and you do a great job with the captions that always get a grin out of me 😉


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