Nest Update 4-21-14 – Monday Nestovers And A Wabbit Comes Calling

Good Evening, Fellow DuckEggSearchers!!

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If it weren’t for Mondays how would we start the week??? The day on the nest was pleasant and warm. Mom and Dad started the eaglets day with a hearty breakfish and settled in to their routine of raising three healthy eaglets. Everyone seemed to be getting plenty to eat and as the day wore on little No.9 moved up to the front rank to make sure she got her share. Full crops and food comas were the order of the day along with some sunbathing and incubating the duck egg by the three eaglets. The egg seemed to make a fine pillow for whoever was sleeping on it at the time. We viewers got a couple of real good looks at the egg and it seemed to be in very good condition. Whether it is viable is another question but in the meantime it is entertaining to speculate about it and keep tabs on its condition.

The three eaglets seem to be settling in nicely with a minimum of bonking and not to much rambunctiousness. They line up for meals like urchins in Oliver and I swear at times I hear “Please, sir, I’d like some more!”. Hopefully the good behavior will continue and we won’t have any sibling rivalry problems like some other nests.

Dad brought in a roadkill rabbit this afternoon that had seen better days but Mom managed to make a meal or two out of it and they also fed from nestovers most of the day. In the early evening both were feeding and some chatters spotted what looked like a band on Dad’s left leg. Something silvery was seen and speculation ran amok. Dad did have a band 2 years ago but it disappeared from his leg sometime after Harmon was rescued. Eventually BBC managed to get a good shot of his feet and it looked as though he managed to get some white or light silver paint on the left leg. So he has some bling just above his left foot until it washes away. I wish we knew where the actual band ended up as it would be fun to know where and when he was banded and for what reason. The band could also mean he is much older than we think he might be if he was banded before the banding program stopped in mid 2000’s.

Mom had a little trouble getting the kids to settle down as darkness fell and had to feed them a late evening snack. They did settle in after that and things were all quiet in the cottonwood.

On to the vids and pics of the day.

MNBound Eagles ~ Mom’s Morning Stretch and Wingersize ~ Dad’s Turn

MNBound Eagles ~ Straw Stealing Bird ~ Closeups and Nest Exchange

MNBound Eagles ~ Duck Egg Glimpse ~ M9 Gets PS’D ~ Nesting Geese

MNBound Eagles ~ Sleeping With Fish ~ Afternoon Feed and Sun

MNBound Eagles ~ Diamonds & Ducks ~ Tree Buds Opening

MNBound Eagles ~ Patient M9 Gets Double Team Feeding By P’S

MNBound Eagles ~ Foot & Talon Inspection

MNBound Eagles ~ Time to Eat, Again


You’re still here, huh?


Quick, before the others wake up!!


Jeepers, three?? I may have to take a 2nd job!


Stop kicking me!!!


Sunset on the nest is a most peaceful time!

Thanks to dragonlainey and Birdbrain56 for the vids and to BBC for the feed and the great panning. 

Hope your week started as well as it did on the nest. We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow.



One thought on “Nest Update 4-21-14 – Monday Nestovers And A Wabbit Comes Calling

  1. Jo

    Excellent blog as usual, Talon. Thanks for keeping me updated when I can’t be here. Had to leave today so it’s nice to know that you and our videographers will keep the cameras rolling so we can see what’s happened when we were gone. LOVE these blogs, Talon…and LOVE LOVE LOVE out Eagle Family!


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