Nest Update 4-22-14 – Names, A Duck Egg and A Goose On The Island

Good Evening, Fellow NomDeGuerrers!!

It was another beautiful day around the old neststead today. The sun shone brightly, the wind was mostly calm and the eaglets had a wonderful time lining up for chow anytime Mom or Dad would try to feed them. 

At noon today the names poll closed on the blog and the overwhelming choice for the pair was Dakota and Skye. So we will refer to M8 as Dakota from now on and M9 will be Skye. Fitting names for bald eaglets growing up in Minnesota. Arky, the eldest, is of course named for our friend and fellow mod Arkyangel AKA Maggie Zimmer who passed away the last week of March. Also the famous duck egg that also inhabits the nest received a moniker today so it wouldn’t feel left out. We will call it Frankie “Quackles” Longshot from some suggestions by our chatters. Everyone has given in to the notion that Frankie is non-viable but I am really hoping that he pops up out of the nest in 25 or so days. I would love to have a cam on everyones faces if that actually did happen. Vain hope, I know. 

Arky, 9 days old, showed her independence quite a few times today by taking walkabouts whenever she could. I guess she likes to sunbathe while in a food coma. Mom and Dad kept a wary eye on her and all was well with her excursions. She also asserted her place in the food chain by delivering a few well placed bonks to Dakota and Skye when she thought they were getting too close to the food. Dakota and Skye did get their fair share of morsels and full crops were seen all around.

Skye egg-sat Frankie for a good portion of the day. He would be draped over the egg every time we saw him early in the day. Later on Frankie was given his own blanket of grass by Dad as he rearranged the nest again. 

Dad must be saving up for something special as his expenditures at Stick Depot have fallen off to nothing. This time last year he could be relied upon to bring in a stick a day or more. This year he has been very frugal with just the occasional stick brought to the nest. I guess the burden of three eaglets in the nest has him rethinking his priorities. Mom on the other hand has been bringing in clumps of grass and compost to keep the nest as fresh as it can be. I surmise that her credit line at NestGoods is still open and viable.

We actually have 2 nests to watch as a mother goose has taken up residence on the near point of the island in the pond and appears to be incubating eggs. She had been seen for quite a few days working on that spot but in the last two days she has been sitting there without moving. This is a very good sign that she has laid her last egg and has started incubation. We will continue to watch her with interest in the weeks ahead.

As the sun set today all the crops were full, Dad was on guard and Mom was settled in with the three eaglets for a long spring nap.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Strange Sounds Early in the Morning

MNBound Eagles ~ Lunch

MNBound Eagles ~ The Wanderer

MNBound Eagles ~ Skrappy Skye

MNBound Eagles ~ Duck Tale ~ April 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Eat, Sleep, PS, Preen, Duck Egg, A.M. Highlights

MNBound Eagles ~ M7 aka Arky ~ M8 aka Dakota ~ M9 aka Skye

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota & Skye Evenly Matched ~ P’S Alert To…

MNBound Eagles ~ Skye Cuddles With Egg ~ PS ~ Arky Close…

MNBound Eagles ~ Cuddle Puddle ~ Can You Tell What Part Goes….

And the ever popular pics of the day!


Hey, Dakota! Keep Skye and that egg at the back of the line!


Can you guys ask Mom not to bury us anymore?? Please??


Yea, I can do this apex predator thing!


Who’s Dad chasing now???


Ok Dakota, when Skye goes after it just stick your beak in and steal it away!

Well, it was another picture perfect day on the nest but there is some rain in the forecast for the next couple of days. I hope the eaglets and Frankie are up for a little wetness. Thanks as usual to Birdbrain56 and dragonlainey for the plethora of remarkable vids today. And to BBC for all that they do too.

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “Nest Update 4-22-14 – Names, A Duck Egg and A Goose On The Island

  1. Sandy Stricklin

    TalonStrike, I enjoyed this nest and your blog so much last year. I was so hoping you would be back…and you are. So happy! I appreciate knowing what has happened at the nest when I’m not able to watch. The videos and pictures are both fun to look at. Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to a great season.

  2. FFMN

    Well he ‘dood it’ again. I didn’t hear the screams, but a rabbit caught makes goolish screaming sounds. I’ve heard them ! Everything yesterday was delightful and glad there are video ‘wraps’ or I (and others) might not be able to keep current , due to other obligations. When do you work for pay and sleep Talon.? Or have time for G Baby? Keep up the good work.

  3. Jo

    Those certainly were strange sounds in the early morning, but what it sounded like to me was a wild dog or wild cat caught in a trap of some sort. They sounded like “screams of pain” to me. I sure felt for whatever was making that sound!
    Great blog again Talon, you always seem to have the right thing to say to match the pictures. It’s a “TalonT” 😉
    Cudoz to BB and Dragon for the great videos, too! I’m thankful for you all!


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