Nest Update 4-24-14 – More Rain And Pond Birdbath!

Good Evening, Fellow NaturalBathers!!

The day started wet and wild again today. Mom and Dad took turns protecting the eaglets and feeding them as quickly as possible. This sort of precluded seeing the ducks egg for the 1st half of the day. Well that and the cam was down for a few hours this morning. 😦  Arky, Dakota and Skye were seen but briefly early on but the glimpses we got showed them to be a little bit wet and miserable too. After the cam came back up and the rain let up about midday things started to get back to normal. Longer feedings ensued and we finally spotted Frankie in the bottom of the nest bowl almost covered with nest filling. I’ll bet it was warm down underneath all of the eaglets.

I don’t believe we saw any fresh food brought to the nest today but they were well fed on the mystery meat that Dad delivered yesterday. Mom and Dad tag-teamed on a couple of feedings again today and full crops were seen all around. 

Late in the evening Dad came to the nest and stood around with Mom and the young ones for a bit. He didn’t seem like he wanted to take over and after a short while took off toward the pond. The cam op (Thanks BBC) panned over to the pond and spotted Dad standing in the shallows about halfway up the shore to Goose Island. He took a few drinks and moved around a bit looking out at the variety of food available there. A few times it looked like he was actually bagging minnows from the pond for a snack. (Thanks Granny for that observation) He finally went to a bit deeper water and started to bathe. What a lovely sight we had never before seen live on the cam. As he dipped and roused there was a short debate as to what kind of soap we should toss him. Some favored Zest and some said Ivory so it would float and he could find it easily. Needless to say all chatters were fascinated by this seldom seen ritual of eagles and we all enjoyed watching. Dad flew off after about 15 minutes of water-play and things went slowly back to normal.

Frankie (the duck egg) was spotted several times late in the day and seemed to be intact. It’s amazing that he has lasted this long in a nest of eagles. Here’s hoping he lasts quite a while longer. 

Mama goose was spotted on her nest several times also. She was observed taking a break in the pond with Daddy goose after the rain stopped. Geese do this and the eggs are not harmed by it as the female goose plucks down from the area on her breast that will be the brood patch and basically weaves a down comforter that the eggs sit in and is big enough to cover them when she is away. This retains heat in the eggs and allows her to stay away for a longer time to feed and stretch her legs. 

The sun returned late afternoon and gave us a wonderful sunset as Mom and the eaglets settled in for the night.

On to the vids and Pics!

MNBound Eagles ~ Mom’s After The Rain Dance ~ With Slow Motion

MNBound Eagles ~ Arky’s PS ~ Skye’s Attitude ~ Mom Control

MNBound Eagles ~ After The Rain Moments ~ Mid Morning Highlights

MNBound Eagles ~ Noon To 1 P.M. ~ Skye In The Middle ~ Close Ups…

MNBound Eagles ~ Quick Peeks During Tag Team Feeding

MNBound Eagles ~ 2 to 3 P.M. Soggy Highlights

MNBound Eagles ~ AWESOME~ Dad Takes A Bath

MNBound Eagles ~ 3 to 4 PM Highlights ~ Duck Egg Intact

MNBound Eagles ~ Another Rainy Day in the Neighborhood

MNBound Eagles ~ There’s Nothing to do Under Here

MNBound Eagles ~ Woodpeckers, Super Dooper Poopers, Dinner…

MNBound Eagles ~ Cleanliness is Next to…..

MNBound Eagles ~ Home Alone

Some Pics of the day!


I thought this feeding stuff was supposed to be fun???


Where’d everybody go?? I just wanted a quick bath!!


OK! I want you lined up just like this every time you eat!!


Nestovers again?? When do we get some fresh fish around here??


Was that you?? Nope, I think it was Dad!!

Thanks to Birdbrain56 and Dragonlainey for the marvelous vids again today. And to BBC for the wonderful video and panning!

So, a rainy humdrum Thursday again turned into an interesting viewing day on the nest. You never know what you are going to see on an eagles nest and I hope to see you all on the nest tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “Nest Update 4-24-14 – More Rain And Pond Birdbath!

  1. Jo

    HOLY MOLY all that “STUFF” came outa those little bodies! Well, they’ve got the PSing down lol except I don’t think I’ve seen Skye do that yet!

    The “bath” scene was cute…isn’t that just like a male to dunk his face and feet in the water and say he’s bathing? Had to watch the whole thing before you see he deigned to get the rest of his feathers wet and that was a quick dunking. But, I guess it could be considered a “bath”. Was neat to watch though.

    Another great blog, Talon! Keep up the good work.


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