Nest Update 4-25-14 – A Bonking And Brilliantly Beautiful Day!

Good Evening, Fellow SunShiners!!

As is usually the case after a storm the day on the nest was gorgeous. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows…. oops wrong song. The cam was down for a bit again this morning but when it came back on we were treated to a lovely day with lots of feedings, bonkings, and diggings. Nestovers were the order of the day and Dad even resurrected some that looked like they were from last year. Arky, Dakota and Skye would beak wrestle (bonk) at the drop of a hat today. Skye started most of them which is good to see as it shows she is no shrinking violet. Arky finished most of them with a few good whacks to each of the other ones and then standing proudly with wings spread like she was saying “I am the Queen of the Nest!” Dad put a damper on her by burying her a couple of times in stuff he dug from the nest.  

Both he and Mom seemed intent on airing out the contents of the nest today. They dug around a lot and in the process it seems they have buried Frankie the duck egg for the time being. He was spotted by a couple of chatters early today but has not been seen since. Maybe we will see him  when Mom and Dad decide to rearrange the furniture again. 

Mama Goose also looked to be enjoying her day when BBC would pan to the island. Dad Goose was spotted on the shore across from her just lazing about. There was a noticeable absence of other aquatic waterfowl today on the pond. Hopefully they have not left for good and will return as it is nice to see them and Dad and Mom need something to chase later in the season. 

The feedings today went very well with all of the eaglets getting a fair share of what was offered. Full crops and food comas were the order of the day. The eaglets are practicing for the start of the “Scare The Chatters” season by making short jaunts around the nest that are getting closer and closer to the edge. Please don’t worry about this as it is totally natural for them to want to gaze out of the nest at what one day will be their playground.

Also I keep hearing the usual complaints about Ustream not working as well as it should. Tomorrow I will republish the blog post I did last year that shows just how hard it is for the pictures we see to get to your computer. Maybe after reading that you will have a little better appreciation for what it takes. This is not television and there are a lot of things between you and the nest that can go wrong. The same applies to the Social Stream and Chat. So please cut Ustream a little slack as we are but one of thousands of channels they handle every day. Thanks!

It was another quiet evening on the nest and as darkness fell Mom and the kids settled in for a nice spring nap.

On to the vids of the day. 

Dragonlainey is on the road until Sunday and will not be doing any vids until they get settled in again. Birdbrain56 has some really nice vids for us today as she does every day. Thanks, BB56.

MNBound Eagles ~ Friday Morning With the E’s

MNBound Eagles ~ Waiting for Dad

MNBound Eagles ~ Beautiful Afternoon

MNBound Eagles ~ Children, Behave!

And some nice pics of the day.


Please don’t bury me again!! I promise I’ll be good!


ZZZZZ! That sun sure feels good!


All those fish in the river and I have to eat old rabbit!


I buried that pesky egg as he wouldn’t stop fighting with the other three.


Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset…..


Wadda ya means ah iz messier den a bebe eaglet??

It was a very lovely day to be an eagle or eaglet in Minnesota! I do hope they enjoyed it too as the weather forecast (those guys again!) is predicting rain and gloom for all of next week.

I hope you had a lovely day too and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!



5 thoughts on “Nest Update 4-25-14 – A Bonking And Brilliantly Beautiful Day!

  1. Barbmi

    Thank you again Talon…and that granddaughter is precious but then I don’t have to tell you that. 😉 BTW, the SS yesterday was being invaded by a bothersome person but think the chatters figured it all out – ignore him/her and they will go away. Mods are missed there. Happy to know where you guys are playing.

  2. FFMN

    ahhh another fun start to the day with this blog. One video showing P pulling up huge amounts of wet nesting was great to see. Don’t want another “Harmon” incident getting caught in the muck of the nest. Talon, G’daughter’s pic. I looked at her eyes. She is really studying and thinking. You can see it!! Good sign. Thanks for sharing photos as a proud grand parent does.

  3. Jo

    It’s almost 3am and here I am giggling my head off over the videos, I’m sure much to my neighbors disgust since, after all it IS almost 3am! Then I come to Arya’s picture and laughed out loud and woke the cat up! What an adorable picture and what a face! The caption was priceless, too, Talon! Thanks for the “medicine for the soul” provided by laughter.
    Keep on keeping on my friend!


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