Nest Update 4-26-14 – Nestovers, Naps and Great Flyoffs!

Good Evening, Fellow CamGnomeApplauders!!

The morning on the nest dawned gray and gloomy as the weather started its downhill slide into what the weather service is saying will be a week of rain, thunder and just intermittently bad atmospherics.I hope Dad and Mom spend part of the day tomorrow stocking the larder so they don’t have to make excursions to Cub Foods in the middle of a downpour. Early on one of the P’s alerted to something off the nest and let it know it wasn’t welcome. About an hour later there was a short feeding that Skye couldn’t even be bothered to wake up for but her siblings did get some good chow.Later in the morning it was business as usual as all three had their crops filled and the usual small tussles we have seen took place.

Most of the eaglets day was spent huddling under Mom or Dad to stay out of the 40 degree wind that was blowing out of the east. No sign was seen again today of Frankie the duck egg so I guess we must assume he is buried until the time Mom or Dad takes it into their heads that the nest needs to be turned over. This will probably happen because we have observed Mom doing it 2-3 times each year that this nest has been on. In fact it was during the first turnover of the year in 2012 that Harmon had his wing trapped under a big chunk that Mom had dug up in the middle of the nest. That year was exceptionally wet so it was like Mom was slinging mud around instead of nice soft grasses. And we all know how that episode turned out.

Mama Goose seemed to be having a good day on her island as the wind raked across the pond. Some of the duck population returned today so they must have just been on a day trip yesterday.

Late afternoon Dad brought a de-feathered duck to the nest to replenish the larder a bit. Mom took possession and Dad climbed the trunk up to the mount perch. BBC panned to follow him and we saw another great takeoff by Dad. I don’t know how they did it but the cam gnome managed to follow Dad to a perch on top of a power pole away, way, way, down across the road. As all this was happening it had started to rain making it doubly hard to follow Dad on the wing. All hail the cam gnome for this great piece of cam operating. A bit later in the evening Dad returned and after another short stay he took off from the other side of the nest. Cam gnome managed to follow him AGAIN! Dad sat in a tree near the house across the way and feaked his beak and cleaned his talons as the sun went down. Mom and the eaglets had a late supper and settled in for their naps as well.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Dad Brings Breakfast

MNBound Eagles ~ Is There Room for Three?

MNBound Eagles ~ The Trouble with Tribbles

MNBound Eagles ~ Distant Perch

MNBound Eagles ~ Wind, Rain & Hail

MNBound Eagles ~ I Get Around

And some pics of the day!


I don’t know, honey. What do you think of the cohabitation agreement thing??


OK, when I say go you three run for the edges and scare the chatters! One, two……


I wonder if this is where Cousin Tilly ended up, too?


Lets see! If I do this right I can get them both at once!


Oh Yeah?? You look a little blurry to me, too!!


Grampa, I gots a bone to pick wif you!

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday. Tomorrow on the nest looks to be not so nice weather wise but we will be there rooting on our favorite eagle family! See you on the nest tomorrow!



5 thoughts on “Nest Update 4-26-14 – Nestovers, Naps and Great Flyoffs!

  1. FFMN

    Good grief!! Just saw G B with those ribs. They certainly take them off Gerbers fast. Now I am hungry….for those ribs. Seriously!!

  2. Dawn

    Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful blogs. Some days I do not get to check in on the nest and you do a wonderful job of the days events. Love the pics of your grandbaby too. Adorable. Thanks again.

  3. Jo

    Wonderful cam work cam gnomie BB! Great job with the blog too Talon. Holy Moly Talon lol Did Arya actually gnaw all the meat off that bone? It did look yummy so I wouldn’t blame her if she had. Boy, you sure seem to have her expressions down, too. She is absolutely adorable as are our 3 little chicklets. Keep up the good work!


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