Midday Nest Update Sunday 4-27-14 – Skye Passes On


Sometime this morning between 1045 and 1300 Skye slipped the surly bonds of earth and went to join Kirby on the Big Perch in the Sky. We surmise the cause as hypothermia due to the weather at the nest over the last day or so. Skye was very active and healthy yesterday and ate her fair share of food. Being the youngest though she was the most vulnerable to environmental conditions as she had no 2nd growth down and could not thermoregulate yet. Overnight there was a lot of rain and a severe thunderstorm that passed over the nest. This morning all the eaglets were wet and cold and that is a hard thing for a 7 day old eaglet to survive. I have seen lots of speculation in both chats about other causes but I believe hypothermia is the best guess. 

Good-bye Skye, we will miss you. You were here too short a time and I hope you fledge with Kirby’s help off of that Great Perch in the Sky!



Rest in Peace, Little Skye!


4 thoughts on “Midday Nest Update Sunday 4-27-14 – Skye Passes On

  1. Shirley Pickett

    It is sad to lose one of our babies. I looks thru both morning videos and saw movement and breathing at the 10:45 and was so hopeful that others speculation was just that. Thank you so much for you great blogs, video highlights and humor. May Skye soar to the heavens and join Kirby as a symbol of our freedom. RIP little one.


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