Nest Update 4-29-14 – Rain Day Three And A Filling Pond

Good Evening, Fellow SoakedPerchers!

Tuesday started rainy, cold, and a little snowy. The weather that hit the nest today is the backside of the storm that blew through yesterday. That meant the wind shifted around to the northeast and became colder. The snow didn’t stick but it was not a pleasant sight to see. The eagles were hunkered down waiting for a change and staying put. Dad came early again to give Mom a break. Mom returned at 0748 as Dad was feeding Arky and Dakota a few bites. Mom sat on the eaglets as Dad had some breakfish and also fed her a few bites. During this the last of Skye was consumed so she now lives on only in our hearts and in the eagles.

Arky has become a little more aggressive about bonking Dakota as they start to feed. This is never good to see but is also a fact of life on the nests. Hopefully in the next week or so she will settle down and get along a little better with her sibling. 

It was observed that during a feeding at around 1247pm Mom was working on another female duck and found another egg. She broke it as she worked on feeding the eaglets but the shell could be clearly seen. Birdbrain56 caught all the action in one of her videos posted below. I was out at the time so I am very happy she did. Please leave comments for her on Youtube and also for Dragonlainey telling them how much we all appreciate the hard work they put in to give us these daily gems. Thanks!

Dakota did get her fair share of food after Arky was sated and both had good sized crops through the day. The rain came in spurts and the eaglets were fed during the letups. Mom and Dad traded places several times, as always reluctantly on Dad’s part. Mom has become an expert at chivvying and hip checking him off the nest. I think she needs to replenish his account at Sticks Depot as he has really cut down on the stick action this year. Or maybe he and his therapist made a breakthrough on his OSD and we have seen the last of his stick antics for the year. Personally I think that stick on the trunk early this year got the better of him.

As evening wore on and the light faded the kids were treated to a late meal and then settled in for the night under Mom. The wind dropped after dark and we could hear the night sounds again. We also heard some strange noises that we couldn’t identify. Maybe the rain brings out all of the night creatures and they were having a party. If you want, listen to the archive and tell me in a comment what you think the sounds were. They happened between darkness and around midnight.

Mama Goose was observed still sitting on her nest on the island eyeing the rising waters again today. The rate of rise slowed today so her nest is safe for the moment. Dad Goose was not seen during the pans but I am sure he was hunkered down close by to protect his family. We hope her nest survives and her brood hatches healthy and happy!

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Rain, Hover Wing Flaps, Geese, PS, Feeding…

MNBound Eagles ~ SNUGGLE BUDDIES ~ Arky & Dakota

MNBound Eagles ~ Fresh Duck ~ PS Into The Wind ~ Early Aftern…

MNBound Eagles ~ Grasses ~ Fly Over Head ~ Close Ups

MNBound Eagles ~ Super Dad ~ Time Lapse ~ PS ~ Mom Shove

MNBound Eagles ~ No Singing in This Rain

MNBound Eagles ~ Mid-Morning Meal

MNBound Eagles ~ Another Duck Egg

And some pics of the day!


This rain is playing havoc with my mascara!!


Couldja hurry it up??? I am a LITTLE peckish!!


C’mon, you two! The faster you eat the quicker you get warm again!


Maybe if I pop him with my shoulder like this he’ll move!


Where is that man with those sandbags??


Just for comparison. Thanks to ScienceDump for the pic.


Wow Grampa, Those are BIG talons!!

Well, the weathermen are calling for another 2 days of rain but hopefully it will be showers with large breaks in between. Can’t wait for the next sunny day.

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow. 


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9 thoughts on “Nest Update 4-29-14 – Rain Day Three And A Filling Pond

  1. sue

    I can’t thank you enough for telling me what happened to Skye’s body even though it was a very hard thing to do. It was better for me to know that she will be with both of her 2 siblings from now on. Nature sometimes does the unexspected, but it may be for an unseen good. Thanks goes out to Dragonlainey and BirdBrain56 for the videos. A big Thanks goes to you Talon for the wonderful and informative Blog with Photos and comments! I look forward to them each time. You better hold on to that GBaby because the time will fly by fast, just like our Eagles. Before long she will be spreading her wings and flying!! Keep up the Blog’s info! Thanks!!!

  2. Li'lBrown Bird

    I think I know the sounds you heard Tuesday night 4/29/14: the clicking sound rising in tone at hours 21:32, 21:36-21:44, 22:26-22:28, 23:06, 23:15, 23:21 is the Western Chorus Frog, singing more slowly than they prefer, probably because of the cold temps. Usually they sound like someone scraping a fingernail across a comb, like I heard at the nest Friday, 4/25, hour 13:48-13:51; the squeaky, “whoo” sounds at 4/29, 22:19 thru 22:23 and 23:38 are probably wet branches rubbing together in the wind; and at 21:34 some human pounding something (probably destroying his ineffective sump pump, heh). Way in the background there may have been Spring Peepers singing their high-pitched ringing sound, as they and the Chorus frogs are NORMALLY supposed to be in the height of MN breeding season right now and this is the habitat for both species, but it’s hard on this microphone discerning far away and very cold peepers’ sounds from everything else. Maybe we’ll have better luck the next warm night. Hope that helps.

  3. Linda Ellison

    Thanks so much for all of your efforts in keeping everyone posted on this amazing and dedicated pair of eagles. Always read the blog first thing in the am before going to work!

  4. Lisa

    Thank you Talon for all the blogging! Skye passing was very hard on me as I have not been able to view live vid since…I know it is a normal part of nature, but just too soon after another personal loss… I think I just have been blessed with a huge heart like many here! I may be able to watch again and chat one day? I will keep checking blog for article and pics. wolf3611

  5. Nancy Schneider

    Thank you Talon for your straight forward and humorous writings. Each day I read, I burst out laughing at something you’ve written—like, “personally I think that stick on the trunk really got the better of him.” Omigosh, you are gem, Talon. Would also like to thank you and other mods for exhibiting the patience needed for answering the same questions over and over, without making chatters feel like they should have known the answer, or should have “read up” on the subject first, before asking the question. Let’s face it—we’re not on all the same learning level as some others. Even if we do read up on Eagle info on internet before engaging in SS/Chat, and I do, I would still ask a question in SS/Chat just to hear what the experts have to say. I’ve learned so much from the mods and experts. Admittedly, questions from chatters can be annoying or repetitive, but we all aren’t tuning in to the nest at the same time every moment, with the same level of expertise. I’m not a true eagleholic by any means, but I certainly have enjoyed watching and learning about eagles over the last 2 years, and joining the MNB group on fb. You are all to be commended for your PATIENCE and kindness to us all– and thanks to those who started the For the Love of Critters and Nests SS/Chat!

  6. FFMN

    Do continue to post the ‘how to get SS here’. Can’t help but read over there and hv started to reply to some ?? when no one else did (and I def knew the answer, not speculation, etc) it is frustrating to see some definitely incorrect responses. Glad there is a Mod or two on there (without Mod power to screen and zap when necessary) from another site or two ,to at least answer questions correctly. Thanks to the Crew here for everything. Videos, zap power, still pics. Still best site on the net now. Seriously. Thank you all.

  7. PiggyP

    Thanks talon, Dragonlainey. I worry about that Goose nest, in more ways than one 😉 Hoping and praying for large breaks in storm tomorrow! Is that gbaby walking??? Wow! ♥

  8. Bonny Somebody

    Thank you Talon and Dragonlainey for the wonderful updates in writing and pictures, they are both thoroughly enjoyed. If I do not have the time to watch the movies your written update gives me the perfect picture of life going on at the nest. Have you ever considered taking up writing a book? Keep up the great reports!

    Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2014 06:40:55 +0000 To:


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