Nest Update 5-01-14 – A Busy and Quiet Day in Eagle Nation

Good Evening, Fellow BranchPerchers!

Again,before we get started tonight I want to let you know that Friday’s blog will be a guest blog by none other than our own Eaglessoarfree. Make sure you don’t miss it, it’s a beauty!

Some off nest news first. A hearty congratulations to the chatters and the wonderful tree climber who rescued the eaglet Justice at the River Farms nest today. The eaglet was entangled in fishing line brought to the nest attached to a fish 🙂 whom I believe still had the hook in its gullet. The predicament was spotted by one smokefancj (way to go smoke!) who got the ball rolling for a rescue attempt. Things proceeded very rapidly and within a very short time the tree climber was on site and in the tree. He removed Justice to the ground for an exam and he was freed from the line. He was not harmed by the experience and was banded and taken back up the tree to resume his normal eaglet life with a little bling added. There is no sound at that cam so we couldn’t hear if the climber used the standard “Hey Buddy” greeting when seeing Justice for the first time. Mom and Pop eagle returned to the nest shortly after he was replaced and all was well again at the River Farms nest. A vid of the rescue is here: Enjoy!

The day on our nest wasn’t nearly as exciting. Mom and Dad fed the eaglets breakfish early under cloudy but non rainy skies. Luckily the rain predicted for today did not materialize and the family had a chance to dry out more thoroughly. Fresh grasses and nestovers were the order of the day. The kids had a lot of alone time on the nest today for the first time in their lives. They spent it napping and wrestling with Arky being a little brat and bonking Dakota on the head numerous times. Hopefully with the drying weather to continue for a few days that behavior will abate shortly as they wont be stuck under a parent for great lengths of time. Late afternoon saw Dad bring a tree to the nest and we were treated to the first good stick wrestling match since the eaglets hatched. Mom and he jousted with the stick as the youngin’s tried to duck out of the way as best they could. They did get stepped on a few times and I think the branch caught Dakota a good one in the side of the head.It ended up on the left side of the nest precariously balanced and the chatters were hoping it would go over the side. After Dad left Mom moved it around a bit and it is fairly well secure now.

Dad is a confirmed thief now as he showed up for the evening meal with a very large fish that still had its head but had been skinned and its tail removed. He must have stolen it from a fisherman as it was being cleaned as it also had a belly slit. I hope the guy or gal isn’t too mad about losing a nice fish like that but we were happy to see it as the nestovers were down to feeding pelt pieces to Arky and Dakota. Mom took the gift from dad and Arky monopolized the feeding until her crop was so full she couldn’t move. Dakota was very lethargic while Arky ate and didn’t get any food until Mom practically forced her to eat. She did perk up and eat a goodly portion after that. The chatters strayed from the No Worry Zone as they observed Dakota’s lack of enthusiasm in eating but were relieved when she finally did eat. Just after dinner Ustream’s feeds all failed and we didn’t get to see the sun set. When they came back up it was dark on the nest and all seemed peaceful.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Good Morning ~ 6 to 8 A.M. Highlights

MNBound Eagles ~ Arky Wingersizes ~ Awesome Fly In

MNBound Eagles 9-10 A.M. ~ Close Ups, PS, Mother & Father Goose

MNBound ~ Preening and Itching

MNBound Eagles ~ Snuggle Together & Under Covers

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota Climbs Out For Food ~ Cute Close…

MNBound Eagles ~ Awesome Fly Off & Glide ~ Perch In Tree…

MNBound Eagles ~ Big Skinned Fish ~ Arky Food Coma ~ Dakota Eats Well

MN Bound Eagles 5-1-14 Wing Waps & Bonding ~ A Stubborn Bite ~ Nest Chores

MNBound Eagles ~ Spying on the Neighbors

MNBound Eagles ~ Look Mom, No Maggots!

And some pics of the day!


EEEEK! Clown feet!


If he comes back with another stick……


Could ya hurry it up, Mom? I need to wash down that old fur Dad fed us!


Was the goose ok today?? She was! Good!

Well this is long and it is late so I will say Adios for the day and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!!



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2 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-01-14 – A Busy and Quiet Day in Eagle Nation

  1. Jo

    Fun blog and it’s good to be able to play catch up and see the videos of the day.

    I’m gonna steal that G’baby of yours. She’s just too doggone cute.

  2. fran

    all I can think to say is thank you, to you, talon and dragonlainey. hope you are able to do this next year as well. I am enjoying every word and picture, first thing I do when I sit down with my cup of coffee,is read your blog. fun to watch the rescue of the fishing line eagle.


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