Nest Update 5-04-14 – Of Stuffed Crops and Bonking Continued…

Good Evening, Fellow Perchologists!

Hope you all had as good a Sunday as we did here on the nest. The day started early for the eagles as Dad was seen feeding Arky and Dakota before 6am. Well, he was feeding them until Mom returned and with her patented sneaky move took over the feeding chores. Dad knew it was hopeless to stay so he went up the trunk and flew off to get in a few holes of pond golf.

The morning passed with regular feedings, a few bonks and lots of sunning and naps. Around midday the eaglets decided to play a mild game of Scare The Chatters and both moved closer to the edge near the tree trunk. Not too many heart attacks ensued and the kids were fine. They napped, wing-whapped and talon tickled each other as the day wore on. Dakota did try to get back at Arky with a bonk or two a couple of times today but the Master Bonker showed him the error of his ways. 

Mom and Dad continued their effort to dry out the nest by turning things over whenever they got the chance. They eaglets were covered up by both parents at least once today. More new nest materials were delivered a few times and became part of the padding.

Around 6pm Mom again showed her fishing prowess by bringing home an outstanding fresh fish. She brought it in with muddy feet to add a little texture to the meal. Arky (of course) was first in line and Dakota waited until she couldn’t move before moving in for his share. It was amazing how much of that fish ended up in their already distended crops. Around about 8pm they had a topping off meal of fish and then settled in for the night as the sun set.

Mama goose was seen several times today as BBC panned for us. She was enjoying the calm, almost windless day as much as the eagles were. She had a duck for company for part of the day but he was seen flying off under the tree as BBC panned around. As she started incubating in earnest when the eaglets were hatching I suspect we will see goslings near the end of the coming week. Also as they were panning we caught sight of one of the local deer nibbling on bushes and new grass sprouts in the field below. He looked to be fattening up after the long cold winter.

Well, on to the vids and pics of the day.

Dragonlainey (Rick and Elaine) will be on the road most of next week and beyond. We wish them luck in their travels and we will try to get by without their wonderful videos until they return.

MNBound Eagles ~ Good Morning ~ Arky & Dakota Ate Well

MNBound Eagles ~ 6 to 8 A.M. Highlights, Sunshine, Feeding and PS

MNBound Eagles ~ Late Morning Highlights ~ Arky & Dakota In Sync

MN Bound Eagles 5 4 14 Bonking Feeding Bonding Wingersizing Pin Feathers

MN Bound Eagles 5-4-14 After Nap Meal

And some pics of the day!


Now, I know you like fresh fish but we need to clean up these nestovers first!


When is that duck coming back with my minnow sandwich??


Are those meatball kayakers back?? Nope, it’s only the geese again.


Haven’t those crows heard about the No-Fly Zone??


Grampa! You’re mussing my hair!!

A nicer Sunday you couldn’t ask for. Mom, Dad, Arky and Dakota had a wonderful day and we hope you did, too! We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


If you have been wondering where the mods went we are here: If you tire of the arguing, lack of answers, trolls, and bad information in the unmoderated chat at the cam page please come visit us and we will welcome you with open arms. We set up the new chat to be a safe haven for discussion and information after MN Bound unwisely decided to go without mods for the rest of the season. Also click to join the MN Bound Chatters group on Facebook: It is a closed group so just click and one of the admins will add you toot-suite. Thanks! 


10 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-04-14 – Of Stuffed Crops and Bonking Continued…

  1. Beaches15

    Ditto! I read your blog everyday!! We so appreciate what you do! Love the updates and pics of cutest baby ever! Looking forward to the Snap info?? Hope all is well!

  2. Jo

    Lately, I don’t know what I’d do without your blog because I’m gone so often and don’t get to see or hear what goes on during the day. I’m grateful you continue the work you do, Talon. Thanks!!
    LOVED the picture of Arya, too. Thanks for sharing her with us.
    Grateful also to BB and Dragon and all the Mods. “Our” Chat is the best there is!

  3. Frantic5fec

    hi talonstrikes, I have sent a couple of thankyous, a couple of diferent ways, but I’m not a computer person,so I hope you will let everyone know that I appreciate all the work you mods do. for the blogs, the vids and pics. I enjoy the eagle nest so very much. much thanks, blessings, fran ceder

  4. Nancy

    Once again, Talon tickling the funny bone ☺ Love the captions on the pics, but I must say Arya is stealing the show with “her” comments!!!

  5. LinLeeLee

    Talon, love your daily blog. Thanks for posting the videos to be able to watch anytime. Just love the still pictures with your captions! They are always perfect. But REALLY love granddaughter and HER captions!!! She surely takes after you! Thank you for being you.

  6. lemondrop87

    Enjoyed that post, but really would like an update on ‘Snap’; the injured Eaglet from the DNR Nest. Thanks, you guys are super!!


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