Nest Update 5-06-14 – A Torpid Tuesday!

Good Evening, Fellow Branchologists!!

The day started fairly nice and warm with both P’s on the nest to tend to a breakfish of the contended fish from the previous evening. New grasses were delivered a little later and Arky and Dakota were treated to another session of hide the eaglets. As the day wore on the wind picked up and the kids didn’t play Scare the Chatters at all today. They opted to stay in the middle of the nest and sleep off their stuffed crop hangovers. Around midday Dad flew off and came back in very short order with one of the residents of the pond, a wood duck. This he plunked down between the two eaglets and began to pluck it. It was clear that the duck was not completely dead as it kept moving. He took care of the problem in short and the eaglets snuggled up the their new roommate. Mom returned a little while later and fed the kids and had a meal of duck as well.

Dad or Mom were both on the nest quite a bit today. Dad brought in a new rail and Mom got some more new carpet. BBC did a fine job this morning catching Dad flying off the nest not once but twice! Good job and thanks for the great views, Cam Gnome!! A squirrel checked to see if Mom was paying attention and got a wingslap for its trouble. Dad flew to the branch across the way to discourage him further. Some of the downstairs tenants borrowed some of Mom’s carpet to add to their own nests. Mama Goose was seen several times during pans today and all seemed well on the island today. The deer didn’t make an appearance but that was probably because of the wind. 

In the early evening the kids crops were topped off and they went back into food comas as the sun went down. All was good in the cottonwood as darkness fell.

A question was asked in a comment if there was a correlation between the number of matings and the number of eggs laid i.e. one mating = one egg or one mating = many eggs? From observation and the literature the male mates many times with the female in the weeks before and during the egg laying cycle so I would have to say the number of matings has no bearing on the number of eggs laid. The number laid is controlled solely by the females biology. Eagles are known to mate year round. In fact several chatters said yesterday they heard what sounded like mating noises from Mom and Dad in the morning. Hope that answers your question, Bev! And thanks for asking!

On to the vids and pics of the day.

The other half of the fish standoff from yesterday evening:

MNBound Eagles ~ Who’s the Boss? Pt. 2

And the vids from today:

MNBound Eagles ~ Nestorations

MNBound Eagles ~ Reckless Rodent

MNBound Eagles ~ Dad in Flight

MNBound Eagles ~ Arky in Her Barrister Wig

MNBound Eagles ~ Breakfast, a Burial and a Thief

And a selection of pics!


Yo, Dakota!! NOT into the wind!!


You kids behave or Zombie Mom will get you!


Do they really think this keeps us warm??


Maybe if I hold this pose they’ll put me on an official seal somewhere??


I wonder if the anti-eagle shield came from NestGoods yet??


Isn’t this a little foo foo for a tomboy, Grampa??

It was a very restful  day on the nest and I hope your Tuesday was a restful one too! We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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4 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-06-14 – A Torpid Tuesday!

  1. lemondrop87

    Love this blog, Talon.. Just came back from watching the Video of M/D arguing over the fishes. That was so funny I laughed til I cried real tears; or maybe they were Crocodile tears w/o the Crocodile, anyway it was so funny. And I agree with all others; Arya is precious as well as cute..
    Keep Blogging. Alice…

  2. Jo

    Loved the “Who’s boss 1 & 2! LOL but of course we all know it’s Mom! Nice seeing their interactions though. Dad, you’re gonna have to teach Arky that pooing into the wind is NOT a good thing! Especially when the “fly back” gets Mom! LOL

    Arya is very pretty in pink!


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