Nest Update 5-05-14 – Scare The Chatters Season Is Underway!

Good Evening, Fellow RailBuilders!!

It’s amazing what a few days of good weather and stuffed crops can do for ones attitude and outlook. Arky has settled down and is tolerating her sibling much better these last couple of days. Dakota came out of his shell and is hanging with Arky playing Scare the Chatters and getting a full share at meals. Speaking of meals, the last couple of weeks we have seen constant feedings of these two. That will begin to change this week as we see the parents go from lots of small feedings to 2-3 large ones each day. The eaglets now have the crop capacity to hold them longer between meals.

The dawn came up like thunder (who said that first? I like to shake his hand) and proceeded into a fine Minnesota spring day. Breakfish was nestover fishy from the night before and that was tiring so everybody laid back down for a nap before brunch. Arky and Kota spent a lot of time together today and kicked off the Scare season with a fine game. They started out pretty mild with a trip to the left side of the nest and capped the game off with full head hangs near the trunk where Harmony and Peace had such success scaring everyone last year. Chatters everywhere took to their keyboards to beg them to move back so I think the first game was a rousing win for the eaglets. 

Late afternoon Mom came home with a huge fish and rewarded the kids with fully stuffed crops. A little bit after she finished feeding them Dad, not to be outdone, showed up with a slightly larger fish and started feeding them again. Mom came down and took over as usual. All of this set the stage for the funniest incident of the day. Dad came back to the nest early evening and tried to reclaim his fish. Mom took it away. He then tried to take her fish. Mom dragged that away from him also. This went on for several rounds with the two of them playing tug of war alternating between the two fish. Finally they stood there side by side and ignored each other while keeping a wary eye out. It gave a great opportunity for some family portraits  as they studiously looked anywhere but at the other. Finally Mom moved across the nest and stood over the two fish and looked at Dad like she was daring him to try something. At last she gave it up and Dad snagged a fish and had a small meal. He then went across the way to the fledge perch branch and faced away from the nest. It’s a good thing eagles don’t carry grudges or he would be in the doghouse for a week.

The goose looked to be having a great day on her island nest and was seen on several pans throughout the day. A couple of the deer came to visit again today and feasted on the new buds on the bushes below the tree. Several of the downstairs tenants of the nest were seen hard at work flying things in and out of their apartments and the local squirrel was heard nearby. All in all a fine day in the cottonwood tree.

On to the vids and pics of the day. 

We have one from Dragonlainey leftover from yesterday and lots from Birdbrain56 for today

MNBound Eagles ~ Dad Perched Up High ~ Great Zoom To Tower ~ Sunsets

MNBound Eagles ~ Whack-a-Sib, SEDs & Clown Feet

MNBound Eagles ~ Morning Hellos, Distant Screams & Breakfish

MNBound Eagles ~ Nestorations & Corn Husks

MNBound Eagles ~ Standing Guard

MNBound Eagles ~ Mother Goose

MNBound Eagles ~ Pin Feathers & Eaglet Toes

MNBound Eagles ~ Ma, She’s Pickin’ on Me

MNBound Eagles ~ Grazin’ in the Grass

MNBound Eagles ~ Who’s the Boss? Pt. 1

Thanks to BirdBrain56 for filling in on the vids today. They are all great!

And some pics of the day!


Now, isn’t this nicer than pecking me all the time??


Hmmm Maybe I can snag the near one this time.


Keep it up Arky! I think we have them on the run!


Ooohh No you don’t!!


Bdog! We need some Cheetos for dessert!


Tell the eaglets theres always room for jello!

Wow I didn’t realize how late it was. Thanks for coming by and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow.


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10 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-05-14 – Scare The Chatters Season Is Underway!

  1. lemondrop87

    This is the first time I have signed on to the comments page but ‘Love It’, I will be visiting it daily from now on as I can. Love your comments on Arky & Kota, will feel better if they will stay away from the edge of that nest!! I love the Video’s & pix’s also and the daily pix of your GD is priceless. Keep up the good work and i’ll keep tuning in. Gn & SED to you…

  2. Jo

    Oh that Whack a sib video was hilarious! Still chuckling over that. And I love the cute one of Arky holding ‘Kota’s talon.

    Yep, Arya, there’s ALWAYS room for jello!! What a little happy face that is!

  3. PiggyP

    So enjoy your blogs, pics, vids. Thanks to BB and all who contribute to make this the amazing blog that it is! ♥♥ I thought for sure “draw” was gonna be yelled between M & D and guns blaze at the fish stand-off!! Too funny. Love this eagle family. And love seeing your gbaby and her antics. She’s a keeper. ♥

  4. bdogmm5858

    Another wonderful blog talon and enjoyed the story of the antics with M & D over the fish! Always enjoy the pics and vids. Thank you to birdbrain & Dragonlainey and all who contribute to make this a very fun place!

  5. Bev R

    Please answer an eagle (All birds?) biology question for me. Do eagles “mate” for each egg laid? Or mate once and then undetermined number of eggs follow?

      1. lemondrop87

        Bev. PiggyP & Talon, I certainly don’t know that answer but certainly think chickens do; for every time Mom turns around Dad is climbing on!!

  6. Peggy

    I absolutely love your posts, pictures, and pics of your grand daughter. I agree… there’s always time for jello! Thank you for all you do. I look forward to the videos and posts every day!!! 🙂

  7. barbmi

    Thanks again for your humorous and witty blog and pix of your beautiful granddaughter.
    I do enjoy reading them and seeing the pix and videos……awesome job Talon!


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