Nest Update 5-07-14 – Heat, Humidity And A Flashy Day’s End!

Good Evening, Fellow SweatMoppers!!

It was a sultry spring day on the nest. 70˚ temps and lots of moist air coming up from down south made for a day of naps and lazing about. It was cloudy most of the day so at least the eaglets weren’t roasting in the sun. Can’t wait until the mighty cottonwood leafs out so they get a little shade.

First breakfish was nestovers. Mom decided that wasn’t good enough and went to the Flying Fish Market and came home with a whopper. Crops were properly filled and Mom and Dad took turns bringing in new grass for the naps to come. About mid-morning Arky and Dakota squared off for a bonkfest. Dakota gave as good as he got before finally going down to defeat. It’s good to see him finally standing up for himself.  Sound went out for a bit midday but when it came back on the monthly tornado siren test was in progress. It’s a scary sound to hear those but they have saved many lives. 

Lunch was nestover fishcakes and afterward naps were the order of the day. Late in the afternoon another coot gave its all and dinner was served. Everyone was sated and they settled in for the evening. After it became deep dark lightning could be seen and it rained a bit at the nest. The storms just skirted the nest area but BBC panned the cam to the pond view and we were treated to a light show that continues to this hour. I hope the rest of the storms miss the nest, too.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

One from yesterday of Dad’s duck adventure.

MNBound Eagles ~ A Duck & Flying Feathers

MNBound Eagles ~ Wingersizing, Preening & Eating

MNBound Eagles ~ Pin Feathers & Some Panning

MNBound Eagles ~ Sleeping Beauties

And some pics of the day.


Did Mom beat you fishing again, Dad???


There can be only ONE!!


Oh Yeah?? Take that!!


And that, too!!


OK You win!!

A late addition. The Fickle Finger of Fate!

A late addition. The Fickle Finger of Fate!


They had a bonkfest?? Did Dakota win???

It was a fine day in the cottonwood today. The kids are growing so fast that sometimes each hour brings change. Feathers are popping out all over and clown feet are getting bigger. I hope you all are spending at least some time with us on the nest. We’ll see you there tomorrow!


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3 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-07-14 – Heat, Humidity And A Flashy Day’s End!

  1. FFMN

    Great way to start the day THE Blog. Out loud laugh came from G Daug and ‘comment’. Great how BBC captured the lightening in the evening.! A team.. .BBC and TalonStrike Blog. Best on the net, yup even better than ……… 🙂

  2. Jo

    Good to hear ‘Kota’s holding his own in the bonkfest! However, just like the younger sibling always does, he gives in…well…most of the time anyway! Thanks for the update. Sure wish I could be spending more time at the nest but your blogs and the panning/videos provided by BBC et all sure help.

    As usual, Arya is simply adorable and you caption her expressions very well G’Pa, apparently you know your G’daughter very well 😉

  3. lemondrop87

    A good Blog Spot, and those kiddos are growing by leaps and bounds, but how can the do otherwise with such full crops or as Southerners call them ‘Craws’!!


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