Nest Update 5-08-14 – T’was A Dark And Stormy Day….!

Good Evening, Fellow HailDodgers!!

The storms began in the overnight hours. Most of them just skirted the nest area and Mom and the kids didn’t get too wet. They, and we, were treated to a lovely light show that lasted for hours as the storms passed to the south. BBC left the cam looking towards the pond view to give us all a ringside seat to the marvelous display of natures power. Early morning saw the nest damp and a little chilly. Mom fed Arky and Dakota a fresh coot for breakfish while Dad went to NestGoods for some dry stuffing. The morning saw Mom and Dad bring in lots of dry carpeting and the eaglets again had dry places to lay. It wasn’t to last long, however. 

Around midday the next crop of thunderstorms started to fire up and some took direct aim at the nest. In the next few hours first Mom tried to be Mombrella and after a bit Dad joined her to make the patio cover bigger. They endured the rain until the end and then Dad left to dry off as the kids and Mom had some nestovers between cells. 

Even Momma Goose got up for a break between storms. Luckily there hasn’t been enough rain in these storms to drown Mama Goose’s nest yet. Hopefully, she only has a few more days of incubation to go. BBC pans over there quite a bit now in hopes we’ll see her brood frolicking with her.

In the early evening Dad returned to the nest with a very nice fish. Mom stepped in immediately and topped off Arky’s and Dakota’s crops for the evening. It’s a good thing she did because soon after the next wave of storms came through the area. Both Arky and Kota tried to fit under the Mombrella but all that fit was their heads and their little tushies were left exposed to the rain. Some small hail hit the nest but all came through ok. A small snack of the rest of the fish was served as darkness fell and BBC let us watch tonites light show as the storms went off to the northeast.

On to the vids of the day!

Here are a couple from BirdBrain56 that didn’t make to the blog last night.

MNBound Eagles ~ Awwww!

MNBound Eagles ~ Awwww X Two!

And a couple from Dragonlainey from today.

MN Bound Eagles 5-8-14 Late Lunch ~ Fish For Two

MN Bound Eagles 5-8-14 Stormy Day ~ Time Lapse Lightining Show

And some pics of the day.


Wow! Eat much there, Arky??


Hey! Anybody got a spare pillow?? These bones ain’t cuttin’ it!


This new camouflage kick they are on itches!!


Hey, quit pushin’! YOU quit pushin’!!


Nature’s beauty in the aftermath of the storms.


Grampa, do you think a hat like this would work for the eaglets??

Thanks to all the mods, picture posters, and videographers that posted stuff today as I wasn’t able to be here much until late in the day due to being stuck in a PET scanner for most of the day. And thats a story for another blog. I hope wherever you were today it was a great Thursday for you.

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow.


If you have been wondering where the mods went we are here: If you tire of the arguing, lack of answers, trolls, and bad information in the unmoderated chat at the cam page please come visit us and we will welcome you with open arms. We set up the new chat to be a safe haven for discussion and information after MN Bound unwisely decided to go without mods for the rest of the season. Also click to join the MN Bound Chatters group on Facebook: It is a closed group so just click and one of the admins will add you toot-suite. Thanks! 


4 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-08-14 – T’was A Dark And Stormy Day….!

  1. lemondrop87

    Hello Talon; Thanks for the blogs, I get [almost] as much good from your thoughts, sayings & pictures as I do the SS & chats, except that there we can chat with the members there, but since I found you i’ll probably be spending less time there. Take Care & Stay Happy. Alice.

  2. Jo

    Rain rain go away…at least until later in the summer! Poor little family looked miserable. Cute seeing Arky and ‘Kota getting along instead of having a bonkfest though. That was some PS wasn’t it! Who’d’a thunk that much “stuff” could come out of that little body! LOL Mom and Dad are such characters and I love watching them interact.

    Little Arya is adorable in that picture. Something tells me G’Pa may make a star out of her with all these wonderful photo shots! She appears to be becoming quite the “ham” in front of that camera held by G’Pa! Love that you’re sharing her with us Talon. Thanks!

    And many thanks to BBC, Cam Gnomie, BB and Dragon for their wonderful zoomies, span-abouts and videos, too!

  3. Gayla

    Thanks for the daily effort it takes to do this! I can’t watch the cameras as much as I would like.. so I really enjoy your blog every day! It helps me feel connected to the natural world when I can’t be out in it. I also like your grandbaby pictures! Thank you for sharing!


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