Nest Update 5-09-14 -The Day After A Storm Is Always The Best

Good Evening, Fellow SunSoakerUppers!!

Especially if it’s a Friday, too! The day did start out cloudy but gradually changed to sunny and warm with a beautiful sunset. Mom and Dad were busy little beavers (hmmm maybe that’s the wrong metaphor) feeding the family and collecting dry grasses again for the nest. Breakfish was nestover fish from yesterday that Arky and Dakota consumed with gusto. They went back to napping as the P’s started their campaign to dry the nest once again. Feedings, a fish delivery, and grass deliveries took up most of the morning. At around 1030am Mom arrived with a very identifiable muskrat for the midday repast. Arky and Dakota were filled to the brim and the nestovers were stored under some new grass for later consumption.

They did get a lot of mileage out of that muskrat today as it was the center piece of a couple more good meals. Just for variety Dad brought in a fish early afternoon and fed Mom a few bites before the kids woke from their comas. Mom then fed them the rest and Dad went off to find his next conquest.

In the midafternoon a squirrel from the downstairs apartments tried Dad’s patience and was swatted at several times as he scampered around near the tree trunk. Even Mom got in on the swatting later in the day as Mr. Squirrel kept up his antics.

Mama Goose was observed several times on her island today enjoying the respite from the rain. Dad Goose was seen nearby and seemed to be having a good time too. In the early evening Mama seemed restless and kept moving around on her nest. She kept looking down at and fussing with her eggs. Hopefully that means its near to hatching time on the goose nest. We may possibly see goslings this weekend.

Arky and Dakota spent most of the day watching the P’s coming and going’s and eating whatever was offered to them. The mealtime bonking seems to have stopped completely but they do manage to have about one good beakering session each day. Today’s was won by Arky of course but Dakota is getting much better at holding his own when they go at it. Mom watched with a bemused look on her face as the session went to it’s conclusion. They then lay back down like they had gone fifteen rounds and slept some more. As the sun set tonight we were treated to some great KirbySnapSkye rays. BBC has found the sweet spot where we can see them best and went there a couple of times for us today. Very pretty!

When the sun was lower in the sky BBC also got us some wonderful shots of Mom on the back branch with Magic Hour light on her. Beautiful stuff and we thank BBC for the great panning. As darkness fell Mom returned to the nest and the kids snuggled up for the night.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

Only a few vids as Birdbrain was swamped with all the good stuff that went on today. Hopefully we will see those tomorrow!

MNBound Eagles ~ Muskrat Love

MNBound Eagles ~ Indecisiveness

MNBound Eagles ~ We Saw You Skye

And some pics of the day!


Wonder if I can get the cover of Eagle Vogue with this shot??


Hey, what are you doing over there?? We need more dry grass from NestGoods!


Is that Skye in the top center of the pic??


I hope that goose misses the nest!!


Here Dad! I’ll get that pesky squirrel!


This being an honorary eaglet is hard work!!

Days like today in Minnesota were my favorites while growing up there. I almost bought a ticket to MSP just to go smell the smells and see the sights. Please enjoy the views we are getting as I believe the cottonwood will be leafed out by the end of next week or so and the views will be much more restricted. Hope you all had a fabulous Friday and we’ll see you tomorrow on the nest!


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6 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-09-14 -The Day After A Storm Is Always The Best

  1. Jo

    Another informative blog, as usual, for which I’m very grateful because I’m missing so very much now by not being able to be at the nest as often as I like. I’m glad also for your sense of humor which adds to the whole thing.

    Arya, as usual, is totally adorable and your captions for her actions are so right on that they’re funny, and a story in themselves!

    BB and Dragon, your videos are much appreciated as are the wonderful zooms and spannings of the cam gnomie.

  2. Nancy

    Oh gee Talon!! I second what FFMN said. Your writing skills tell the story with laughter and tears. I could comment on every single blog AND your wonderful Arya, but then I’d get too “gushy.” Obviously you do what you do because of the gift you have! So happy you are sharing that gift with all of us.

  3. FFMN

    Talon: Have run out of kudos to give you re this One and Only ‘bested’ Blog re ‘our’ eagles EVER out there. Seriously!! And U R going to probably be the ‘bestest’ grandpa to granddaughter and teach her lots and lots. Lucky her. Thank You for your time and efforts.

  4. Claudette Krauter

    Thank you Talon. I wondered where everyone had gone. I kept popping into the nest but didn’t recognize anyone. Eventually I found you and I am so glad. Have certainly missed the lively conversations and your pithy answers to some of the questions. Have signed up to receive notice of your blogs so now I wont miss another day of life in the eagles nest. Love your little one, could just give her a big hug.

  5. lemondrop87

    These are sooo good; You are very talented if I do say so; your pictures are awesome; and YES, MoM Eagle should get that picture in ‘Eagle Vogue’.. Arla is beautiful as always. Is she staying with you for you to be able to get such gorgeous pictures of her? SED 2 U, & GN. Alice.


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