Nest Update 5-10-14 – Ups And Downs For The End Of The Week

Good Evening, Fellow RainDropAvoiders!!

The ups were early sunshine and lots of food. The downs were too much wind and several bands of rain late afternoon and into the evening and night.

Saturday started bright and early with lots of sunshine and mild temps. Arky and Dakota began the day with a hearty breakfish of nestovers and Mom and Dad made some more trips to NestGoods for fresh carpeting. The kids napped and beakered around a bit as the morning wore on. Around noon BBC panned over the the knothole tree and finally spotted mom squirrel and one of her babies peeking out at the world. This was very neat because as of 2 days ago it looked like there was nobody home in the knothole. Today it looked lived in and so it was. It’s good to see that prime real estate like that isn’t going to waste.

In the afternoon hours nestovers were still the order of the day until Dad delivered another duck to the nest. Mom took possession and did a little defeathering and half heartedly tried to feed a bit to the kids. Dad did a 2 and half gainer off the front of the nest and could be seen swooping away towards the pond. Mom then did something strange. She grabbed the duck and left the nest only to show up on the opposite side of the nest about 30 seconds later. She did this several more times and to tell the truth we were all very confused if it was Mom and then Dad with a 2nd duck or if it was just Mom circling around each time. Finally she came in to land and finished defeathering the duck and the kids ate until they couldn’t move.

During the feeding a strange blue orb ended up at Kota’s feet. Everybody went “Oh no not another egg!” but since it still had blood vessels and gristle attached google searches were launched. We came to the consensus that it was the ducks gizzard that had popped out in the midst of the feeding.  Dad eventually had it for dessert and all was calm on the nest.

Several short bands of rain passed over the nest area today. All of them were of short duration and the second and third ones did have some thunder associated with them. As darkness fell BBC again treated us to a view of the sky-borne lightshow that lasted well into the late evening.

Mama Goose looked to be having a typical incubation day as well. She was absent a couple of times when the cam panned to her but always seemed to be there the next time we looked. She must be getting restless as her sitting time should be nearly over. It is fun to see her but also kinda sad as we know at least some of her goslings will end up on the nest.

On to the vids and pics of the day.

Todays batch is a mix of yesterday and today. Thanks to Birdbrain56 again for doing such a great job with these.

MNBound Eagles ~ Good Eats and a Break

MNBound Eagles ~ Fidgety Mother Goose

MNBound Eagles ~ Marvelous Mom

MNBound Eagles ~ The Gang’s All Here

MNBound Eagles ~ Sights & Sounds of Nature

MNBound Eagles ~ Ya Feel Better Now? ~ 05/10/14

MNBound Eagles ~ Don’t Play With Your Food ~ 05/10/14

And some pics of the day!


I don’t know about you but I’m stuffed!!


Home made pipe organ for playing flyin’ music!!


Hey! Do you guys think she’s faking it or what??


Tail end of the first batch today.


And as it got further away. Weather does make for some pretty skies!


Grampa makes me sit here while he makes funny car noises! Vrooom! Vrooom!

I see I didn’t mention Dakota’s first pellet hork (at least that we have seen) and the wonderful fly in that BBC caught on cam today. And I see i didn’t mention the rabbit that came in late to help make the biggest crops I have ever seen on eaglets. All that and more made this another wonderful day on the nest. We’ll see you here tomorrow!


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8 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-10-14 – Ups And Downs For The End Of The Week

  1. Li'lBrown Bird

    Sorry, forgot to mention that the reason I thought the squirrel in treehole was a Fox Squirrel, was because it didn’t have the very prominent white eyering that the Red Squirrel has; Also, the Red Squirrel is bright white underneath, as opposed to either dirty white or yellow on Fox Squirrels’ bellies. Hope that helps too… forgive me if I go on & on.
    Really appreciate the opportunity you have given here, Talonstrike! Great work!

  2. clakra

    Your posts are the first thing I look for when I open my computer in the morning. So graphic and so interesting. Thank you for sharing. Your little sweetheart is such a little doll, Love the photos. Have a fun Mother’s Day

  3. Jo

    Well, Talon, you’ve done it again…gave me a blow by blow of today’s activities that made me wish I’d been there in person to see. By the way, that “white thing” that was brought to the nest looked like a fish to me, however don’t ask me what kind of fish. But the account of the blue orb duck gizzard made me go eeeeewwww LOL and also made me glad I wasn’t here to see it 😛

    Tell Arya I make those vroom vroom noises too when I get in my car lol makes me think it’s actually working when it isn’t 😛

  4. Li'lBrown Bird

    If anyone’s interested, the squirrel in the tree hole was a Fox Squirrel; they’re as big as a Grey Squirrel, which also lives in Minnesota. One other tree squirrel in MN, besides the flying squirrels, is the Red Squirrel, much smaller, a little bigger than a Chipmunk, all reddish brown. A Red Squirrel “fledgling” was brought to the nest last year for Harmony & Peace one time. Fox Squirrel has also been caught or found on the road and makes for a bigger meal.

  5. lemondrop87 Alice

    As usual a wonderful post, and I get somewhat excited when I see your handle come up for I know that I am in for another treat visit to the nest. Arky & Kota are surely growing, wont be long B4 they are perching & then fledging; dread to see the latter. Well SED’s and a “Happy Mothers Day” to all MoM’s in your family.. GN. Alice


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