Nest Update 5-11-14 – Happy Mom’s And A Lazy Day On The Nest

Good Evening, Fellow MomAndEagletCheerers!!

I hope all you Moms and Grandmoms and Great Grandmoms had a wonderful Mothers Day. Mom Eagle at the MNB nest had a typical day as is the case in nature where holidays are unknown. She was up early as usual tending to her offspring and making sure her significant other helped out in the process. The kids had nestover breakfish of squabbit and various other assorted things buried in the nest. Sunshine was seen early this morning but cloud cover soon rolled in and naps and beakering were the highlights of the morning hours.

The cam went offline for a few hours just about noontime so we missed a lot of the day. It came back up around 5:20 pm and it looked like Arky and Dakota hadn’t moved all afternoon. Mom brought a tasty fishy to the nest shortly after the cam was back on. Crops that were big to begin with were stuffed fuller and the kids went back to what they were doing, napping and dreaming. Mom went for mimosas and strawberries with the hen club and Dad kept an eye on the nest while posing for us on the branch across the way. Handsome as always, many a screenshot was taken. About 7:30 pm Mom came home with a partial rabbit and set it down next to Dakotas head. She de-furred it there and there was some genuine concern that she might pluck some of Dakota’s feathers in the process. The two eaglets weren’t much interested in food so Mom had her dinner and then went to feak her beak on the low branch behind the cam. She also posed for us again and was looking svelte today. 

As darkness fell she returned to the nest and the funny episode of the day. As Mom was standing looking out Arky planted herself in front of her mother and tried to get her attention. She tried several different times time get a rise out of Mom but nothing was working. She finally rose up enough to actually bonk Mom a couple of times in the beak. Mom bonked her back a couple of really good ones and let her know that the method she used wasn’t appreciated. Arky finally got a taste of what Dakota feels like and hid her head by Mom’s feet. It was good to see Mom teach Arky a little humility as she had beakered Dakota severely several times today.

As night fell weather was coming up from the south again and BBC left the cam in pond view so we could see the light show.

From what we saw of Mama Goose today she is still restless and still gosling-less. We did see a couple of pretty good shots of the nest and I counted at least 4 eggs in there. Hopefully they will start hatching soon. Mrs. Squirrel wasn’t seen today but it looked to me like the nest in the knothole was better padded than it had been.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

Dragonlainey, Rick and Elaine, spent some time at that Iowa nest today and made a slideshow of their pics. Thought you might like to see them.

Our Trip To Decorah ~ May 10, 2014 ~ Photo’s By Rick Black

And a couple from yesterday from Birdbrain56.

MNBound Eagles ~ Mama Squirrel ~ 05/10/14

MNBound Eagles ~ A Duck and a Dive ~ 05/10/14

And some Mom’s day pics!


Does my hair look like Arky’s??


Look out, squirrels!!


Maybe EQ will like this shot for their cover!


Ummm Hello, EQ?? Can I speak to the cover editor, please??


Hah! He thinks he’s going to get the cover???


A bolt from the black!


Grampa says the eaglets sleep like this!

All in all, it was a very relaxing Mothers Day at the nest. Hope yours was all that it could be for you, too!

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow.


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2 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-11-14 – Happy Mom’s And A Lazy Day On The Nest

  1. lemondrop87

    And I second Jo’s post. I had not read this post until now and as usual it is very good; the Eagles, Eaglets, and also the ‘Black Spot’. I loved them all. I can keep up fairly well with your posts but still must go over to the nest to see a few live things, but won’t today for they are all asleep including the Cam. Good Night, Talon & SED. Alice..

  2. Jo

    Great blog as usual and looky here! A double dose of Arya, to boot! Thanks, Talon, for the blog updates keeping me “current” and thanks BB and Dragon for the videos, stills and zoomies from the cam gnomie. As usual, you’re helping me not miss the nest so much when I can’t be there.


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