Nest Update 5-12-14 – A Moist and Murky Moanday

Good Evening, Fellow SlickerWearers!!

A soggy night turned into an even soggier day and so began the week on the MNB nest.

As we tuned out last night the rain was just arriving in the nest area and it seems that it rained almost continually all day. Mom and the eaglets were up early in a short break in the rain to have a quick breakfish of nestovers, a quick shakeout to get some of the water off and then back to tucking their heads under Mom as the next rain band hit. The morning stayed rainy but around noon Dad and Mom landed on the nest with another aquatic avian for the midday repast. Around 2pm a fish was delivered and crops were topped off to the limit. About an hour later Dakota was observed nibbling on the fishy and again around 4pm. He is trying harder than Arky to grow up just a little bit faster and I stand by my prediction that he will fledge first.

The rain let up for a while late afternoon and the panner finally had a chance to show us around. The pond has risen another few inches and on first sight of the day Mama Goose was nowhere to be seen and the waters are perilously close to her nest. She returned with Papa Goose in tow and eventually sat on the nest again. When next the panner looked over there she was gone again and the nest looked forlorn without her there. She did return again as night fell but things are not looking good for the goose nest. The cam gnome looked at the squirrel knothole also but no activity was seen there either.

The weather is supposed to be rain free for the next several days so I hope things can dry out and maybe Mama goose’s eggs will hatch.

Well, its very late so on to the vids and pics of the day!

Dragonlainey (Rick and Elaine) were in Decorah at that other nest 🙂 and have put together more of their slideshows from the time they spent there. 

Decorah Eagles ~ Rick Black Filming ~ “Dad Delivering Rabbit”

Decorah Trip ~ Photo’s by Rick Black ~ May 10, 2014

Decorah Trip ~ May 10, 2014 ~ Mom’s Flight With Grass

Decorah Trip ~ 4th Video ~ Pictures Taken By Rick Black

Decorah Trip ~ May 10, 2014 ~ 5th and Final Slideshow

And BirdBrain56’s vids of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Headless Duck

MNBound Eagles ~ Arky Eats First & Don’t You Forget It!

MNBound Eagles ~ A Dreary Day Tour

MNBound Eagles ~ A Tiny Visitor

MNBound Eagles ~ Beak to Beak

MNBound Eagles ~ Pest Control

MNBound Eagles ~ Goose Island in Peril

And a few pics from today.


Arky, is she preening my butt again???


There goes that squirrel again! I’ll get him!


He’s over here now!! I’ll get him!!


Honey, I told you higher would have been better!!


Grampa says I have to drive him to work now!! See ya later!

Sorry this is so late. I was on set very early today and the old body insisted I take a nap with Gbaby before writing tonight’s blog. I hope you had a drier and sunnier Monday than the eagles did. We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow.


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5 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-12-14 – A Moist and Murky Moanday

  1. Jo

    Wow, those PSing contests are getting really good LOL That sure was a brave nuthatch…up until Arky woke up anyway 😉
    As usual, thanks Talon for a blog that helped keep me updated. It is nice seeing that Arky and ‘Kota do have some loving moments too.

    AHA, we finally get to see what G’Pa looks like! And yeah, I see that full head’o’hair you were talking about yesterday! Better watch out G’Pa, Arya may be sitting in that driver’s seat a lot sooner than you’re planning LOL Too cute picture though.
    Thanks BB and Dragon et al for the great videos and pics of both Decorah and MNB and thanks to Cam Gnomie for the pannings too.

  2. clakra

    First it’s the driving lessons, then it’s the keys Grandpa. Talon, thank you once again for making the day on the nest interesting even if the weather gods have conspired against us.


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