Nest Update 5-13-14 – Drier Talons And A Greening Day

Good Evening, Fellow Perchologists!!

A night without rain is a great way to start the day. As daytime brightened the skies there was still a lot of residual clouds hanging about but as the day progressed the sun came out at times and Mom and Dad both turned the nest contents over several times to help dry things out. Arky and Dakota were well fed on nestovers and looked on Mom and Dad’s household chores as just interruptions to their naps. Late morning saw a tasty fishy land on the nest and crops were topped up once again. On first panning today the goose nest looked forlorn and abandoned. Eggs can be seen there but Mom and Dad Goose were across the way hanging out in the grass on the shore and paying no more attention to their old homestead. 

Nest failure is very common in all bird species and in Mother Natures grand plan it is all a part of the process. While a nest may fail here where there were goslings last year, somewhere else there is a nest that failed last year that has a full compliment of young this year. It is hard to watch sometimes and we wish we could save them all but interfering with that process is probably the worst thing man could do. The itch to interfere is one that should not often be scratched.

Early afternoon saw another aquatic avian brought to the nest to serve as the meals for the lazy part of the day. As Mom fed Arky and Dakota we saw what appeared, at first, to be another egg. A whitish internal organ was exposed and a collective groan went up from the watchers. As the feeding progressed Mom moved it around a bit and it became clear that it wasn’t big enough to be an egg. Mom confirmed this when she gulped it down when she finished stuffing the kids. 

Dad caught the big fish of the day around 5:30pm and crops were again stuffed to fullness. More nest renovations ensued after dinner and the nestover fish was covered. In the early evening Mom brought the fish back to the surface of the nest and when Dad came home a little later it was clear that he had designs on the fish remnant. Mom let him know again that she wasn’t going to allow him to nosh it down. She grumped at him with her low squees and moved to take the fish away. They stared at each other again and Dad finally moved off a bit and began looking for other nestovers. He found some old pelt buried on the left side of the nest and Mom made a move to grab that away, too. Dad again realized he wasn’t going to win and hopped across to the fledge perch and ignored her as the sun set. Darkness fell with Mom on the nest and Dad posing for us on the yonder branch. After dark BBC again panned to the pond and we were treated to the moon reflecting in the still waters. Hopefully if it’s clear tomorrow night as well they can get a shot of the moon as it rises. Tomorrow night is Howl Night as it’s a full moon.

On to the vids and pics of the day!!

Dragonlainey (Rick and Elaine) are back with us with a plethora of vids today. They must have had a lot of energy pent up after their trip!

MNBound Eagles ~ Shake That Tail ~ P Flys Around Nest & More

MNBound Eagles ~ Fly In and Outs ~ Playing With The Grasses

MNBound Eagles ~ It’s All About The Wings

MNBound Eagles ~ “Dakota Ate The Whole Thing”

MNBound Eagles ~ Fish Snack ~ Arky Stands On Feet

MNBound Eagles ~ “Fly Thru The Trees With The Greatest Of Ease”

MNBound Eagles ~ Close Ups ~ Duck Dinner ~ Not For The Squeamish

MNBound Eagles ~ Big Feet & Coma’s

MNBound Eagles ~ Panning, Close Ups, Time Lapse & Slo Mo

MN Bound Eagles 5-13-14 Eating ~ Sleeping ~ Eagle Eye ~ Big Fish

MNBound Eagles ~ Time Lapse 8 to 9 PM ~ Moonlight On The Water

And Birdbrain56 has her share too!

MNBound Eagles ~ Breakfast & Clean-up

MNBound Eagles ~ Brunch

MNBound Eagles ~ Flight Through the Trees

MNBound Eagles ~ Panning & Close-Ups

MNBound Eagles ~ Another Duck Bites the Dust

MNBound Eagles ~ Doesn’t Look Good for Mother Goose’s Eggs

MNBound Eagles ~ I Got Your Back

And some pics of the day!


Dakota added some sprout bling to her wing today.


So, why didn’t we pick here first?? YOU said the view was better over there!!


Ya know, we could get a lot more rest if she would quit looking for Frankie!!


This whole nest and you have to sleep on my back??


Moon Pond, all the geese are gone……


But Grampa, can the MINI go to Disneyland???

Well, the drying out process has begun and if the weather dwarves are right the nest should be all dried out by the next rain next week. Hopefully we’ll have a full day of sun tomorrow. See you there!


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5 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-13-14 – Drier Talons And A Greening Day

  1. lemondrop87 Alice

    A good blog as usual Talon, as the others say your comments bring the actions so much more to life. Read where the chatters said something today about one of the sites losing another Eaglet lately, do you know where that was at? Just keep up the good work Talon and we will keep reading your posts. Aryla keeps being so cute, better start looking out for the Boys. Take Care!! Alice.

  2. Jo

    Loved the “shake your tail feathers” one! That was just too cute! Good to see Arky standing up like the big eagle he/she/it’s gonna be! AHA I KNEW Arya was gonna bring up Disneyland sooner or later LOL Good job on the blog as usual, talon. And those were some great videos from BB and Dragon, too. LOVED the moonlight one!

  3. Gloria Vincent Keeslar

    I watched it live often during the day and yet your words bring the whole nest so much more to life. Among the other gifts you have is a tremendous gift of the written word. Thank you for taking time each day for us who wait to read and enjoy the nest from your point of view.


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