A Farewell to BirdBrain56 From All of Her Fans!

Birdbrain56, one our illustrious videographers, has decided to call it quits for this season. Making videos is a lot of work and we all appreciate the time and effort she put in . Her vids were always great to watch and captured life on our nest in a unique way.

Thanks BirdBrain56 for all the moments you captured for us to treasure forever!

We’ll miss you!

BB’s final vid:

MNBound Eagles ~ Oh What a Night


Thanks Again!! 



5 thoughts on “A Farewell to BirdBrain56 From All of Her Fans!

  1. Sandy Early

    I know how much time you must have put into this labor of love. My Friday Eagle Clas would not have been the same without your videos. So the whole class thanks you.

    Your talent does not go unnoticed. You should consider compiling them in a set for sale.

  2. cg4mg

    I’m so sorry to see bird leave. She never failed to respond to each comment I left on her videos, and I always comment because I know it takes a lot of time and effort, and I always say thank you. I will truly miss her. I know she will still be around because once an eagleholic, always an eagleholic. See you around, bird. MissMeech, a/k/a Cathy. Thank you for all your wonderful videos!

  3. Helen Romain

    You’ve done a fabulous job with all your videos! Hate to see you go, but understand that it must be so time consuming! Thanks for all your hard and beautiful work!

  4. Jo

    AWWW BB your videos will be missed and I’m sad to see them go. I sure hope YOU are sticking around though! Your scintillating conversations would be sorely missed! Thanks for all the work you’ve done!


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