Nest Update 5-16-14 – Finally A Friday and An Update on Jordan Lake

Good Evening, Fellow FishNibblers!!

First the update: Against all odds (good name for a movie… Oh, wait…) one of the eaglets that plummeted from the nest was found alive at first light this morning. All hail to the rescuers! Unfortunately the other eaglet didn’t survive the fall and the weather last night. The survivor is being treated and is making good progress. When it is stable enough it will be transferred to the Carolina Raptor Center, a world class facility, where it will be fostered by adult eagles and then transferred to a hacking tower for fledging. Best of luck to all involved.

Our day on the MNB nest was no where near as exciting, thank goodness!

 🙂 The 2nd to last day of the week started pretty much like most of the days this week with some clouds and sun later in the day. Breakfish was nestovers and then naps and some eaglet play ensued. Mom and Dad did some nest refurbishing early on and we noticed a new cornstalk and husk were added to the Feng Shui today. The downstairs tenants came up several times to borrow some nest materials for their apartments. Mom let them know when her tolerance of this behavior came to an end by wing-slapping at them as they came up for more. That didn’t stop them as they continued borrowing the rest of the day when Mom and Dad were off the nest. Arky and Dakota are starting to use their clown feet for what they are intended for more today. They are standing and tip-toeing around the nest and getting used to not tripping over their toes. They spent most of the day being lazy and just growing more feathers.

The midday snack was a small ground rodent that was consumed bones and all it very short order. Arky was being a meanie at mealtimes again today and Dakota had many more bonks to add to the payback ledger. Dad delivered the big meal of the day (a duck) in the early evening and Mom, as she always does, claimed it and fed the dynamic duo. Arky claimed first in line again and Dakota waited his turn. Both were fed a substantial amount and full crops were seen after the meal was over. The family settled in for the evening and the long twilight gradually faded to dark.

BBC turned the cam toward the pond again tonite and as the moon rose late through the clouds another very pretty evening was enjoyed on the nest. 

We are without vids tonight as Dragonlainey, Rick and Elaine, have decided to take a hiatus from watching nests and making vids for personal reasons. In addition to losing Birdbrain56 this leaves us at loose ends in the video department. We are looking at our options for videos and I’ll let you know what we come up with. In the meantime I’ll try doubling the number of photos to help ease the withdrawal symptoms.

On to the pics of the day!


Two can play this footsie game!


Yo dude!! Point that thing somewhere else!!


Well, they do make a good chin rest.


You see any deer down there?? I’m hungry!


From the land of sky blue waters….




Yes, sensei, we will follow the eagle path.


Remember what sensei said. First we bow to the pond where all ducks come from….


11 months ago somebody arrived!


Grampa, can I borrow Kelli’s GoPro??

I hope you all had a great work week and that your weekend will be pleasant and filled with joy!

See you on the nest tomorrow!



5 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-16-14 – Finally A Friday and An Update on Jordan Lake

  1. Jo

    We will all miss BB and Dragon but we sure do understand. Human life must come first! You (or whoever) got some great still shots and as usual, your captions sure fit!

    Hard to believe Arya is almost a year old! Adorable newborn picture and an even sweeter shot of “now’sville!” Thanks for sharing her with us! We sure enjoy her right along with our two feathered babies!

  2. Nancy

    Thanks for another descriptive writing of nest activities….and of course, the good sport antics of Arya!

  3. Beaches15

    Great blog and pictures! Love the chin rest. In your spare time …ha ha.. You must check out the osprey cam in Brennon Maine on hogs Island! Three eggs soon to hatch… Hope your currently in snore zone!

  4. lemondrop87

    Its late but will say that was a good post as usual, but missed the vids. but understand that everyone has to have a break sometime. You did manage to get a photo of my favorite one; Arky or Koto one ‘shooting at the breeze’; my daughter likes those also. Your grandD was a beautiful newbie and still is. Well a GN and SED’s to you and a most enjoyable weekend with your families. Alice…


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