Nest Update 5-17-14 – Feathers And Fishys And Naps, Oh My!

Good Evening, Fellow RiparianBirdLookers!!

Well, it was a very salubrious Saturday to end the week. Mom and Dad provided wall to wall fish (2 early in the day and one at bedtime, all nice fat ones). Arky and Dakota worked on their tans and their synchronized winging routine whilst growing more feathers, standing around, sitting like buddhas and scaring the chatters. 

Dad arrived with the first fishy about 9-ish with Mom following just a few minutes later with one just as nice as Dad’s. Mom proceeded to take over the feeding that Dad had barely begun and he went off to GrassGoods to get more carpet. These fish were so fresh that when Mom was noshing on the head of one of them it was still flapping its tail as newly dead fish do sometimes. It was a nice long feeding that at the end saw about half of both fish consumed. Goiters, errr crops, were packed tight and naps were the next order of business of the day.

Today saw the eaglets try self nibbling on the nestover fish. Arky tried to look grown up by standing on the fishy and Dakota just sort of picked at it as she lay next to it. These two are again exhibiting behavior that is ahead of the development curve. It is good to see and means they are healthy and well adjusted to their life so far. They also played a good game of Scare the Chatters today while trying to keep cool at the right edges of the nest. Dakota has adopted the tree trunk as her friend much as Peace did last year. Arky takes her flank and is the more daring scarer, hanging over the edge at about the three o”clock position. Both also did a bit of wing work and some actual walking around the nest today.

There seems to be a lot less ducks in the pond (DUH!) so maybe they have moved on in their migration and that would account for the abundance of fish on the nest the last few days. Or maybe Mom and Dad are bringing in more fishy’s to ease the transition to being self fed for the kids. Another eagle mystery we will never know the answer to. 🙂

As darkness began to fall Mom fed the last of the fishys to A & D and they settled down to digest and sleep. Mom stayed on the nest for a bit posing for the cam then moved to the low branch and posed some more. Dad came home at full dark with an impressive fish and then flew over to his perch and posed a bit. BBC was kept busy panning back and forth and to the nest to keep track of them all. They eventually panned to the pond view as full darkness overtook the nest and those of us who are night owls saw the late moonrise over the pond. The kids should have a great start to Sunday as a very nice breakfish awaits them in the pantry. 

On to the vids and pics of the day.

Dragonlainey is back from their hiatus and brings us a few great vids from today.

MNBound Eagles ~ Cute Moments ~ Time Lapse

MNBound Eagles ~ Close Up Highlights ~ Both Standing On Feet

MNBound Eagles ~ Arky and Dakota Take Their Own Bites

MNBound Eagles ~ Awesome Footage In Color then Black & White ~ Big Fish

And some pics of the day!

And a one and a two....

And a one and a two….


You need to hang your head over more, they aren’t screaming loud enough!!


Why aren’t you outside playing?? It’s a gorgeous day!


Dakota, stand up like Arky! She’s making you look bad again!


I’ll bet this feather is driving somebody out there nuts!!


You guys got any cheetos so Arky will get off my tail??


California Chrome won?? Triple Crown here we come!!

We all had a great time on the nest today and I hope your Saturday was just as great. And not only was it great here, we may have a Triple Crown winner this year as California Chrome won the Preakness Stakes and is headed to Belmont for the Big Race! Go Chrome!!

Well, off to bed and we’ll see you all on the nest tomorrow!


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5 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-17-14 – Feathers And Fishys And Naps, Oh My!

  1. lemondrop87

    Well it is 2AM here and i’m just reading Sat’s post, may be tomorrow am B4 I read Suns. Very good as usual and glad to see the Vids. back. Arly is sweet & cute as usual and I too am rooting for CC to win the TC. Take care & SED 2 U… Alice…

  2. FFMN

    OK Talon, I had to look up “salubrious” before continuing to read the blog. Good thing a dictionary is close-by! I read the blog first thing but maybe because I have ‘it’ delivered to my e-mail in the middle of the night! And, am so glad that Dragonlainey (E & R) have returned. Thanks again, for the Blog. YOU stay healthy too!!

  3. clakra

    Talon, you never cease to amaze. Your blog is fresh and interesting every day. And that little girl of yours, what a little star.

  4. Jo

    It was so much fun seeing how they’ve grown and watching them toddling around the nest testing their feets and wings and trying their first self feedings today. Our little ones are growing up fast!

    Arya is such a happy child…it’s good to see that, too!

    Great job on the videos Dragon and the panning Cam Gnomie! And, as usual, Talon, a job well done on the blog, fancy words and all 😉


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