Nest Update 5-18-14 – Fish And Chips For A Sunny Sunday!

Good Evening, Fellow NestWingWavers!!

Breakfish came very early as the main course was already on the nest. Dad delivered it last night so everyone could get an early start to the day. Arky and Dakota were fairly active today compared to the last few days. They preened, pranced around the nest, played Scare the Chatters, practiced nestorations and started wingersizing in earnest. And of course napped in-between all of those things. Dad even went to Sticks Depot and came back with a huge rail that just dropped into place on the left side of the nest. He even managed not to hit anyone with it. The chips of the day was one of the local resident chipmunks. He was the midday snack to top off crops again before the afternoon’s festivities.

The afternoon was a kind of a Follow my Leader session. Arky would wingersize then Dakota would wingersize. Arky would preen then Dakota would preen. Dakota would nap then Arky would nap, Arky would PS…well you get the idea. They both got in lots of exercise, tanning and naps.

Dinner was a fine northern pike that went down the hatches fairly quickly. And wonder of wonders Arky let Dakota nosh first without protest or bonk. They both got plenty to eat and Mom as is her wont swallowed the tail.  A long carpet turning session followed dinner and the kids helped out as they could. Mom finally went up to the high perch and BBC parked the cam looking at the pond. We saw several nice flyways and fly-ins as Mom and Dad cruised around the near neighborhood. As darkness finally fell we watched the travelers return home in anticipation of the new work week.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MN Bound Eagles 5-18-14 Sunday Morning Breakfish

MN Bound Eagles 5-18-14 Sunday Late Morning Highlights

MN Bound Eagles 5-18-14 Afternoon Panning

MN Bound Eagles 5-18-14 Holding Talons ~ Afternoon Highlights

MN Bound Eagles 5-18-14 Cute Beak Play ~ Fish For Dinner

And some pics of the day!


You’re watching eagles on a lovely day like this?? Go out and have some fun!!


All this exercise makes me pant!


Are you sure sensei said to do it THIS way??


I’ve told him a hundred times, no acrobatics over the nest!!!


I thought this wind was supposed to help with takeoffs??


I’m ready,Coach! Throw me the ball!

Well, Sunday was just about as perfect as it could be on the nest. Hope you had a great one, too!

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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5 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-18-14 – Fish And Chips For A Sunny Sunday!

  1. lemondrop87

    Very good blog, Talon and Arya is getting more beautiful every day, and the birds are growing sooo much!!

  2. Nancy

    Love the nest updates ( I did go play outside, yes it was gorgeous!) and everyday you get me laughing with your captions! And then there’s Arya…..oh my….thanks for all of it Talon.

  3. FFMN

    GM! Oh my, Arya photo was my ‘wow’ of the morning. Considering the videos and still photos are outstanding (thanks to BBC and dragonlainey team and still photos) that was a hard feat to do… or not! Those nest kids are getting more entertaining with each day. Lots of rain in my area this a.m.

  4. Jo

    Thanks Talon, as usual, it was great hearing your take on the nest activities. Our children; Akry, ‘Kota AND Arya” sure are growing up fast and they’re all as adorable as they can be.

    Great job on the videos Dragon and it was wonderful seeing the super pannings about on this beautiful Sunday at the nest. Thanks Cam Gnomie!


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