Nest Update 5-19-14 – Talk About a Moanday!

Good Evening, Fellow ReallyDampPerchers!!

I once saw a joke sign that said “On this date, in this place, nothing much happened”. Kinda describes the nest today perfectly. The youngsters slept in this morning and Mom and Dad didn’t bring in breakfish. Some nibbles were scrounged from the nestovers under the carpet in the nest but it seemed like everyone was just waiting for the weather to break. And break it did. Around mid-morning the first of two waves of rain hit. That one wasn’t too bad but the second more than made up for it. Thunder, lightning, high winds and lots more rain soaked the eagles and made life a little miserable on the nest. All in, the nest area received 1.42 inches of rain today which is about 3 times what was forecast. Arky and Dakota looked more like soggy Koosh balls than eaglets after the storms. Late morning Mom brought what looked like a lichen covered tree to the nest. You can see it on the right side of the nest. Dad, not to be outdone, brought in a treetop that he had trouble placing. He tried several different places, in the process stomping on the eaglets a couple of times and getting blown over by the wind, before finally settling on Dakotas favorite spot to hang his head right next to the trunk where the cam mount is.

Mom finally brought in a snack early afternoon that Arky mostly consumed. Dakota was bonked and wisely decided he could wait for the next delivery. Finally about 3:30pm Dad came home with a nice large fishy and the big meal of the day commenced. Arky was first up again and did bonk Dakota again but Dakota did get his fair share and two well stuffed crops were seen. Between the two of them and Mom swallowing the tail there was nothing left of that fish but some scales and a short piece of fishghetti on the left rail. They both went back to staying out of the wind and napping and Mom joined them after a trip to her feaking spot on the low branch. The drizzle and wind continued into the evening and darkness fell as it began to fog up. 

On to the vids and pics of the day.

MNBound Eagles ~ We Wanted Fish Sticks Not Wood Sticks

MNBound Eagles ~ Rainshower in Time Lapse

MNBound Eagles ~ Tree and Tree Topper Delivered ~ Wind Topples Dad

MNBound Eagles ~ Big Fish Delivered ~ Full Crops for Arky & Dakota

MNBound Eagles ~ Panning ~ Feaking ~ Fly Off with Slo Motion

Thanks to Dragonlainey for the fine vids from today!

And some pics from today.


Now if one of those deer would just drop dead over there I could stop hunting for a while!


This lining up for lunch is for the birds!

What's a Koosh ball???

What’s a Koosh ball???

Are you guys still looking for Frankie???

Are you guys still looking for Frankie???

Seems like  perfect day for a nap!

Seems like perfect day for a nap!

Strange, it seems that it takes almost as many words to describe not a lot going on as it does to describe a full day. Hmmm, I’ll have to ponder that a bit at some future time.

Hope your Moanday went well in spite of any bad weather you may have had. There is no more rain in the forecast for the rest of the week at the nest so drying out will commence tomorrow. We’ll see you on the nest in the morning!


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4 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-19-14 – Talk About a Moanday!

  1. Barb Stolz

    Talonstrike, you have the BEST blog!! I check it every day, just to read your flowery, descriptive writings. I will have to say ‘Thank You’ for adding an apostrophe to Talonstrikes blog. I’m a stickler when it comes to grammar, and that just bothered me! lol Thanks!! It’s so nice to finally see pictures of you and your granddaughter. What a blessing!! You certainly have a flair for writing, and for making things interesting!!!

  2. clakra

    Arly certainly has the right idea. We were soaked up here in Ontario Canada, so I just downloaded a book and curled up like the eaglets. Unfortunately there was no-one to deliver lunch so I had to actually get out of my chair!! Bummer.

  3. lemondrop87

    As usual a good blog even if it was rain soaked and moanday munchings. Pretty day here in Southeast GA., as usual Arly is a very pretty girl.


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