Nest Update 5-22-14 – Big Fishy And A Stiff Squirrel

Good Evening, Fellow PeltGnawers!!

Dawn. It was another gorgeous one on the nest today. Even the cam wanted it to look different as it took on a decidedly green cast this morning. The kids spent the early morning watching the sun rise and waiting for breakfish to arrive. Mom decided to take advantage of the enhanced green and brought a small leafy branch to the nest and draped it over the eaglets. They seemed to be a little puzzled by this as they were waiting for a fish delivery. They did get their wish about an hour later when Mom returned with the catch of the day. Crops were filled again and everyone seemed content.

Late morning Dad delivered a stiff squirrel that looked like rigor mortis had set in a week ago. That didn’t stop anyone on the nest from enjoying the snack, though. Today’s crops rivaled yesterdays and may have outdone them. It seems from the feeding pattern that things have changed over to a one large meal a day system. This happens as a natural progression towards making the eaglets less dependent on many meals a day and gets them used to food deliveries at odd times of day. There is more competition for bites, we have noticed, and Mom had a hilarious tug-o-war with the two of them with a pelt piece she had half swallowed. The fishtail and the rest of the squirrel were polished off early evening and the family watched the sun set through the beautiful greenery that has filled in the trees at last.

Many today seemed puzzled, curious or downright worried that Mom was spending a lot of time hanging out on the nest the last few days. Some thought it meant danger in the neighborhood or that one of the eaglets was sick and something else dire in circumstance. Let me and jreagle, of last nights blog fame, suggest an alternative explanation. What Mom hanging on the nest actually means is everything is going GREAT! It means the kids and Dad are fed so there’s no reason to hunt. It means the chores are done so there’s no reason to get her talons muddy. And it means there is no threat to her nest nearby because if there was she would be off the nest chasing it across the skies and out of her territory. So, don’t be concerned when Mom is hanging with the kids! It just means all is right with the eagle world.

On to the pics and vids of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Serene Sunny Morning

MNBound Eagles ~ Really? Camouflage? And You Leave It On Me?

MNBound Eagles ~ Veggie Diet or Trap ~ Finally The Escape

MNBound Eagles ~ Smorgasbord ~ Fish & ~ Arky’s Instincts

MNBound Eagles ~ Panning, Perching, Narrow Runway

MN Bound Eagles 5-22-14 Bulging Crops and Panning

MN Bound Eagles 5-22-14 Lazy Evening ~ Panning ~ Sunset

And some pics of the day!


I sure am glad this tree is here to help hold my crop up!


Now, I want the nest cleaned up by the time I get back from NestGoods!!


Yes, Sensei, it will be as you say!


Anything doing on your side?? Nope, how about you?? Nope.


I don’t see anything over here either, Grampa!

A day like today on the nest makes one want to bottle it and save it for a cold day in winter. The thought of days like today is what gets people through the winter with their sanity intact. I hope your day was as pleasant as the one on the nest was.

We’ll see you there tomorrow!


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8 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-22-14 – Big Fishy And A Stiff Squirrel

  1. lemondrop87

    I am also, even on the 2 that had no still watched all the vid’s and would like to know if the dictionary can be downloaded to eReaders such as Kindel? Arya is such a sweetie pie and beautiful as ever. Take care, Talon and have a happy safe Memorial Day on & off the nest.

  2. Andrea Hopke

    Talon I do so appreciate your posts and perspective. Working full time gives me no chance to scope the activity except early AM and evenings so your updates are invaluable.

    Q – have you written or would you consider compiling a dictionary for eagleholics? for those of us new to the addiction, it would be helpful. crops. seds. norms and averages (I’ve been surprised by the stunning statistics about survival and challenges predators face – go figure). anything BASIC would be helpful.


    Sent from my iPad – Andrea Hopke – Clearwater Consulting cell: 404/697-4032


  3. FFMN

    Hey!! i now read your blogs just to see what ‘greetings’ you will on conjured up this time. lol Since anything but snow and cold have arrived at my place, I’m not watching ‘live action'[ much as am outside getting Vit D activation. Thanks sun .
    So appreciate the photos and videos more than ever. I still think jreagles tutorial should be mandatory reading for all nest watchers in U. S. before allowed to view the nest. Get education, then watch or not. Thanks Tal.

  4. Calilee

    Thank you for all you do for the eagle viewers and chatters. Worth your weight in gold! Priceless blogs!

  5. Jo

    Loved the camoflauge lol almost like ‘Kota could say “see, Mom likes me more, she put camo over me and left you out in the open for anyone to get :P” Was fun watching ‘Kota get out of that mess, too.
    Arya is cute even from behind! Thanks Talon for keeping me up to date. “Our” kiddies are getting so big and I’m missing so much that’s not on the videos but I’m glad for Dragon’s videos and the stills along with your captions. Thanks for all y’all are doing!


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