Nest Update 5-23-14 – Weeks End and A Furry Friday

Good Evening, Fellow CottonwoodCanoodlers!!

Well, we made it through another week of workin’, watching and waitin’ for food to show up on the nest. Friday dawned beautiful again at the nest and the day started with a few trips to NestGoods for some new grass for the floors. Arky and Dakota thought the deliveries should have been edible and Dakota expressed her displeasure by nipping at Mom’s feet. Late mid-morning the first of the furry fajitas showed up and squirrel was consumed by all. Having been sated in the appetite department Arky and Dakota settled in to their routine of late. Naps, wing waving and guard duty occupied most of the rest of the day. They also did so laps around the nest to exercise those clown feet they call talons. The squirrel was finished off for the mid afternoon meal and the kids went back to doing what they were doing.

Early evening something very furry was brought in by Dad and for once Mom let him feed the eaglets without horning in. Maybe that was because she flew in a short time later with a big tasty fishy. She dropped the fish and left so Dad switched from his kill to the fish to continue the meal. The crops were all topped off and the big furry thing (looked like another muskrat) was left for tomorrows breakfish. As the evening progressed to darkness all was quiet on the nest.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MN Bound Eagles 5-23-14 Arky Grabs Mom’s Foot

MN Bound Eagles 5-23-14 Dad Delivers Squirrel

MN Bound Eagles 5-23-14 Mom Gulps It Down ~ Panning

MN Bound Eagles 5 23 14 Afternoon Panning ~ Crowded Runway

And some pics of the day!


Are you two just gonna sit there or can we get some food down here??


It’s hard to get this crop to drop!!


Wish this tree had softer bark!


Now, watch carefully! Using a No.10 Beak scalpel, we can separate the corpus callosum from the medulla oblongata very neatly.


Eeeekk! Can we save the guts stuff for another time???

We hope your Friday was worth waitin’ and workin’ for and you had a very pleasant day. Have a great Memorial Day weekend and don’t forget to thank a Vet!!

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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4 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-23-14 – Weeks End and A Furry Friday

  1. lemondrop87

    As usual a good blog and captions under pics are priceless, as another said I get a laugh with each one. Have a good Memorial day as its already here when you read this. Alice…

  2. Nancy

    “Are you two just gonna sit there or can we get some food down here??”
    Either I’m an easy giggler or you, Talon are very funny with these captions!!
    Every single day I’m crackin’ up reading Ze Blog and captions under the pics. Good stuff. Thank you !!!

  3. Jo

    I just LOVE that little tail wag they have! Thanks Talon for another great reading blog. LOVED the picture of Arya, too lol

  4. clakra

    Arya is becoming quite the little star, “no photos”! She will be sending her agent after you next!! I hope the Memorial Day weekend is going well for you and your family, Talon, and all the nest watchers. Thank you for your fun and enjoyable posts.


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