16 thoughts on “The Eagleaholic’s Pledge

  1. fran

    I agree with the whole lot of you and I am not so clever as to contribute an allegiance of my own. thanks to everyone, for their time, effort, and work, for all things eagle nest related!

  2. Terri Hanson

    Very, very nice. MNBound is my home nest, but I check in with many others almost daily. It is the best kind of addiction. I learn so much from the great and magnificent bald eagles.

  3. lemondrop87

    I pledge allegiance to ‘ALL EAGLE NESTS’ and in each Country they are placed; and may each city of which they are graced; may each Eagle, Eaglet and Nest stand free; of harm and danger from now on for their own Etearnity.

  4. clakra

    I stand to salute all eagles and their nests and all who work so hard to keep them flying. I salute all who love them and work with them and keep us all aware of such a magnificant creature.

  5. Jo

    ROFL ok, who came up with this one? Too funny! However, since y’all know I’m already a one nest woman, I guess I don’t have to recite it back to anyone huh 😛


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