Nest Update 5-24-14 – A Kinder, Gentler Arky??

Good Evening, Fellow PanningWatchers!!

This is the 200th blog I have done for the MNB nest counting last year and this year in both places. Here’s to 200 more!!

The last day of the week dawned lovely again on the nest. Arky and Dakota awoke to a furry breakfish so they didn’t see any point in waiting. They both tried to pick at the carcass and Arky tried to feed Dakota a few small bites. Is she trying to make up for all the head bonking she did??  Mom arrived after a bit to help them out. They weren’t really interested in eating that early so they wingersized for a bit and then napped a little. 

Around mid morning everyone was hungry so feeding commenced in earnest. Dad was on the muskrat and Mom arrived with the second course, a muddy fish head. Saturday brunch was quite filling and everyone was satisfied. Arky and Dakota did try a little more self feeding after the P’s left the nest. For the rest of the day the kids took turn doing guard duty, wingering, stretching and napping. BBC panned several times to make us jealous of the beautiful day the nest was having. Mom and Dad Goose were seen on the pond but the deer kept hidden today. The wind picked up in the afternoon so the eaglets moved to the left side of the nest for today’s Scare the Chatters session. The kids did try a little more self feeding without much success but it is good practice for them

Early evening saw the last of the muskrat consumed and Mom polished off the pelt as darkness fell. She retired to her sleeping branch, Dad had the high lookout and the eaglets were in a cuddle puddle on the nest as it got too dark to see.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MN Bound Eagles 5-24-14 Morning Highlights 5-9 am

MN Bound Eagles 5-24-14 Everybody Eats & Self Feeding

MN Bound Eagles 5-24-14 Afternoon Panning

And some pics of the day!


Well, what do you wanna do Kota?? I don’t know Arky, what do you wanna do??


Flashback!! Remember me??


And look at me now!


I hope Mom gets some new pillows at NestGoods the next time she goes!!



To the fallen heroes and the living soldiers and veterans, Thank you for defending her and we are forever grateful!

Well, the Big Race is tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be perfect there. The nest is due for a few thunderstorms later in the day tomorrow so I hope everyone in the area gets their picnicking done early. I hope all of you are having a great Memorial Day weekend and don’t forget to thank a Vet!

See you all on the nest tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-24-14 – A Kinder, Gentler Arky??

  1. lemondrop87

    Just trying to catch up on my posts to your blogs, as usual they are good and watched the videos also, man those birds have really grown; it is amazing. Take care… Alice..

  2. Carolyn Johnson

    Happy 200th!!!! Thankyou for the updates! I look forward to reading your blog every day!

  3. clakra

    200!! That’s a LOT of writing and planning. Thank you so much for all you do Talon. Thank you also for your salute to the vets. My husband is nearly 95, (I was a child bride!!!), he flew B17’s in the 2nd great war. Like all his friends of that era, he is frustrated that “the war to end all wars” did not live up to it’s billing. Thank you to the United States of America for your roll in keeping us safe and your sacrifice of treasure and lives..

  4. Calilee

    Congratulations on number 200! Impressive to say the least. Love your blogs. The best on the nest, from the best!

  5. Jo

    Nice seeing the cute little “baby picture” and then the adolescent one! My they sure have grown…and I’m missing it! WWWAAAA!! Can’t wait til “company” leaves!
    A GREAT BIG THANKS to all our service men and women. Thank you for keeping us free!


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