Nest Update 5-25-14 – The MNB Eaglet 500 Is Underway!

Good Evening, Fellow EagletRaceFans!!

The preliminaries and preparations are over. The practice laps, engine tune-ups and wheel balancing are complete. Raceday started early with a fuel delivery by Dad to top off the tanks of our two intrepid racers Arky Fittipaldi and Dakota Franchitti. Mom did the honors of stuffing their tanks full and stored the rest of the fuel for future pitstops. The drivers then helped her and Dad straighten up the garage area and Arky cleared her intakes of a spent fuel pellet. Some warm-up laps were taken and some final adjustments were made to aerodynamics and running gear. A extra rest period was taken prior to the final fueling before race time. Tanks were topped off again late morning and the race was under way soon after.

Mom signaled the start with a great fly-off from her sleeping perch and the drivers were under the green flag. After a couple of laps together one or the other would put in to the pits for a rest and relaxation break. As one rested the other would keep the race going, taking laps around the nest, checking out the crowd watching from the pond and keeping the nest safe from intruders. In the mid afternoon the first dual pitstop occurred with a short but tasty tank topper of a very small aquatic avian. Not to long after that a new fuel delivery of sunfish was made too the pits and both drivers helped polish it off in short order. During a break in the action the head groundskeeper took the opportunity to replace a railing that had been damaged in an earlier crash. The drivers were a little unhappy at the delay but realized it was for their safety. As racing resumed the skies were darkening and fans wondered if they could finish the requisite number of laps before the weather put a damper on the race. Both drivers and fans were lucky as Mother Nature was kind and kept the bad stuff for tomorrow during the picnics. Late in the race the drivers traded some paint and stopped in the middle of the track for some beakering to settle the issue.

Very late in the day track maintenance decided the surface needed reconditioning and Dad proceeded to give the contents of the nest a good airing. Since the track was now rough and un-driveable our two intrepid drivers staged a sit-down strike in the middle of the nest and the latest word from the racing officials was the event will be finished next year when two new drivers will compete. As darkness fell the pit crew was on the high perch watching the spectators leave and the two exhausted drivers were sleeping in the middle of the track.

On to the race highlights and some pics of the action!

MN Bound Eagles 5-25-14 Early Panning ~ Breakfast ~ Family Nest

MN Bound Eagles Wingercising, Nibbling, Brunch, Panning, Great Fly Off

MN Bound Eagles 5-25-14 Busy Growing

MN Bound Eagles 5-25-14 Afternoon Snack – Warning Graphic Content

MN Bound Eagles 5-25-14 Stick Coming Thru ~ Nestovers ~ Fresh Fish

MN Bound Eagles 5-25-14 Evening Panning ~ Diggin Up the Nest

And some pics of the race action!


Ok Tread? Check. Pressure? Check. OK kid, the tires are good. Now get out there and win this thing!


These curves are getting tougher every lap!


Hey, the next 10 laps are yours!!


The spectators started to fill the viewing area early.


Threatening skies!


Hey, this is undriveable now!!


My teddy bear drives better than those guys!

We hope you enjoyed todays Eaglet 500 as much as we did and hope you’ll join us again next year as we will do it all again! 

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow at the post race picnic!


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8 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-25-14 – The MNB Eaglet 500 Is Underway!

  1. lemondrop87

    As usual you out did yourself and there is no way anyone else would want your job for no other could do it like you, so keep it up and we will keep reading and laughing.. Arya is so cute, can’t anyone catch her either…

  2. Dawn

    Talon, can you make me laugh any harder??? You are simply amazing and I’m glad you have the gift to write. I look forward to reading these and I can’t wait for the race next year.
    Thank you Talon.

  3. Jo

    ROFLMBO! Talon, you have a great and amusing talent for writing. LOVED the race day spectacular! Thanks for the chuckles!
    Arya, you’re simply adorable as usual…and yes, I bet your Teddy Bear is a better driver NOW, but you just wait till these guys get their go ahead for wing flaps and fly-offs! Then you’ll really see some great action and Teddy will have to sit by the wayside ’cause he won’t be able to keep up!

  4. Saundra Frye

    You really out did yourself on this one, it was great. Thank you so much for all your wonderful Daily Columns with the pictures and videos. I have learned so much from them!

    Sent from my iPad



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