Nest Update 5-26-14 – Memorial Day Picnic And Thunder

Good Evening, Fellow Nestizens!!

Memorial Day dawned bright and beautiful on the nest with the promise of a lovely start to the day and the humidity to portend those thunder storms predicted for later in the day. Arky and Dakota were still tuckered out from all the laps they did yesterday and slept in for bit. Dad delivered another small aquatic avian (I can’t say if it was a duckling or a gosling) for breakfish and Arky stole it on touchdown. Then she just sort of stared at it and wondered what to do next. Dakota thought what Arky did was cool so when Mom landed a few seconds later he tried to grab what she was carrying. Unfortunately for Dakota and Mom her talons were empty and Daki ended up beaking Mom’s right talons not once but twice. Breakfish was short and sweet due to the prey size and the kids let Mom know they were not happy. Mom split and they fumbled around the nest for a bit with Arky getting in the first small airtime of the season. Well, it was more like a small hop on the nest. Mom and Dad both delivered some new grass lumps and did a little nest aeration. 

Most of the day was taken up with naps and resting up for the hoped for big picnic in the afternoon. Just after noon Dad landed with a disappointingly small furry prey item that Arky then snatched and mantled for the first time. Mom landed and fed that morsel to them also. Around tea time Dad finally showed up with a bird carcass that took more than one talon to hold. Mom showed up a minute or so later with a large tasty fishy and everyone forgot about Dad’s bird. Dad left and Mom fed Arky and Dakota a good portion of the fish. She stopped and flew off and both kids attempted to self feed with various amounts of success. Arky did well with the fishy remains and Dakota not so well with the bird. 

Mom returned rather quickly and nibbled on the bird with Dakota sitting next to her waiting for some bites. When Mom continued to ignore him he nipped her several times to get on her radar. It was all for naught as the skies chose about then to decide that everyone had had enough picnicking for the day. Lightning stroked, thunder was heard and rain poured down from a garden variety thunderstorm for the next 2 hours or so. After the storm Mom fed the remains of the picnic to the eaglets and they settled in for the evening. As the late darkness fell crops were full and all was quiet on the nest.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MN Bound Eagles 5-26-14 Memorial Day AM Highlights

MNBound Eagles ~ Arky Wingersizing ~ Tail Comparison ~ Tree Walker

MNBound Eagles ~ Shaky Nest Rail ~ Food Deliveries of 2 Small Prey and 1 Fish

MNBound Eagles ~ Arky & Dakota Learning Self Feeding & Rainshower

MNBound Eagles ~ Two Eagles, Two Eaglets, Three Deer and One Spider

And some pics of the day!


Here ya go!! Straight shot to the crop! Bet you can hit it on the first try!!


Maybe this pose will get me the cover of EQ!


I’m telling Mom you were eating without her!!


You guys got any chip n dip or potato salad or something???


I wonder when the picnic is supposed to start??


Long may she wave! Home of the Free, Because of The Brave!

I hope your Memorial Day was great and that you thanked every Veteran you know.

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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One thought on “Nest Update 5-26-14 – Memorial Day Picnic And Thunder

  1. Jo

    Watched the “eagles, eaglets, deer and spider” one several times in the chat room and never did see the spider! Finally got to see it … and a nice one it was indeed! Good job, as usual, Talon. Still cracking up over the MNB Eaglet 500 one 😉


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