Nest Update 5-27-14 – A Torpid Tuesday

Nest Update 5-27-14 – A Torpid Tuesday

Good Evening, Fellow NestNappers!!

It was a lazy, hazy, and at the beginning rainy, 1st work day of the week. Breakfish was some skimpy nestovers and the other morning deliveries after the rain stopped were grass and nest filling. Arky and Dakota seemed none too pleased and the fact that no food was forthcoming got Mom and Dad’s feet beaked several times during the day. The two eaglets roamed the nest, preened as they dried off and napped the day away. Some wingersizing was undertaken and Arky managed another pretty good hop straight up as she exercised her wings.

Finally around 3:30pm Mom arrived with a big tasty fishy and started the feed. Both got some of the head but after a short feeding Mom left the rest of the fish on the nest and went off to do another chore. The kids seemed to be astounded by this and kind of sat there in shock. LovebirdsJGA got a bunch of screencaps of them after Mom left that are priceless. Go here to see:  Mom came back not too long after in full voice at someone she disapproved of being so near the nest. She stood on the fish and the kids kept their heads down while the ruckus was going on. After a bit the intruder?? left and Mom rewarded the 2 eaglets with some more bites of fish. More pics from LovebirdsJGA:

As the rest of the afternoon and evening progressed the remainder of the fishy was consumed so our two eaglets did get a pretty good meal today even if it was spaced out. 

Mom and Dad may be trying to awaken self-feeding skills with this revamp to the feeding habits. And also to get them to grab food and mantle it for themselves as they will need to do in the wild. Arky has started to try to grab the food as it lands and has had a couple of cute attempts at mantling even though she isn’t sure of the next steps. We will see if this feeding change has the desired effect.

As darkness fell Dad was on the fledge branch surveying his realm and all was right in Eagleland!

On to the vid and pics of the day.

Dragonlainey was having their Internet service changed today so we only have one vid from today.

MN Bound Eagles 5-27-14 Rainy Morning Highlights

And a few pics of the day!


Dude, thanks but the rain is long gone!


I think I hear those kayakers again!


Nice fish!! Can ya speed it up a bit??



Throwback Tuesday: Hey, you two are squishing me!!


Throwback Tuesday: I really get to be as big as you??

I hope your Tuesday was pleasant and not too stressful for those of you that had to work.

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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4 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-27-14 – A Torpid Tuesday

  1. lemondrop87

    I second FFMN, not much more i can add except I miss Ayra today. Keep up the good work and we will keep reading your blogs for sure…

  2. Jo

    Great seeing the “throw back” pics. Cute captions, too. Thanks talon, good job! Keep up the good work!

  3. FFMN

    How can anyone not fall in love with this nest and the family characters? Once you get to know their personalities and habits, you are hooked! Then of course your blog, Talon and the outstanding ! ! contributions made by LoveBirds and Dragonlainey. The time and effort put in by all three of you is truly appreciated.
    OK now I quit the sugary comments and say. Good Job. !!


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