Nest Update 5-28-14 – Over The Hump Day

Good Evening, Fellow Fly-inFollowers!!

The morning of this Hump Day dawned gorgeously as anyone who was watching could see because our intrepid cam gnomes left the cam pointed out over the pond. Mom, as she climbed up the trunk just after sunrise, was lit with the first golden rays of the day. Stunning! Over the next couple of hours the cam caught Mom and Dad flying in and out from the nest no less than six times. This is something that we normally don’t get to see and I for one am grateful to the panner for giving us such a different view of life on the nest. We are blessed with a cam that is arguably the best on the net and to waste it just staring at the nest all of the time would be a crime. We are treated nearly every day to different views of the nest area that is also one of the most, if not THE most, scenic settings of all the cams on the net. My opinion, I know we all have our favorites. 

Our cam gnomes are the best around, too. They catch things that other cams would never see and allow us to see a larger portion of nature than many other cams. This year we have seen deer, squirrels, geese, ducks, muskrat, kayakers, hikers, a ’69 ‘Vette, many songbirds and lots of water. Thank you, BroadbandCorp and MN Bound, for bringing us this wonderful view of the world that we normally would never get to see.

Update: I wrote this next part and then deleted it, put it back and deleted it again, I find at this moment I must include it. I speak here for no one but myself.

Having said all of the above about the cam when I saw this morning that some chatters actually had the temerity and utter brass to call and complain that the cam wasn’t pointed at the nest I was shocked, to say the least. This is a FREE service we are being provided here. They could very easily turn it off tomorrow. To complain about something you are getting for free is, to me, the height of selfishness and utter gall. Let me suggest if you don’t like what you see or what is happening on the cam that you change the channel and leave the rest of us to watch it in peace. Ustream has hundreds of other critter cams you can tune in. My flame suit is on. Do your worst. 🙂

Arky and Dakota have settled into their now familiar routine of nap, wing flap,trot around the nest, PS, watch the neighborhood, and nap again. We didn’t get to see if they had breakfish because of the camera position but their crops did look bigger than the night before when the cam panned back to the nest. Very late morning a nice tasty fishy was delivered and lunch was served. After lunch they went back to their routine but there was a fly in the ointment. Several thousand flies to be more precise. The gnats have arrived with a vengeance and all of our eagles neck muscles are getting a workout shaking their heads in vain attempts to get the bugs off. It’s hard to nap when you are shaking your head all the time. It was suggested that a good rain might help keep the gnats away. Actually, it might help when it was raining but in the long run would only make the problem worse as gnats breed in moving water and the more water, the more gnats you get. I think we should ask for a dry wind instead. 🙂

Early evening Mom fed the last of the day’s fish to the kids and they also managed to take a few bites on their own. They settled in after dinner and just as the cam was nearly completely dark Mom came back to the nest and yelled at something off in the direction of the pond. She was still there when we completely lost picture. Dad was on the high perch keeping vigil too.

On to the vids and pics of the day.

Dragonlainey had their service restored and we have several vids today. Thanks, Elaine and Rick!

The gorgeous footage from this morning!

MnBound Eagles ~ Time Lapse On Pond ~ With Surprises

MNBound Eagles ~ Wingersizing and Stretching ~ Edited Highlights

MNBound Eagles ~ Fish Delivery ~ Afternoon Edited Highlights

MNBound Eagles ~ Mama Goose Rolls & Broods Eggs ~ Eggs Not Viable

MNBound Eagles ~ Evening Meal ~ Panning & Close Ups ~ Intruder Alert

And some pics of the day!

Think there are less bugs down there??

Think there are less bugs down there??

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 3.08.18 PM

Maybe the water will start receding now??

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 3.13.14 PM

Where is that man with the new straw???

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 6.15.06 PM

Got any bug spray??


This pic doesn't do it justice. Please watch the c=vid!

This pic doesn’t do it justice. Please watch the vid!

I see I didn’t mention Mama Goose resurrecting her nest on Atlantis or some more lovely pics that LovebirdsJGA put on her page: Sorry about that!

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow when I get home from my biopsies(those will be the subject of a future blog when I know what they mean.)


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21 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-28-14 – Over The Hump Day

  1. lemondrop87

    Well Talon, seems as if I am way behind, but glad that you are still here to give us that don’t gripe & complain about every little time the Cams change positions. Sure I like to see the kids a lot but not all the time, I like other scenes a lot to. To all the complainers and especially to the one on here that gives his title as annomonous(Sp) if they wont give their true name then their comments aren’t worth reading anyway, in my opinion, so you please stick around and we will back you up in all you say and do for MNB & BBC, also the Cam operators, Rick & Elaine, Lovebirds and any others I may have left out. Preach it Bro., and don’t “Sweat the small Stuff.” Kiss Arya for me. Alice W.

  2. Linda Ellison

    Thank you, Talon for all of the wonderful blogs. I usually send your thoughts and words on to my kids (one working up in Davis, Ca. and the other teaching in Taiwan). So, your blog is being read by a lot of people all over the world 🙂
    I love that this year we are seeing creatures from all around the nest. What a great opportunity to see what the eagles see. It’s too bad that some people need to be reminded that this is an amazing chance to see all the life and activities that make up the world surrounding this special nest.

  3. Jen from Nova Scotia

    Thank goodness for Talon’s daily blog!! I am a single working mom, so am not able to watch as regularily as I would like and his blog keeps me up-to-date with our eagle family. I was so concerned when I realized he wasn’t doing the blog on the MN Bound site and so relieved to find that he continues here… and I am sure it is a lot of work to write such a clever recap everyday…and they are never boring or repetitive. Always entertaining!! I appreciate it.

    Why can’t people just let people do their own thing? It didn’t work out with MN Bound and that’s okay. We all have differing opinions. Read the blog or don’t. It’s your choice. As for me, I happily choose to tune in everyday and am thankful to Talon that I can do so 🙂

    As for the position of the camera, how quickly we forget that it is such a privledge to just be able to witness this amazing eagle family. Who ever would have thought?? Do you remember the days, only 30 years ago we had to be tied to the wall to make a phone call, and now we can sit in the living room with our feet up and watch the Arky and Dakota on our cell phones??? Sometimes I feel as though we are intruders anyway, and there is nothing wrong with giving them a bit of privacy!!!

    Love and Peace to all… Let’s just be happy 🙂

  4. Eaglessoarfree

    Talon, thank you for another amazing blog! We so appreciate all the time and dedication you put in to telling us the happenings on the nest when we miss something. This cam is a blessing to so many for so many different reasons and we should be grateful to BBC and MNB for letting us witness this miracle of nature. Like so many others, I am appalled at the chatters who called MNB/BBC to complain about the cam not being on the nest. To those of you who made the choice to complain, I have some questions for you: DId you ever once call MNB or BBC to thank them for giving us the opportunity to watch this amazing family? Did you ever once call MNB or BBC to say thank you to the best cam operators out there, bar none? Or did you only call when you didn’t get your way and didn’t get to see what you wanted to see? Being able to view this cam is a privilege not a right. I am astounded at how some people choose to only concentrate on being negative and always having to have their way. What a pity it is that they’re choosing to concentrate on that rather than on the beauty of this nest and the surrounding area, the incredible life lessons we learn from this magnificent, majestic family, and how fortunate we are to be able to witness this because of the generosity of BBC and MNB.

  5. Sandy Stricklin

    Hi Talon,

    First I’d like to say my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope all goes well for you tomorrow.

    Second, I’d like to say, after last year’s issues, I was thrilled to find your blog this season. Currently I am watching 10 nests (not all eagles) and I do not chat on any of them. I find the internet seems to give license to people who want to be crude, rude, thoughtless, etc. I could never be friends with people like that and I don’t want to chat with them either. They must have a lot of time on their hands if they are calling MNBound/Broadband and complaining. Talon, I trust your blog to tell me exactly what is happening at the nest. You always did last year. We are fortunate to have a PTZ cam at this nest. Most nests do not have this feature and I, for one, don’t want to lose it. Plus, this cam is free, with no ads.

    Third, it appears Anonymous’s issue was that the cam was “stuck” for several hours on 1 scene that was not the nest. I can’t speak to that as I have never had that experience. If the cam was in 1 position for a number of hours, perhaps there was a problem. And, I believe you would have told us. It still would not give me the right to be rude. And, I would never dream of calling. Social media seems to devoid us of common, everyday etiquette. Talon, I also enjoy the panning. As you said, Arky & Dakota are kind of in a pattern these days. Much of the day is spent napping, so it’s nice to see the surrounding scenery while they are.

    Lastly, I want to add my thanks to everyone involved with this blog. I truly look forward to the videos and pictures. I appreciate MNBound and Broadband. Talon, a big thank you for putting this blog together every day. I watch a lot of nests and I can say this is the best one I have found. None of the 10 nests I watch have as many features or benefits as MNBOUND. Thank you all.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

    1. Anonymous

      The time lapse video that he himself linked has time stamps showing the camera remaining stationary out over the pond for at least 3 hours – and I have been told by various chatters that it was in that position for many hours before that as well – all night long in fact.

      I was also informed that this has been happening nearly every single night….

      People have also mentioned it happening for an hour or 2 at a time during the day…..

      Obviously it works great if the goal is simply to record footage and edit out the wasted bits to make cool youtube videos….but that should not be the primary purpose of this camera.

  6. Anonymous

    First, let me preface my comment by stating the following clearly:

    I agree with you that this camera is one of the best on the internet – largely because of the beautiful location, and the ability of the camera to pan around and let us all see/enjoy it. I have greatly appreciated when the camera gnomes have panned around and located eagles on the nearby branches, or zooming in to see the geese/deer in the area. I remember this nest before we had a panning camera, and it is much better this way – so don’t think I don’t appreciate it, I do.

    Now, on to the main point I feel I need to make here. I suspect I will actually get more flames than you for this (since this is after all your blog, so most of the people who read it are perhaps a bit biased if they are honest), but I think it needs to be said in the interest of keeping things balanced here:

    Nobody (to my knowledge) has complained about the camera panning itself. The complaints over the past few days have been regarding the camera being left for several HOURS at a time in areas that do not show the eagles, or in some cases any wildlife at all…..

    That time lapse video of the sun rising over the pond, for example – the camera was left there all night long (6-7 hours? more?) for 7 minutes of useable video….That means that anyone unfortunate enough to be awake at that time and trying to see some eagles at our wonderful cam probably saw nothing other than an (admittedly beautiful) sunrise…And the purpose of this camera, in my opinion, is to let ANYONE appreciate our eagles LIVE at ANY TIME – not to make pretty youtube video time lapses that most of the watchers will never even be given a link to, and thus will never get to see…..

    I agree that calling and harassing people at MNB and BBC, who probably aren’t even directly related to this eagle camera, as it is merely a side project for these companies, is extreme and ridiculous…but I can certainly understand peoples’ anger and frustration at coming to see eagles – waiting several hours – and not seeing a single eagle…And I can’t understand why nobody else here can even admit the possibility that this might be a problem which should be addressed (albeit in a much calmer, more polite method than some of the more vocal chatters seem to have gone about it)….

    Yes there are other cameras on the net, but I for one do not want to force people to leave our beautiful nest and go watch them.

    P.S. – Mostly unrelated question – Are you or are you not still affiliated with MNB/BBC? I didn’t think you were, since your blog is no longer on their website…but your comments in this blog seem defensive, as if someone called you part of the problem? Maybe it is just an over-reaction to the extreme levels of anger some chatters have expressed…but it has made me curious.

    I do not hate any of you, I am merely perplexed at your attitudes regarding this particular issue, and felt that an opposing viewpoint should be expressed in a logical manner. However – as experience has taught me that few people are capable of hearing opposing views on the internet without experiencing an overwhelming urge to rage, rant, and hurl flames – Flame away. I shall be checking back to see any/all replies here.

    1. Gloria Vincent Keeslar

      As usual so very well written. I hear passion all over today’s blog. I see a wonderfully written synopsis of the past 24 hours of this nesting family. I agree that if I or anyone else does not like what the cam is showing they can choose another cam. I am shocked to read that anyone would choose to thank BBC and MNBound by calling and complaining instead of calling to thank them for sharing this wonderful nest site with us. I have watched eagle cams for many years. I have never seen so much of what I have seen on this nest. I am very grateful. I do not see this cam or any cam as a right. It is a wonderful privilege. I hope it is here for many years. The cam operators are by far the very best anywhere and to my knowledge I don’t think any of them get paid anything for the time and expertise they give to us who watch. As far as any anonymous comments to me they are not even worth the time or thought process to respond to in any way.

      Thanks again for another wonderful blog. Are you writing a book. That would be a very good idea.

      1. Anonymous

        Obviously you did not even read my comment…I can’t really say I’m surprised. Just disappointed.

  7. Jo

    By the way, Talon, all I can say is … FLAME ON! What you said was absolutely right on! No one has the “right” to complain especially when they’re being able to watch something so wonderful and absolutely free! If you don’t like what you see, move on! This is a worry free, complaint free nest!

  8. Jo

    Biopsies?!! I’ll be praying!
    Love watching the little wingercizing hops…too cute 😉
    Great job on the videos and pannings Dragon! Thanks for all the hard work you and the cam gnomies do!

  9. Nancy

    Thank you Talon for being the voice of reason and perspective. This is my 2nd year watching eagle cams on 4 different nests. I’m learning A LOT. Thanks to Rick and Elaine, LoveBirds, MNB and BBC. I agree with Terri Hanson…Count your blessings, name them one by one. Thanks for all that you share with us, Talon. I’m praying those biopsies will all be uneventful!!

  10. Dawn

    Totally agree Talon. Thank you for that well said statement. And thank you to our wonderful cam gnomes who do a wonderful job at panning for us. I truly appreciate all you do for us. Keep up the wonderful work. I’m counting my blessing with Terri…..200,201…etc. Talon, you may have your fire suit on but the rest of us are waiting with fire extinguishers to help put the fire out!!!!! Thank you again for a wonderful blog.

  11. Lisa Healy

    I absolutely agree with you!! I was amazed at most of the comments! I don’t really ever comment because the very few times I do people are sarcastic and rude. Much of the time I don’t even turn to the chatters because of this. This is my first year and many more to come, I hope, so I don’t want others to ruin it for me. Thanks for all you do with this blog and videos!!! Also, yes, thank you to the camera people for all the wonderful work they provide us!!!

  12. Dawn

    I total agree with you. Thank you for your blogs and bless you and all those involved bringing us this beautiful eagle family:)

  13. Ellen R.

    Thank you for your explanation of the panning yesterday. Well taken. It is so nice to see the beautiful environment that the eaglets will be venturing out in sooner than we would like to think. This cam is so clear and I enjoy it so much. I am learning to much from the comfort of my chair at the computer.

  14. Linda Parsons

    I was surprised when the cam wasn’t on the nest and worried for a while that there was a problem with the cam mechanicals. Then .. I just sat back and enjoyed the scenery and pond activities! It’s a shame that some people had a problem with this. Anyone that doesn’t think it was a worthy show should watch the vid listed above that Elaine and Rick made of the off-nest time! “Time Lapse On Pond ~ With Surprises”. There were wonderful surprises and it was beautiful. Thank you BBC, Elaine and Rick, Talon and the cam operators who make this such a wonderful experience for the viewers!

  15. FFMN

    Narrow minds usually equal narrow tunnel vision is persons with this trait. Those who complain and CALL? YOU folks (if you by any chance read this, but probably not as it would take you away from your narrow vision of life) have the opportunity to tune out and visit the other nests around the world. Go travel via your computer or other Tech device. Just stare at a nest only, 24/7 and fail to appreciate the beauty surrounding ANY nest. You are actually no better than ‘trolls’ who have nothing worthy or truthful to say. !!! Talon, BBC, MnBnd,,, Thanks for your service, time, Don’t let’those people’ destroy the relationship we have among one another and bringing teaching moments to the mass who learn and appreciate. THANK YOU> Again, the videos, esp. the first one with the time lapse of the early day beginning on the nest. I am SURE no other nest cam has EVER captured their eagles as this video did, not once but several times. Outstanding. Rick and Elaine… thank you for continuing to do this even though (if I read it correctly a day or so ago) will $ cost you more since you move. Bless you both. Then the beloved LoveBirds and her screen captures. What can we say but thank you, thank you. I’m jealous of the abilities these people have.
    Talon, you are a special person and I hope your biopsy results will be something that is good or can be dealt with easily. Bless you too!

  16. Tina Oleson

    I can not believe people were complaining about the cam being on the pond. This is a beautiful area and I was out by this nest on Wednesday. My daughter had wanted to see the actual location of this nest, so she could see how big it is. Even from the road, it looks massive. It is getting harder to see now since the leaves are filling out now, but the area is very pretty and I for one like to see all of the other wildlife that happens to be around. I have pics of the nest from last week, that I need to upload and share, don’t have much for zoom, but can see the nest and then everyone can get the view from the road, so they can see how beautiful it really is looking to the other side of the tree. I am very blessed to be able to see these beautiful birds whenever I want to. I wish those who don’t seem to appreciate this service because they don’t always see exactly what they want, would keep their mouths shut and just go away, before they ruin it for everyone else. Thank you Talon, for these wonderful blogs. I am thoroughly entertained whenever I read these and get a good giggle out of them. I loved the race day one by the way and need to show my hubby that one, as he is a race fan and think he will get a kick out of it.

  17. Terri Hanson

    Hear, hear. Thank you cam operators and thank you TalonStrike for opening this window for us to see a brand new world. Mom climbing the tree in the morning light, stunning for sure. It literally took my breath away. Thank you, too, Dragonlainey for putting together all the videos. How blessed and fortunate we are. 1, 2, 3 … 104, 105… That’s me counting my blessings. Please everyone join in. Don’t take our liberties and opportunities for granted.


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