Nest Update 5-29-14 – A Gnat Gnat here, A Gnat Gnat There….

Good Evening, Fellow GnatGnashers!!

Gnats were again the Gnews of the day. Bug season is in full swing on the nest and Arky and Dakota are building up their neck muscles to help deal with them. Breakfish this morning was, wonder of wonders, a tasty fishy delivered around 8am. Crops were topped and the day’s chores began. The eaglets did some wingering to get more strength to carry all those new feathers that are growing in and completed some laps to build up talon strength. A few deliveries of new stuffing were spread around and naps were taken to break it in. A kind of lackadaisical morning was followed by a lazy afternoon that sort of typifies this stage in the eaglets development. 

As the afternoon wore on we saw Mama Goose again sitting on (or near) her non-viable eggs and Dad Goose swimming lazily in the pond. The deer were napping in the deep woods to escape the heat and the only creatures that seemed busy were the gnats. The kids did try a little self feeding in the afternoon but as of yet their hearts aren’t really in it. That will change as the next few weeks will show their instincts to survive kick into high gear.

Late afternoon saw Mom return to feed the rest of the nestover fish and things settled down for the evening. Daylight is so long now that it seems like we should be seeing more action on the nest. We did see Mom return just as the cam was going dark to chide an intruder for coming too close to the nest again. This has happened for a few evenings now and peeps are speculating if an intruder has moved into the area. Anything is possible as locals report there are more eagles and other raptors than just our Mom and Dad in the nearby vicinity.

On to the pics and vids of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ P Says “LET GO OF MY NECK O”

MNBound Eagles ~ Lazy Afternoon ~ Swimming Geese ~ Self Feeding

MNBound Eagles ~ Wing Bonk ~ Yummy Feet ~ Vocals

And some pics for the day!


Arky, what’s a “treehugger”??


Toronto, Tranquillity Base here! The Goosie has landed!


It’s about time you came home!!

What is she all worked up about??

What is she all worked up about??

Finally today, I would like to express my extreme gratitude to all who read this blog. It is a labor of love for me and I appreciate all of the positive feedback I have gotten about it. I don’t often have time to answer your comments directly but rest assured that I do read every one. Your comments and criticism are valuable to me so keep them coming. I have noticed recently in the SS on the cam page that some feel I should stop doing the blog because I am no longer associated with MN Bound and some also feel if I want to do the blog I need to chat in that SS instead of the one the former mods and Viewers page users have. LOL! I did notice that those that were deriding this blog this morning in the cam SS couldn’t be bothered to express themselves in the comments here. Well, maybe one did but hid behind an Anonymous posting name. I am sorry but if you are not brave enough to stand behind your words by posting with your name or chat moniker you are not deserving of an answer. Thanks again to all who do post comments and keep them coming, I do love them all.

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


If you have been wondering where the mods went we are here: Also click to join the MN Bound Chatters group on Facebook: It is a closed group so just click and one of the admins will add you toot-suite. Thanks! 

54 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-29-14 – A Gnat Gnat here, A Gnat Gnat There….

  1. lemondrop87

    Well Talon; It has been some time since posting on one of your blog sites, no; don’t really know why I have not been on here except that I was using too much data stuff & did not have funds to pay it all so had to sacrifice something, but got a more reasonable plan now. NO; please don’t stop the blog for you are most definitely appreciated. Will look forward to you next year…

  2. NWWISbirder (Sandy Forejt)

    I thoroughly enjoy your blogs. Read them every day. You have a great talent, please don’t give it up. Birdbrain should keep doing videos also. Both of you please remember the source (camera ss) of those comments and remember why we’re all chatting on another site. The mean comments could be from jealousy too.

  3. SandyEarly50

    Talon, you give a gift that we all choose to read and share. I for one accept your gift as given and am thankful. There is a community of 1500 people that all choose to share with each other with only one rule- be nice. So if you wish to join us you will be welcomed. Just follow the links on each blog. It’s easy to be nice.

  4. Dawn

    I just have a curious question for anyone to answer please. I read in the comments that there hasn’t been a lot of food offered (just small offerings). I’ve noticed food being delivered and babies being fed and there was a comment that this isn’t enough food for the both of them. They both look wonderful to me but should there be more food being delivered/fed at this age? I trust the P’s to know what they are doing but now I am just curious as to if our babies are getting enough.
    I’m sorry I have to ask my question here but I can’t seem to get on in any other place.

    Thank you

    1. talonstrike Post author

      The eaglets are completely healthy and getting plenty of food for this stage of their development. Please pay no attention to those who worry for no good reason. Thanks for the question and the comment!

  5. Mary

    Keep it up! Reading the blogs is the best way to brighten my day! I looked forward to this all winter. I dont’ live far from the nest so your comments have “real” meaning for me.

  6. Peggy

    you keep up the great work!! i love your blog posts. I don’t often comment, but i read them every day!! they are a highlight of my day!!!

  7. birdbrain56

    Even though I’m no longer editing videos I still watch the cam every day and record portions of each day to do a monthly recap video. I also read your blog every day TalonStrike and I would definitely miss it if you were to stop.

    I was criticized by some viewers for having the nerve to do videos. I have no idea why but it was part of the reason I stopped. So, I can kind of understand what you are going through. I was really hurt by it and being the thin-skinned person I am, I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle to continue.

    Just know that the majority of us enjoy reading your blog and hope you will continue on.

    1. Gloria Vincent Keeslar

      awww years ago I used to do videos for a few nests. It was tremendously time consuming as I edited and added music. I do not have the hard drive space nor time now with my photography business but I do have a clue how much effort and time it takes. Your videos were awesome. It is our loss. I eventually just stopped the comments on my videos back then as I didn’t want to hear the negatives over something I loved doing and giving “my’ way.. Whenever you are ready and wanting to share please please do that birdbrain as you were appreciated so much more than you possibly know . I have no idea why folks have to criticize what others freely give. The net seems to have opened the door to a wealth of those folks though. The others are here too obviously.

    2. WeezerLou

      Just know that some of us enjoy your videos and I love Talonstrike’s blog, I read it at the end of my day. For you two to take the time to share your experience with the rest of us on the net is priceless. Don’t let the nay sayers wear you down!

    3. cg4mg

      Aww, bird. I am so sorry to hear about the “trolls.” I loved your videos, and they were the first ones I watched during the day, so I must have missed those comments. When I read on here that you were no longer going to be doing videos, I felt a great loss. Tried to get in touch with you, but guess G+ doesn’t allow for it. In any event, you are truly missed. (missmeech)

  8. Tammy

    Your blog is the most fascinating, informative, humorous piece of writing I read each day. I love your perspective on life in general, and the nest and our beautiful eagles in particular! We are so lucky to have someone who cares so deeply sharing your insights with us all! I have read your every day for the last two years; thank you for all you do to inform and entertain us all!

  9. fran

    now I just read all the comments before mine. I think there would be a lot of sad eagle/nest watchers out here. so again I will join in the chorus….. don’t stop the blog. please. and I meant vids not vis lol again thanks much, fran

  10. fran

    please, don’t stop the blog! it’s the only way I get info for the most part. I’ve never been able to get the chatter connected with the mn bound cam. i’ll just say I’m computer challenged. not to mention that I love the pictures and the captions that you leave every day. if it is too much for you, maybe you could do a three times a week blog? I can’t say thank you, and I appreciate all the work you do for us—-ENOUGH! I just tried. I know that in the end you have to do what is best for you, but I hope you don’t stop writing. and as always thanks for the vis too. the one with the panning, all the fly abouts was fun to watch. thanks so much, fran

  11. Captain Obvious

    Not really relevant to the discussion itself here – but quite honestly I think all those here who are *not* posting anonymously with an ubiquitous chat handle of some sort are fairly insane.

    Even TalonStrike himself hides behind his internet monicker rather than flaunting his real name – and WITH GOOD REASON!

    There are a lot of psychos on the internet, and I would never trust them with my real name or any other personal information. That is internet safety 101. Please – everyone using your real name – for your own long-term protection come up with a safe chat nickname to use and stop posting your real names all over the internet!

    Admittedly, on this particular site, you are *probably* fairly safe – but even this is all publicly searchable on Google and other sites, where any lunatic could get hold of it. It is best not to take the risk. “Screen Names” were invented for a REASON! Everyone is and SHOULD be anonymous on the internet. It is for your own safety.

  12. nycsue

    Talon: Forget what others say about your blog. It’s meant for folks who enjoy your delightful insight into our little nest of joy. Always write the blog for us fans! We love your turn of a phrase and the charming tale telling that keep us coming back. SS, who cares? Pls let them Not influence your mission in any way. God bless & Eagle On! (As they so lovingly say down in South – EOA) Till tomorrow, nycsue

  13. Linda

    Love reading your blog….very well written and humorous. Miss the pics and comments of your beautiful granddaughter!!

  14. clakra

    I so agree with everything that has been written, (except by anominus!!). Writing and thinking about this blog must take a good bit of your time, but to us readers and watchers it is a delight. Would miss it so much if you hung up your pen.

    I am constantly surprised as to how offended people are these days about EVERYTHING.. The smallest little thing seems to set them off. It must have something to do with getting attention for themselves, especially if their gifts are elsewhere and there is a little bit of envy involved.

  15. BEagleCharley

    Talon…. your blogs are great. Don’t stop publishing them. The only thing I don’t like is when that beautiful grand daughter doesn’t comment for the day! I think the comments you made the other day were quite in line and I have thought about it often! Please continue to inform and amuse us.

  16. Barbmi

    Love the blogs and you Talon! I can’t watch as much as in the past years so count on your up dating/up lifting/humorous blogs to keep me in the know. Please know that you are a joy for so many of us with your funny/informative reports of our eaglets daily lives and happenings. Love this family and the cam operators, video/picture makers, MNB, BBC and all involved to bring this family to our homes….especially you Talon. I do miss the mods from last year but very happy with this site and your blogs. Thank you all!!!! Those who complain, look elsewhere.

  17. Nancy

    Love your blogs Talon. Love your humor, knowledge, and approach. With a moniker like TalonStrike, I would guess not too much bothers you in the way of criticism~~~~especially when you have your “fire suit” on. LOL.

  18. Laura Anderson

    Talon, Can’t thank you enough for all your time and energy and love that you put into your blog. It’s my one time in the day to just sit down and relax and only think about Eagles and Eaglets! I smile, laugh, cry reading your blog daily. Love your pic and your captions. I look forward daily spending time pulling up a branch, and checking out the neighborhood cottonwood families (including ducks, geese, squirrels and an occasional raccoon if they are brave enough) LOL

    Keep the blogs coming!

  19. Bill Olsen


    Please keep up your blog!!!! I love being able to follow news on the nest without seeing all the chit chat and bickering on the cam page SS.

    Keep up your labor of love!

    Bill Olsen

  20. FFMN

    Morning, I started a comment and house power went down for seconds and wiped it out!!! As I was saying: “Sunrise, Sunset – Sun Rise, Sunset) (Fiddler on the Roof/” Whatever I see in-between is all good, because I CAN see.Your Blog fills me in and entertains me when I’m not viewing much now as outside a lot! I’d like to quote a very well known comment from a best seller a few years back, and it still holds true for today “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it all small stuff’. Thanks for all you do.

  21. Linda Dollins

    Talon, I love the blog. I look forward to reading it daily. Since I am busy at work I don’t have the luxury of perching all day at the nest. You give me the information that helps me stay posted on happenings. It is a privilege to be able to watch these beautiful birds. Hope you will continue.

  22. Curly312

    I love your blog Talon!!! I read it every morning! Please do not get discouraged and stop. I don’t know what I would do without it! <3:)

  23. Cindy Hill

    Please don’t stop the blog. I love and it is my morning read the first thing I do when I get to the office. It makes me laugh, cry and just in awe of nature at its best. Please do not stop and keep doing what you do. It is appreciated.

  24. Jackie Dahl

    Love your blog…..don’t stop. The blog is insightful, entertaining, and very well written (which is hard to find now days).
    People have a choice…if they don’t like it: don’t view it, don’t read it. Similarly, I have choice.. I don’t read their comments on social stream or elsewhere.
    I don’t understand people who think it necessary to put the complaints out on a social media. If they think someone should care – write their own blog, take up the cause and make it better.
    Again, keep writing… I will continue to read it.

  25. Beachgirl75

    Reading you blog is one of the first things I do in the morning. I enjoy your daily summary as I cannot always watch the cam. Keep up the good work. Ignore the haters.

  26. Anonymous

    #1 – As expected, none of you can be bothered to keep an open mind and read what I have to say. This is precisely why I have chosen to post all of my comments anonymously, as I am quite certain I would be harassed endlessly via other methods of contact if I were foolish enough to use my name here. You are every bit as narrow minded as those you complained about.

    #2 – I have been watching the camera a bit more lately, and have noticed that it has stayed on the nest for longer periods since the complaints. So *you* may not have chosen to listen to reason, but obviously someone at MNB/BBC did so. As that is the only response that truly matters, I guess you can rant all you like here – or choose to call them to complain yourself if you must – but I will take solace in the fact that reason won out where it really matters in this case.

    #3 – Now you say there has been an intruder on the nest in the evenings? And still nobody here wanted to see the nest? I can only imagine how horrible we would all feel if an intruder were to harm/kill our eaglets during the evening….and the only thing even worse than that would be to HEAR IT HAPPENING – and not even know what was going on because the camera was focused on a stick somewhere, or watching the sun rise over the pond. We would never get to know exactly what happened to our eaglet, and while I’m sure someone would make a lovely video montage on youtube chronicling the sunrise (probably without the sounds from the nest), it certainly would not have been worth it.

    I will leave you now to live in your own private little dream world here, where your opinions are the only ones that matter. I will no longer be reading your blog or the responses. Narrow minded derision and criticism of others like this is most likely why MNB chose to remove your blog and all of the moderators from their official sites in the first place – and although I wasn’t sure about it at the time, I am now glad that they did so. We are better off with no moderation at all – as I have no doubt that if you still had moderator privileges you would have banned at least 75% of the normal chatters by now, most of them simply for expressing any opinion differing from your own.

    1. Curly312

      If you are so upset about the blog, please don’t read it. Many people enjoy it as a great summary of the day and appreciate everything Talon puts into them. All Talon was asking for was a little patience and understanding with BBC and to not call and nag them. I know I would not like having untold amounts of people calling me and telling me how to do my job when providing a free service. So, please, leave Talon alone, don’t read the blog and everyone will be much happier.

    2. Gloria Vincent Keeslar

      You do realize that this is Talon’s blog. He even allows anonymous comments right now by his own choice. He seems to give you a lot more freedom and respect than you give to either him or even his readers. If you can not or choose to not post with a “name” then could you atleast leave out the :”name calling:”.

      1. Anonymous

        #1 – If any of you had bothered to read what I wrote, you would know I didn’t criticize the blog itself. Nor did I even criticize MNB/BBC…Indeed I pointed out that they did listen to the concerns I expressed (no I did not call them) – and they have already corrected the issue.

        #2 – The reason i seem angry, particularly in this, my follow-up posting, is that I am. Not at the issue, which as I say was already resolved – but at all of you who can’t even be bothered to understand the issue, and simply assume you know what is going on and discard my views/opinions without even bothering to understand what they are. You are all so smug and self-righteous and biased it disgusts me, and yes, makes me angry.

        #3 – TalonStrike posts anonymously, hiding behind his internet name. Why should I have to provide my real name for you all to harass me? Do you people think AT ALL before you type?

        Now, I think I’ve said my piece. As I say, MNB/BBC did listen to the valid concerns expressed, and the issue I originally posted about has been corrected. You can all persist in being angry and trolling if you must, but I really am going to try not to come back to read it. I don’t know if I shall succeed, but I shall at least *try*.

      2. tjglv

        We all are not smug, self righteous and biased. … We love eagles and are truly enjoying TalonStrike’s blog. It helps us connect with nature, educates and brings a little ‘calm’ into our lives. … I hope you can overcome your hurt and anger and find some peace in yours.

      3. Anonymous

        tjglv – and yet, none of you even know what I was originally upset about. Maybe it got buried in the wall of text, so here it is in the simple version:

        The eagle camera was spending multiple hours at a time (up to 7 or so) pointing at areas other than the nest, where no eagles could be seen.

        All I ever said was that I understood why people were upset that they could watch an eagle camera for 7 hours and never see an eagle. And I did not understand why Talon was defending these long periods of non-eagle time, or why nobody else here could even pretend to understand why it might upset anyone.

        Given the responses to this viewpoint – which I did take great care to express calmly and politely in my initial posting on his previous blog entry…I would definitely have to say you are all DEFINITELY smug, self-righteous, and extremely biased.

  27. Gdub549

    Dude! You ROCK! And what Jo said! And what the other fine commenters said! Heck! When the chat first went down, the first thing I missed was your blog. I can’t watch the cam as often as I’ve grown accustomed, so the blog keeps me in the loop. And I like how you cover it all-the good, the bad, and the “gnasty.” Your fine work never goes unappreciated … not at my house! 😀

    1. floozy2014Kae

      I love the blog, Talon! I really don’t watch the MNB site that much any more because it was much enjoyable with our “old” mods. There will always be criticisms, but I am grateful for bringing me a moment of joy & laughter!

  28. Olivia Nilsson

    Loving your daily blogs, the pics and when possible the videos. Hope this turns into a book someday! It is fun to read and very educational and I find I am learning more all the time! Thank you for your work to keep us informed! ❤

  29. Ellen Rump

    I know how much work goes into writing a blog everyday and for those days that I don’t have time to watch the cam, I am very grateful for the update. Thank you.

  30. DijonFrance

    I’am French and i read your blog eveday. This is the first thing I do after waking.
    I love your vision appeased wildlife in nature.
    Thank you very much for your wonderful work.

  31. Tonda Stone

    Love your blog. Look forward to it every day. Had no interest in eagles until one day stumbled on Harmon. Have never left the nest since. Keep up your wonderful writing!

  32. Cathy Calvert

    I have never commented before but have been reading your blog for several weeks this year. I find it so informative and sometimes just downright delightful. I have learned so much about this most majestic bird of prey. Thank you for taking the time every night to post. Time does not permit me to spend much time at the nest so the daily videos and pictures are so appreciated. We live near Phoenix, AZ and it has been wonderful to observe more and more bald eagles in our area. There was a nest in a dead tree very near us until the tree went over during a brutal wind storm. Thankfully the nesting pair had vacated that nest several months earlier. Again thank you for your blog. Awesome!

  33. Elaine Black

    I think you do a wonderful job and I appreciate every single one of them. I am not a member of the “in group”, yet we do videos for all to enjoy. When one gives of themselves, from the heart, that means more than any amount of money you could ever wish for. Keep up the great work Talon.

    1. Kevin

      I agree; you are doing a wonderful job and I love reading your commentary and seeing all the videosa nd pictures you post. My work keeps me busy and I dont always have time to watch the nest. Your blog allows me to keep up with all the activity there. Thank you!

  34. tjglv

    Do not to be concerned about the critical comments. … You are writing a WONDERFUL blog and your love of nature, compassion and humor ALWAYS come sparkling through! … I look forward to reading your words and it is the last thing I do each night before I turn off the lights. A huge THANK YOU for your time, effort and compassion. I most certainly appreciate it.

  35. Tina Oleson

    I love this blog and find it both informative and entertaining. I can’t sit and watch the nest all day long and enjoy reading the highlights as well as watching the highlight vids. Keep up the good work!

  36. Jo

    Hear hear Talon! Tell ’em like it is! Those “in the know” KNOW what there is to know! Know what I mean? LOL 😉 You keep on doing what you do best and we’ll keep on reading you…like we do best! We love you, Talon! Well, at least I DO! 😉


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