Nest Update 5-30-14 – Is There An Exterminator In The Tree???

Good Evening, Fellow BugSquashers!!

And the eaglets could have used a few of us up there again today smashing gnats as fast as we could. The bug swarm, if anything, has gotten bigger! The day began sunny and warm and only got hotter from there. Dad caught something small and furry still wiping the sleep from it’s eyes and breakfish was served on the nest. Mom did the honors but left enough for Arky and Dakota to snack on themselves. An unlucky rabbit was next on the menu about midmorning. They were fed and again tried a little self feeding after the main event. Things were fairly active on the nest today as Mom and Dad were again vocalizing at a perceived threat and made a few trips on and off the nest to keep whatever it was a sufficient distance away. Some say they heard an owl nearby and that could have been the cause of the excitement as Great Horned Owls are known nest stealers although they would have to be mentally ill to try to take over an occupied Bald Eagle nest.

The afternoon was filled with naps, PS’s, wingwhaps, and head shakes as the gnats grew more numerous. The panner zoomed in on the kids at one point and they were just covered with them.  The late day feedings were a squirrel and most of the rest of the nestover rabbit. As evening progressed the panner gave us a good view of a new animal not yet seen this year, Farmerus Humanicus Americanii, that was seen across the road prepping his fields and planting whatever crop he is raising on that part of his farm this year. Ma and Dad Goose were seen having a date night out on the pond and several ducks came home to roost as the cam faded. Mom and Dad eagle were on the high perch as their offspring settled in for the warm and humid night. We were treated to a small light show from a passing thunderstorm after dark and it was fun to see Mom in strobe flashes on the nest with Arky and Dakota.

On a personal note, I am awed and appreciative of the comments that you have posted here and other places around the net supporting this blog and myself. Perhaps last night I wasn’t clear with the small LOL I posted when talking about what was being said in the yonder chat and because of that some of you inferred that I might actually give up writing this blog. I am sorry if you got that impression, so let me state for the record this blog will go on (I feel like Celine Dionne should be here to sing that) until the nest falls, they take away my computer, or the Great Spirit calls me home. In other words they will have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers! 🙂 And as for Anonymous, I bought her a nice selection of cheeses to go with her whine. All I need now is a name and address to send it to! LOL

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Chasing Off Intruder ~ Rabbit Delivery ~ Dad Off With A Hop

MN Bound Eagles 5-30-14 Late Morning Highlights

MNBound Eagles ~ Self Feeding ~ Vocals At Intruder ~ Fly Ins and Outs ~ Mystery Meat

MN Bound Eagles 5-30-14 Watching the World Beyond

MNBound Eagles ~ Planting Corn ~ Perching and Awesome Close Ups Of Dad

MNBound Eagles ~ Watch The Lightning ~ Listen To Beautiful Nature Sounds

And some pics of the day! (With Gbaby)


Hey, youse guys! When does the rest of the division get here??


Hiding your head in my wingpit isn’t going to help!!!


Farmerus Humanicus Americanii in it’s native habitat,


Owl deterrents!


The gnats wont get my jello, will they???

Almost forgot! This one is for PuglvrND and pugsrule!

Almost forgot! This one is for PuglvrND and pugsrule!

Well, it’s late and I am sleepy so we will see you on the nest tomorrow!


If you have been wondering where the mods went we are here: Also click to join the MN Bound Chatters group on Facebook: It is a closed group so just click and one of the admins will add you toot-suite. Thanks! 

17 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-30-14 – Is There An Exterminator In The Tree???

  1. Barb in SD

    Checked on the chat tonight–couldn’t believe what I was seeing!! Some people apparently love to create drama, and it’s a shame. If they actually watched nests, they’d know the juvies don’t eat every 2 hours like they did when they were hatchlings, or they’d be so heavy they’d never get lift to fledge!!! The nest has plenty of food!! People, wake up!! Why can’t people just sit back and watch nature in action and quit trying to add human drama??? The parents have been raising eaglets longer than we humans have; let them do their job. Just rejoice in the fact that we get to watch. Talon, I’m sorry for the snarky behavior on the chat tonight. Humans…

  2. LinLeeLee

    Talon, you are the ‘word master’! You give us straight out facts, fun, humor…and you keep us upbeat even in the tough times. Thank you can never be enough, other than thank you for being you!
    Your captions are the best, next to Arya’s that is 🙂 She is her grandpa’s girl!
    Very HIgh Five!

  3. cg4mg

    Worries Of A First Year Eagle Watcher:

    Oh, I hope there’s an egg
    Please don’t step on the egg
    You’re going to crush the egg!
    The eggs are too cold… too hot…too neglected!
    Oh, when will it hatch?!
    Where is the pip? It’s been too long!
    Roll it more; don’t roll it so much!
    OMG, a pip!
    That baby needs help hatching!
    Mom, help him out!
    Keep him warm!
    Feed him!
    No, that piece is too big!
    Don’t leave the nest
    Something will snatch him, kill him, eat him!
    He’s too hot… too cold…too neglected!
    OMG, he’s going to kill his brother!
    Stop pecking your brother!
    Feed the little one!
    Stop pecking your sister!
    Feed the other one!
    Feed the other one!
    They’re too hot…too cold…too neglected!
    OMG, we need bigger rails!
    Stay by mom!
    Stay in the bowl!
    Get away from the edge!
    You’re going to fall!
    Dad, reign in your babies!
    They’re too hot…too cold…too close to the edge…too neglected!
    Look at those feathers!
    Look at those wings!
    OMG! The wind is going to blow him away!
    OMG! They’re too big for the nest!
    OMG! He’s going to push him out of the nest!
    Oh, the insects are driving him crazy!
    MOM! DAD!
    They’re too hot…too cold…too neglected!
    Wait, that branch is too far!
    No, you aren’t ready to fly!
    Come back! I’m not ready!
    Fly safe, little one.

  4. nycsue

    Hey Talon, Another gnaturally, beautiful day at the blog-site. TYVM!!!! Quick question: I can’t get the live cam (it says, off air)when I go to the love-of-nest/critters site for Mod chatting. What could I be doing wrong? Pls advise – if you have the time. The farmer photo made my day….I love farmers, but that’s a tale for another time. Will watch for advice on the cam…are you folks SS over there? Thanks again.

  5. Jo

    Well…it’s good to see that others enjoy you, too, Talon LOL of course I, personally, had no doubt about that!
    DANG those gnats/flies/whateverthehelltheyare sure are tiresome! They look like gnats to us but we’re far away so I’m sure they’re more like horsefly size instead. Gnats are so tiny that we wouldn’t be able to see them on those eaglets and we sure can see them on Arky and ‘Kota, the poor things! I thought in one of the videos that I saw a P picking them off of the kiddies and eating them! Often wondered why the kiddies don’t do that for each other…they’d make nice snacks for them!
    Keep on keeping on, Talon, and we’ll keep on reading on! We LOVE you!

  6. Barb in SD

    Talonstrike, I, too, missed your daily blog early in the season, till I discovered where you hang out. Some days I don’t get to watch the cam much, but I ALWAYS check your blog to see what happened while I was gone. You have a delightful way with words, and I look forward to see what new word you invent! Thank you for helping all to understand the world of eagles. People try to humanize them, assigning all kinds of emotions to what they do. They’re wild animals who act on instinct. We’d all do well to just do what needs to be done, what’s right. Thank you for assuring us your blog is not going away. What a gift you have!!

  7. clakra

    I feel for those babies. I have gnat bites myself and they are not fun . Except I have something to put on mine and they just have to tough it out.

  8. barbmi

    Thank you, Talon, for the humorous blogs night after night. You bring so much joy and knowledge into the households of so many of us eagle lovers…..can’t thank you enough!
    I missed you (early on in the season) and the wonderful mods from last year but here you are again and that makes my day for sure! Thank you BBC and MNB and all the wonderful video and picture takers as well as Talon and mods….you are, by far, the best on all cam sites! Love our MNB Eagles! Thank you sooooo very much!

  9. PuglvrND

    Keep on rockin’ Talon!! You are the glue that binds all of us eagle lovers together! PS Thanks for the license plate Loved it!!

  10. fran

    talon, a great big sigh of relief! you write so well and funny, I laugh and enjoy. look forward to the business of nest every day! a simple thank you, fran

  11. joan

    Again, thank you for your blog…I learn alot and I always get to grin abit at your descriptions. Keep up your great work.

  12. FFMN

    Talon: two hand claps and out loud laughter. That’s it! Glad U R not considering leaving no matter……. To the nest now >>>>


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