Nest Update 5-31-14 – Wet And Wild, Soggy And Sloppy

Good Evening, Fellow BrellyUsers!!

Saturday started very nice on the nest but it was warm and the dew point was high which portended the storms that developed later in the day. Breakfish was small and furry and could have been nestovers or fresh as no one saw a delivery. Arky and Dakota have made a game of talon grabbing if one of the parents lands on the nest without food. They had Dad hopping away on one foot several times today. Its actually a very good sign as they are grabbing for any food that is brought in. Arky mantled a talon a couple of times today. 🙂 

Around noon the first of the storms hit the nest area and the kids were soaked. The plus side was they got relief from the gnats for awhile. The gnats did come back when the rain stopped and there seem to be black flies there now too. Mom made a visit to the nest later in the day and then sat on the tree trunk overlooking the pond. The flies were so thick around her it was like a flock of birds over the pond. Instead of flying away she made a leap almost straight up and disappeared from view. The rest of the afternoon was mostly on and off rainy with drying off periods in between. 

The panner was with us today and gave a a good view of one of our deer nibbling on tree leaves on the road in to the nest. We also spotted what looked to be a large snapping turtle parked near where the goose nest was. Mama Goose wasn’t nearby when the turtle was there but when the cam panned back the turtle was gone and she was near her old eggs and sat on them as we watched.

In the late evening a squirrel was delivered and dinner was started. Another rain shower hit about then and dinner was delayed in the darkening evening. The cam went to night mode early as the clouds were so dark it looked like night very early today. Dinner was finished during a break in the rain and the kids settled in for the night. They, and us, were treated to another light show after dark that is still ongoing as I write this.

As an aside, there seems to be an effort by several chatters and one self-proclaimed eagle “expert” in the SS on the cam page to create drama by proclaiming that the food supply this year is much less than last year and that one or both of the eaglets aren’t getting enough to eat. They claim that since we aren’t seeing as many fish on the nest as last year that the hunting must be bad. The “expert” even made a highlight in the archive video from today of the turtle we saw and gave it a title that implied that the turtle was keeping Mom and Dad from fishing in the pond.  Seriously???? Really, Seriously????  

Nothing could be further from the truth. There are no fish in that pond. At least nothing bigger than a minnow. How do you know this, you say?? That pond was 2-3 feet deep and froze solid last winter so if there were fish in it last year they were killed when the pond froze. It’s called winterkill and it happened in lakes and ponds all over Minnesota this year. MN Bound even did a segment on winterkill a few weeks ago.  

Most of the fish we see on the nest come from the large lake that is about 3 miles away from the nest or from the river. Fishing the river is tough right now because it is still running high and is filled with silt which makes it hard for the eagles to see their prey. So, most of the prey we have been seeing lately has had fur or feathers and to imply that food is scarce because fish aren’t prevalent on the nest is Hogwash! Other than a different mix of prey there is plenty of food here, at least as much as last year if not more. Both eaglets are fed every day and eat until they are satisfied. They are both healthy and growing as expected if not ahead of the curve slightly. So, any drama here only exists in the minds of a few and it is a disservice to all the new chatters in that SS to infer that something is wrong just to generate some attention and drama.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Mom & Arky Have A Tug O War With Mom’s Foot

MNBound Eagles ~ Before, During & After The Rain

MNBound Eagles ~ Nibbles, Panning, Deer and How To Clean The Kitchen

MNBound Eagles ~ Turtle? Goose, Blackbird ~ Arky & Dakota & Tree Climbing Mom

MNBound Eagles ~ Dinner Intermission Due To Rainshower ~ In Time Lapse

MNBound Eagles ~ Lightning Storm ~ Time Lapse and Real Time

And some pics from the day!


Maybe if I snuggle in here the bugs will bite him instead!


This synchronized sleeping routine is coming along nicely!


Hope one of those eagles comes down here so I can bite off a talon!


Ok, you check out that black stuff while I nibble this bone.


Mind if I lay on your tail??


I thought those gnat collars were coming today??


What’s this mantling thing they want me to do now??

Well, this has gotten long and it is late so I will leave with a hearty thanks to Dragonlainey for todays and every days vids. They make the blog so much better and I am forever grateful to Elaine and Rick for all they do for us.

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “Nest Update 5-31-14 – Wet And Wild, Soggy And Sloppy

  1. Jo

    The “noive” of some o’dose “experts” huh Talon 😉 Turtles keeping Eagles from fish? You gotta be kidding me! Turtles are Eagle FOOD! “Our” Babies aren’t hungry! In fact, I’ve never seen bigger crops than they’ve had this year. Some people need to stop claiming “expertise” and start reading up about eagle behavior! Thanks Talon, for your blogs and insights…and for sharing Arya’s cuteness with us all. Thanks BBC for the live cam, thanks Dragon and the cam gnomies for all our special views on and around the nest!

  2. Sandy Winn

    Thanks Talon for your wonderful blog! I so enjoy catching up on the days activities every evening! And your “wee one” is just adorable!

  3. Bev R

    Just back from long vacation and one of the first things I did this evening was to catch up on the MNB eagles with your blog. Made a conscious decision to really “vacate” with no iPad,etc – but thank goodness for your blog. I could not only read the latest chapters in Growing Up Eagle, but got the illustrated edition! All this to say thank you so much.

  4. Ann McIntire

    I just found you again and am thrilled I get to read your musings, see the pictures with the fabulous captions, and generally get a great lesson in eagles. Thank you thank you thank you Talonstrike! And I couldn’t agree more with the tone of some of the chatters. I have chosen to just watch most of the time and not read the Social Stream. Nice we have a choice, and big thanks to Broadband Corp. for the picture.

  5. Nancy

    Yum Yum Arya!! Look for snapper soup in the future. In the meantime, you just can’t keep those kids away from the Cheetos!

  6. Lisa Healy

    Again, thank you for all the work you put into this blog nightly! I look forward to it daily. Last night on the ss it got totally out of control and I just stopped reading because of “the expert” and others. I trust you and your judgement .

  7. clakra

    When you and the Mods steered the chats we could ask any questions and get a real and informed answer and also you would often point out a web page where we could learn more. Now, unfortunately that is not the case, so my wish is that folks will look for answers for themselves on the web. As an ex-farmer’s wife I have a fairly good eye for animals that are in distress, I see no signs of it with our eagle babies, they are growing well, moving around, their eyes are bright and beak color is good. I am sure if eagles were able to survive the interventions of humans during the 19th and 20th centuries, they will find the effects of a long cold winter, a piece of cake.

  8. GrannyFinch

    Being a little, or in their mind, a lot hungry is part of the overall plan for eaglets. These kids have been stuffed to their toes with food their entire lives. If the parents don’t let them get hungry at this age, they’ll have no reason to try to self-feed. This is the stage you see Parents bring in food, feed them a few bites and then leave the “opened” meal for them to try on their own. It’s working! They’ve already made several DIY feeding attempts with varying success. They’re learning. They’ve been fed and pampered all these weeks and it’s just time to stop being babies and start growing up. This nest has no food shortage. What it has is good, experienced parents that know what part of the cycle of life their kids are in at all times and act accordingly.

    And, yes! That was a whopping big snapping turtle sitting there! It’s as big around as the goose nest!

    1. Ellen R.

      I love reading your well written blog. I enjoy the eagles very much and on the days I can’t watch, I always have this blog to refer to. Thank you.


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