Nest Update 6-1-14 – Hold On To Your Feathers, Here It Comes Again!

Good Evening, Fellow GaloshWearers!!

That storm we were watching last night?? Well, it or it’s brother continued into the early morning hours and left the eagles with a soaked nest to have breakfish on. A small aquatic avian was served up for the Sunday morning repast and Mom even left enough for Arky and Dakota to practice self feeding on and in a show of sibling affection fed each other a couple of times. The morning saw the rain abate somewhat and the kids and the nest had a chance to dry out somewhat. 

Around noon Mom showed up with a tiny sunfish that Arky grabbed and mantled. Mom followed the food and she and Arky played keep away for a bit. Mom finally scored the fish and fed a few bites (it was a very small fish) to each of the kids. She left in a hurry and the eaglets went back to lolling around, drying off and wingersizing every now and then. The gnats seemed to be just as bad but the eaglets seem to be tolerating them a little better as they become a ubiquitous part of nest life. 

GrannyFinch, one of our wonderful chatters, has been claiming that she was seeing a small dark animal go from the woods to the pond when the panner would look over that way. Since none of us have seen it we were a little skeptical. She asked Elaine of Dragonlainey fame to see if she could spot it on the recordings she makes. Well, lo and behold, she did. She made a vid of it and it is a fast little sucker which probably accounts for the fact that none of the rest of us saw it. Please give a look at the vid and see if you can help identify it. Thanks!

Late afternoon saw Dad deliver the back half of another aquatic avian for the afternoon meal. Mom immediately arrived to take over but Dad just stood on it for a bit and looked at Mom like, What,again?? He gave up and left after a a couple of minutes of that and the evening meal was served. Since everyone was really hungry the bird disappeared very quickly with Dakota trying to self feed as Mom fed Arky. After dinner the weather again turned wet and wild and as the sun set soggy was again the name of the game. The weather guys are saying there will be rain until midday tomorrow and then things will turn sunny until Wednesday when the next system rolls in.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ A Oops Moment ~ Cuddle Huddle In The Rain

MNBound Eagles ~ A Steal ~ A Mantle ~ A Tug O War ~ Panning

MNBound Eagles ~ Another Meal Delivered ~ Turkey in The Field

MNBound Eagles ~ Can You Identify? ~ Short Clip Normal plus 3 Slower Speeds

MNBound Eagles ~ A Soggy Gnatty Night ~ Mom Get’s A Shove ~ Vocals

And some pics of the day!


Do you have a dry spot I could lay down in??


Keep an eye peeled for that eagle eating turtle!! He might like goose, too!


Take that, kayakers!


Gee, could ya get a SMALLER fish next time??




Well, first I’m gonna start a band called Devo….

I think I will add a new feature to this blog called Silly Rumor of the Day From The Yonder Chat. I shouldn’t have any trouble finding one to post here as there are so many over there. Todays is: THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE NEST IS COLLAPSING!! This started when one of the eaglets was backing up to the edge of the nest for its morning constitutional and went a bit too far. He sorta slipped at the edge and one foot actually went off the edge. He did recover nicely and I don’t think he was really in any danger of falling but it generated all kinds of worry that ended up with the above rumor. It is amazing how small things can be blown out of proportion in a very short time.

I hope your Sunday was relaxing and fun and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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7 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-1-14 – Hold On To Your Feathers, Here It Comes Again!

  1. Jo

    Went back and watched it again 4 more times, saw the “pointer arrow” yet still didn’t see much except a streak of darkness. How the heck is anyone suppoed to ID that? LOL

  2. mtjoy626

    I vote for river otter just based on speed!

    BTW, a big thank you to both Talonstrike & Dragonlainey. The videos and blog are a great way for me to catch up each day on the action. It is the first thing I check on my computer every day!

  3. Jo

    After watching the “fast” clip about 8 times, not only did I NOT see “it”…whatever the heck “it” is, all I saw was greenery! Someone needs to point out where we’re supposed to be looking ’cause “it” escapes my view every time! LOL
    Umm, is Arya thinking about becoming a “Shriner?” 😉 Too cute a look on her! I can tell she’s gonna be a “hat lady” when she gets older! She’ll look great in them ’cause she looks great in the bowl! 😉 😀


    TalonStrike, you are truly the voice of reason.  Followed your blog last season and again this one – never disappointing.  I love the idea of a daily crazy nest  rumor and I’m sure there will never be a shortage of imaginings!  This e-mail is to thank you for all you do regarding this nest and let you know how much it is appreciated.  Hugs to your little grandbaby – she’s adorable.   

  5. Calilee

    Granny, I saw it!!! Maybe river otter, beaver?? Anyways you are correct, it does exist. Thank s Dragonlaineys for the video of he pond monster. As always thanks to Talon for another marvelous blog. Only the best, from the best, for the nest. ~~~~calilee

  6. GrannyFinch

    Yes! thank you Dragonlainey! It’s *fast*. Sometimes only on the screen for a blink of time. It also sometimes runs into the pond and stays underwater for a time. It’s always the same place so watch for it and maybe we’ll get to see more of it in the future.


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