Nest Update 6-2-14 -Three Cheers For Fast Moving Fronts!

Good Evening, Fellow SunAficionados!!

The prediction for the nest was rain for a good part of the day Monday but as usual they were a bit off with that estimate. The morning dawned beautiful and the drying out process began. Dad delivered a big tasty fishy for breakfish and everyone got to chow down and fill their crops. The day consisted of lots of preening, napping, and wingersizing. It was a good thing they had a big fishy for breakfish as the cupboard was bare for the rest of the day. Arky and Dakota both took to nibbling on anything in the nest that looked the least bit promising to provide a little nourishment.

Mom and Dad treated us to a couple of nice fly-ins and out as the panner was looking around today. We also spotted another turtle by the old goose nest and it looked like he helped himself to one of the eggs that remain there. Hope he doesn’t mind the smell of month old rotten eggs. One of our resident deer was seen feeding along the path in again today and at one point it was joined nearby by a red-winged blackbird. Unfortunately, Granny’s swift dark-coloured animal was no where to be seen today. The panner also gave us a look at the muddy waters flowing past the nest. No wonder not very many fish are caught from there. 

As the day wore the kids ran down and slept more than anything else. As darkness fell they were snoring away contentedly on the nest as a Parent kept watch from the high perch.

On to the vids and pics of the day.

MNBound Eagles ~ Big Fish Delivery ~ Airing Out The Nest

MNBound Eagles ~ Fly In and Outs Twice With A Glitch ~ Wingersizing

MNBound Eagles ~ Exercising Those Wings ~ Close Ups ~ 2 P’s In A Tree

MNBound Eagles ~ It’s All About Wing Strengthening ~ Deer & Friend

MNBound Eagles ~ Sunset Sunshine on Eaglets ~ Beautiful Nature ~ Time Lapse

And some pics of the day!


Ummm You don’t mind if I do this, do ya???


HELP! I’m turning into a gnat zombie!!


Hmmm! These eggs look tasty!


The nest area as seen by the infrared portion of the cam.


Can you spot the deer?? Yep, me neither! 🙂


I gotta lay off the apple juice!

Well, I hope your week started as well as the one on the nest did. We should have another day or so of sunshine before the next rain is due in. 

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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4 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-2-14 -Three Cheers For Fast Moving Fronts!

  1. barbmi

    Thanks again Talon! Love the pix of your grandbaby – she is precious and what a funny pix to share with her in the years to come. loved it! loved the blog!

  2. Jo

    As usual, Thank you, Talon, for a great blog letting us know what happened today. AND, as usual, thank you, D’Lainey for your great videos showing us what happened today! Kudos to Cam Gnomie and BBC for continuing to allow us to view this great nest and the areas surrounding it.
    Talon this picture of Arya is PRICELESS! Suitable for “framing” and for blackmail later on in her life LOL 😉 LOVED it!


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