Nest Update 6-3-14 -A Guest On The Blog!

Good Evening, Fellow DryNestizens!!

After a long day at work and a very busy evening I find I have run out of time tonight. It was a great day on the nest with lots of fishys and other treats and I will give a recap tomorrow night. For tonight we have another great guest blog from JREagle. I was going to post this tomorrow but it is so good I am sure you won’t miss my maunderings tonight. So without further adieu….

Shaking Those Tail Feathers!!

We have been watching the growth and development of these two chicks for a couple of months now—hatch was mid April for both.  The chick down has been replaced by soon to be adult feathering.  The wing and tail feather development are important as when developed they allow the birds flight.

So, the tail feathers—rectrices ( from the Latin word for helmsman).


As we watch the adults come to and depart the nest surface notice the positioning of the mature tail feathers.  Even as the adults “run” up the tree trunk—observe  these feathers and see how they function for the activity.

The wing feathering and muscles will strengthen over the next few weeks as the chicks flap and eventually hover.  The tail feather’s slower development will help the chick remain on the nest surface or if branching on the limb.  When the tail feathers are fully developed and the chicks are able to flare the feathers outward it will be able to successfully fly using the tail feathers like a rudder.

We have all seen pictures of eagles fishing and catching prey over water.  Note that the tail feathers at the moment of snaring  the prey are spread and downward.  This downward positioning creates some drag but more importantly it creates lift, which allows the eagle to fly upwards carrying the captured prey.  For those of you that have flown, as you taxi to the runway the flaps on the wings are lowered as are the elevator flaps located at the rear end of the aircraft.  This creates lift as the plane reaches the necessary ground speed to fly.  When landing the flaps on the wing and the tail wing are lowered which creates drag at landing and helps slow the plane.  Same with the tail /wing feathering of birds. 

 The chicks have many hours ahead of them practicing, strengthening, and feather development!


Many chicks fledge the nest tree and the feathering is just shy of complete development.  We see some chicks remain on the ground near the nest tree for a few days until they are able to take flight and return to the nest.  The adults will care for the fledgling on the ground and protect from predators.

We have many behaviors to enjoy these next weeks up to and including fledge.  Enjoy the nest and the behaviors we observe.  Most importantly don’t question nature, the development of these chicks, the activities of the adults, or our fellow chatters.  We all will take away different treasures from watching wildlife and each will embrace this memory in their own way.  

I hope this prods you to watch closely these next weeks!  

Remember it’s all about the eagles.

Enjoy, and see you on the nest!!


Thanks, JR!

Here are todays vids.

MNBound Eagles ~ Good Morning Sunshine ~ Lazy Morning ~ Wingersizing

MNBound Eagles ~ Deliver, Steal, Mantle, Defend ~ Double Food Delivery

MNBound Eagles ~ Let Go Of My Tail ~ Another Partial Fish Delivery

MNBound Eagles ~ Get Your Captures ~ Cute Close Ups

MNBound Eagles ~ Time Lapse ~ Real Time With Gossamer and Sounds Of Nature

And one pic of the day!


Wasn’t that a great blog by JR???

I am sure you enjoyed JR’s blog, so I will say good night and we will see you on the nest tomorrow!


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13 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-3-14 -A Guest On The Blog!

  1. Mick989razzle

    Many thanks jreagle. A great explanation; the photos really illustrate your text. You make learning fun. Thank you talon. I appreciate your blog very much.

  2. clakra

    Nature’s got it all covered, Thank you JReagle. Thank you also Talon for publishing this on your blog.

  3. Sandy Early

    I may find my self tucking my tail in when I need a lift today! Thank you for such great information. Thanks to all, in fact and Jr Eagle is right, it’s all about the eagles!

  4. FFMN

    JR.. absolutely wonderful, informative information, with the aircraft analogy! Now I will observe the e’s more from a better understanding of why they are doing what they do . Very well done, fellow chatter. Thanks for posting Tal…

  5. Jo

    OOPS I forgot to say thank you to the Cam Gnomie and DragonLainey for their great panning and videos, too!

  6. Jo

    Good job JR!! That was some great info you imparted. Now we know that that cute little wiggle they do with their tail feathers is exercise and not just meant for our entertainment 😉 LOL Cutie Lil’ Arya has it right…that was a great blog! Thanks!

  7. Bonny

    Thank you so much for making us aware what to look for the coming weeks. It will make watching even more interesting.


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