Nest Update 6-4-14 -Winging Through Wednesday

Good Evening, Fellow AppendageFlappers!!

Tuesday recap as promised: Sunrise,wingersizing, fish, mantle, defend, more fish, more mantle, tail nips, naps, more fish, posing, more wingersizing, more naps, nestover fishy for dinner, gorgeous evening on the nest, pretty IR cam view, cars on the road, twilight ends and darkness falls. 🙂

The cam started today in rest mode so we didn’t get to see if breakfish was a boom or a bust. When the cam returned to the air around 8am Arky and Dakota were in their usual spots on the nest preening and giving each other the occasional whap with a stray wing. This sometimes led to a little beakering between siblings but nothing serious. Full on wingersizing was practiced by both and the muscle building seems to be coming along nicely. 

Mom and Dad’s talons are taking a beating right now as every time they land with or without food means that either Arky or Dakota is going to nip at their feet. They do seem to be dancing away more this year so I am wondering if their feet are more sensitive or if Arky and Dakota bite harder than P&H did last year. Dad did pay Dakota back with a little dance step on her wing as he delivered dinner and then made a beautiful hop over the tree trunk as Mom landed to begin the feed. It also seems that the volume of the squees from the kids has increased lately as the P’s approach the nest. I guess we are nearing hissy fit time. After dinner naptime took precedence with the kids awakening just as darkness fell to goof off a bit before it became completely dark.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Wingersizing

MNBound Eagles ~ Arky Goes For Mom’s Food Er Foot ~ Wing Tip to Wing Tip

MNBound Eagles ~ Dad Steps On Arky’s Wing ~ Hops Around Tree ~ Dakota Ducks

MNBound Eagles ~ Panning Close Ups

And some pics of the day!


Next time you get the front toe and I’ll get the back?


You’ve got some dirt on your beak!


WHY do eagle feet look like corn on the cob??


O Solo Mio!!


grampa, what’s a wang whip???

It seems that the eaglets are getting more active every day. I hope the weather holds for them(there is a possibility of thunder tomorrow) so they can continue to enjoy the sunshine and pleasant temps. It also seems the gnat invasion has abated somewhat and that’s a good thing!

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!!


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6 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-4-14 -Winging Through Wednesday

  1. clakra

    Little Arya is perfect as front man for “Grandpa and the Eagleholics”. She takes her job seriously I can see.

  2. Jo

    Good to read you again, Talon! I’m not saying JR didn’t do a good job…she did a wonderful job! But your wit and sense of humor always makes me smile. Good job tonight…as usual. WANG WHIP indeed 😉 I sure hope one of these days I get to meet Arya, as well as you!


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