Nest Update 6-5-14 – Of Toe Bites, Chores, And Exercise…

Good Evening, Fellow TalonNippers!!

Increased activity seems to be the name of the game these days as Arky and Dakota are wingersizing more, working on chores around the nest, getting up before breakfish and generally being more active. They were up before sunrise today working out and doing laps around the nest while waiting for their first toe bite of the day. Carrion was the menu for the morning. First meal was a fish that had seen much better days(looked to be an easy to catch shore dweller) and the next bit of chow seemed to be what my kids called a sail squirrel (one who had too many encounters with car tires). However both were consumed with gusto and the eaglets seemed to be very happy with the meals. Mom seemed to tire of trying to pull some of it apart and swallowed a big chunk of it and departed the meat with the pelt.

The middle of the day saw Mom and Dad fly in several times with new nest furnishings and risk more toe nips in the process. Early afternoon brought the threatened rain but it was a short lived shower and the kids seemed to enjoy it rather than suffer through it. They even did a little wingersizing during the rain, holding their wings up and letting the wind blow through their primaries and secondaries.

After the rain preening and drying out were the order of the day with more wing work thrown in. They also did some chores around the nest rearranging the furniture, cleaning the carpet and straightening up the twigs. BBC panned around early evening and got a great shot of one of Dakota’s talons both extended and balled into a fist. It is strange to look at a talon on these two and try to realize that if you extend your fingers all the way that talon is at least as large as your hand and maybe larger. The lack of size reference on the nest is deceiving. The kids had mystery meat for dinner and settled in after for the evening. As darkness fell BBC again panned to a lovely shot of the pond and all was quiet on the nest. 

On to the vids of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Morning Calisthenics ~ Grass Delivery ~ Daily Foot Grab

MNBound Eagles ~ Breakfish & Squirrel ~ Mom’s Big Bite

MNBound Eagles ~ P’s In and Out ~ Winging In The Rain

MNBound Eagles ~ Wingersizing & I Can See You Upside Down

MNBound Eagles ~ Nest Chores ~ Wingersizing

MNBound Eagles ~ Shades of Night ~ Close Ups & Panning ~ Time Lapse

And some pics of the day!


Mom, where do you want these throw rugs??


Kota, do you see any food?  Ummmm, Nope!


Oooops! Sorry, I didn’t see you there!


Minnesota even looks good in infrared!


Them talons is how big??

It was another lovely day on the nest and I hope you were able to enjoy at least part of it with us!

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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3 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-5-14 – Of Toe Bites, Chores, And Exercise…

  1. Jo

    Arya exhibited MY expression when I heard how big the talons are, too LOL Good blogging Talon, thanks! And a big thanks to DragonLainey and the Cam Gnomie, too, for the videos and panning. Where would we be without you all? I’ll tell you: CLUELESS!

  2. Nancy

    I’m glad I stopped by last night, nice to talk to many of you—nice of Bdog to open a container of Cheetos while I was there! It’s getting exciting watching the kids do their wingercizes and housework! Won’t be long now 🙂 Talon, I had no idea their talons were THAT big–wow Arya, stand back, lovey!!

  3. bdogmm5858

    Nice job Talon! kids are really starting to show their antics! And Mick Raz, so nice to see you lurking yesterday! You better hurry back because I suspect your Cheetos levels are getting seriously low! 😛 ❤


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