Nest Update 6-6-14 – A Wingwhap Here, A Wingwhap There…

Good Evening, Fellow WingAvoiders!!

Friday on the nest began with another beautiful sunrise and a greenery delivery to the nest to help with the Feng Shui. Arky and Dakota decided that they didn’t like the placement and they got a lot of mileage moving it around and tearing it up. Tugs of war resulted along with steals, grabs and re-steals. It eventually ended up well distributed around the nest surface. That was so tiring they took a nap to celebrate their victory over the leafed invader. 

Wingersizing was the agenda for the day. Both eaglets are now heavily into building up their flight muscles and working out how to do hops and leaps across the nest. It seemed like every few minutes one or the other of them was whacking the other with a wing today. This may have been why they seemed like two teenagers fighting because they spent most of the day on opposite sides of the nest from each other. They also continued playing grab the talon whenever Mom or Dad would land on the nest. This wasn’t too productive as there was not much to grab today. 

The only food delivery seen was roadkill by Dad in the late afternoon and it wasn’t much. Dakota scored the takeaway from Dad and he left before the wrestling match began. He needn’t have hurried as the takeaway by Arky was almost polite. The steal back by Dakota was rather timid and at that point Mom landed to distribute the bites. Arky did get snippy with Dakota but both got good bites and Arky swallowed a big piece of the pelt. After that disappointing dinner it was playtime on the nest with the two of them jockeying for position and jousting over the large piece of cornstalk on the nest. Arky pushed her luck today by sitting on the ragged edge of the nest by the trunk. She did look like she slipped once while there but recovered nicely.

It was discussed today when we might see a first branching from these two. Last year P&H started going up the trunk around the 20th of June. So we think they could start anytime after the next week or so. They do seem to run a bit ahead of the curve.

In the yonder chat on the cam page there are a few who keep harping that the food supply seems to be less than last year. As the chronicler of this nest both this year and last I have to say I don’t agree with that assessment. There were days last year when very little food was brought to the nest. An eagle can go several days after a good feeding without eating a lot of food. And as these eaglets (or should I say juvies) are nearly full grown I would say that applies to them, too. The food pattern is adapting to what they will have to deal with later in life. Feast or famine sometimes is the name of the game. No one is starving here. Both parents are well fed and both juvies have energy and are developing as they should. Please do not listen to the alarmists in the yonder chat although I would like to see them prove what they are asserting rather than just yapping about it all the time. 🙂 

On to the vids of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Morning Romps ~ Greenery Brought In

MNBound Eagles ~ Wing Spread Gets Wider and Wider

MNBound Eagles ~ Unedited Footage ~ Eaglet & Greenery

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota Goes For The Foot ~ Panning & Unidentified Delivery

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota Close Up ~ Unedited Footage

MN Bound Eagles 6-6-14 Panning ~ Food Drop ~ Fussin ~ Mom Steps In

MN Bound Eagles 6-6-14 Evening Playtime ~ Eagle On A Pole

And some pics of the day!


When I grow up I’m gonna catch fish this big!!


You see any food coming from your side, Arky??


I was hoping for an anchovie pizza!


Hope I get something to use these barbs on today!


View from the eagle’s penthouse


Can you ask them to be quiet?? I’m trying to nap here!

BBC got us a great shot of Mom or Dad sitting on a far power pole late today. Some were yelling for BBC to get better focus on it. Well, let me explain a bit about the lens on the cam. It is a 20x power zoom lens. That means it can magnify anything it sees in the distance up to 20 times what it sees at its widest. Now that is a pretty good “reach” as we say in the video business but it isn’t enough to give us the shot we saw today. The cam is also equipped with a 4x digital zoom capability. That is what gave us the reach to see what we did today. You can tell when the cam is in the digital portion of the zoom when it gets fuzzy and the movements get really jerky. Hope this helps explain what we were seeing a little bit better.

Hope your Friday was as good as ours was and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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2 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-6-14 – A Wingwhap Here, A Wingwhap There…

  1. bonny

    Love your updates on the nest as well as the different videos, but the most fun are your comments to the pictures. Really hilarious!

  2. Jo

    Thanks Talon, for “‘splaining to this Lucy'” the cam operation…since I was one of those “Yelling” for BBC to give us a better view. I did, however correct myself by saying “OH that WAS the zoom!” LOL Oh well. It was a good day and as always, a great blog.
    Arya looks like an angel, whether she’s sleeping or not 😉


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